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Regular Roof Metal Garages

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Garages provide all-around protection to the vehicles and belongings inside. Then what is the difference between regular roof metal garages and other types of garages? The main features that distinguish regular garage are the aesthetics of these metal buildings and their economics.

If you are looking for a safe shelter for your valuables that shields them from the adverse elements and threats, while staying within a tight budget, then our regular roof metal garages are the perfect option for you.

Regular metal garages are those metal garages that come with a curve-edged roofline. The roof panels are in a horizontal direction. The bent shape of the regular roofs gives them a very unique look. These garages are the ideal addition to jazz up and modernize the look of your property. We offer these metal garages with numerous customization options. So, you can personalize the metal garage as per your requirements.

What are our Regular Roof Metal Garages features and specifications?

You can modify and change every feature of our regular style metal garages to suit your storage necessities. Even though we offer some standard metal garage models with typical specifications that are readily available from our stock, these are not the only garages that we sell. You can adjust these specifications as you choose. You can even place an order with custom specifications.

Regular Roof Metal Garage Sizes:

Our smallest 1-car garage starts with a minimum length of 21’ which can be increased as per your order.

The height of these metal garages should be given special attention. This is because doors and windows require space for the header. In cases of roll-up garage doors, they require space for the barrel or the roll. At the least, the height of our garages is 7’.

The width of our metal garages starts from 12’. And it depends on a number of factors, mainly the number and size of the vehicles to be stored.

1 Car Garage Size (Width): 12’ – 20’

2 Car Garage Size (Width): 20’ – 24’

3 Car Garage Size (Width): 26’ and above

However, if you plan on having side entry metal garages, the length of the garage determines how many vehicles you can store inside. In those cases, the width of the garages should be sufficient to accommodate the length of the vehicles.

In any case, it is better to go a size up on the space you require to park your vehicles. This way, you get some room to move around and to a little storage space.

Regular Metal Garages Roof Style:

The roof style of a regular metal garage has curved edges. The shape is obtained by bending the bows into the shape instead of welding them to the legs or the posts. The horizontal paneling in the roof of these garages means that the corrugations lie parallel to the length of the garage.

Color Options for Regular Roof Metal Garages:

Whether you want to contrast your metal garage with its surrounding or blend it in, our color options will help you achieve the desired aesthetics. We offer 15 color options from which you can choose the perfect color combination by choosing the ideal shade for the roof panels, the side and end panels as well as the trims.

Regular Roof Metal Garages and Additional Features:

The major additional feature for metal garages that we provide is the installation of openings. The three types of openings that we offer with our regular roof metal garages are our 30” x 30” windows, 36” x 80” walk-in doors, and roll-up garage doors that start at a dimension of 6’ x 6’.

These openings play an important role in the performance of a metal garage. But, what if you want to install openings of your own design? In those cases, you can choose to install frame-outs and install your openings in a later date. The number and placement of these opening fixtures are entirely dependent on your choice.

Structural Strength and Safety of Regular Roof Metal Garage:

The structural strength of these regular style metal garages depends on the steel gauge of the steel components, which is the measure of the thickness of steel sheets. Higher gauge number means the steel sheet has less thickness and less strength. We use 14-gauge steel tubes to form the framing of our basic garage models. You can increase the strength of these regular metal garages by upgrading the framing to 12-gauge steel tubes. Similarly, the standard for the metal panels of our metal garage is 29- gauge which can be upgraded to 26-gauge.

For the structural safety of the regular roof metal garage, we provide anchors. These metal garage anchors fix the structure to the ground and reduce its movement during high loading conditions. The four types of metal garage anchors that are available are rebar anchors for non-certified units on dirt/asphalt surface, mobile home anchors for certified units on dirt/asphalt surface, concrete/wedge anchors for concrete surfaces and lag-bolts for on wooden surfaces which are always non-certified.

To maintain the structural integrity of our metal garages, we also supply four corner braces. You can increase the number of bows and braces for added structural strength.

Regular Roof Metal Garage Prices

Even though regular roof metal garages are some of the most cost-efficient metal garage kits for sale from Carport1, the actual price of the individual garage kit depends on a number of factors. Metal garage size is the first factor that influences the price of these metal garages. Since steel is sold by weight, the bigger the dimension of the metal garage kit, the more expensive it is as bigger garages need a greater amount of materials to be built.

The other factors that influence regular roof metal garage prices are the additional features. The number and type of openings determine how much of an effect the installation of these openings has on the total cost of metal garage kit. The addition of a single window will be cheaper than the addition of two windows or even a single roll-up garage door. Similarly, providing your metal garage with additional braces will also increase the cost of the metal garage.

Pros of Regular Metal Garages:

  • The affordability of regular roof metal garages is the main advantage of purchasing these kits. They are among some of the cheapest metal garages for sale from Carport1.
  • Regular metal garages get the job done by providing complete protection for your belongings from natural as well as human threats, like theft and vandalism.
  • The customization options allow you to tailor-make your metal garage to fit your storage needs.

Cons of Regular Metal Garages:

  • The horizontal panels of regular roof style require more frequent cleaning and maintenance since water and debris tend to stand for a longer time in the ridges of the roof panels. This may give premature rusting.
  • The aesthetics of these metal garages can create conflict in the style of your property, especially if you own a traditional sloped-roof house.

We engineer our metal garage kits to stand the test of time. Our customer care representatives are ever ready to answer any of your queries. They will guide you through the entire process of purchasing a metal garage. So, give us a call today to discuss your storage requirements and discuss your options.

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