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Carport1 is the best metal building dealer with the most experience in America. With some of the most experienced specialists in the industry, we will make your purchase simple and hassle free. With the best price and expertise that this Metal building industry has to offer we will save both your money and time. Carport1 has hundreds of options to upgrade through which you can tailor make your metal building as you require.

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The featured Extra Wide Vertical Roof Carport comes with dimensions of 40'W x 32'L x 12'H. This metal carport is ideal for sheltering multiple cars and trucks.

These economic dimensions serve well for the outdoor storage of heavy-duty equipment, farm veh
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  • Metal Garage for Vehicle Storage
  • Roof Style: Vertical
  • Gauge: 14 Industrial
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  • Metal Garage for Multipurpose Storage
  • Roof Style: Vertical
  • Gauge: 14 Industrial
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Vertical Roof Metal Carports for Sale

Protect your vehicles and belongings against all types of weather with a metal garage designed to stand the test of time. Vertical metal roof carports are durable, safe, and long-lasting. The A-framed roof style provides extra structural strength and is aesthetically pleasing.

The vertical roof panels allow the flow of water and other debris off the roof, and moisture does not accumulate on the corrugated roof panels. This means you do not have to frequently clean and maintain the structure, and there are fewer chances of premature rust forming.

Customizing Your Carport

We offer a wide range of customization options to suit your needs. From added and decorative elements to various size options, you can be sure you will get the exact metal building you have in mind.

Our metal carports derive their structural strength from elements like ridge caps and hat channels. These additions ensure the safety of your metal building by holding the structure up in extreme weather conditions. These are ideal for locations where strong winds and heavy rainfall or snowfall is common.

The size of our vertical roof structures range from 12’ to 40’ in width, and, in length, they are a minimum of 21’, adjustable in 5’ increments. The leg height of our vertical roof carports starts at 6’. You choose the dimensions of your building based on your needs.

Not only does the A-frame style roof allow the steel carport to blend seamlessly with many traditional house styles, but the right color combination can also help your structure match or complement your home, and help raise your property value. We have 15 different paint colors to choose from, so you can match your vision perfectly.

Buying Carports For Sale From Carport1

We make the process of purchasing a vertical metal roof style carport easy and stress-free. Our skilled associates will walk you through the process of choosing the right structure with the right customizations.

We will listen to your needs and expectations so ensure that every dimension, feature, and addition meets your specifications. We have decades of experience providing quality metal structures to customers across the country.

Give us a call today to find out how to get started customizing your vertical metal roof building.