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Carport1 believes in transparency hence we strive very hard to ensure that our customers are satisfied. Our process is tried and testing over 10+ years to ensure satisfaction all through the process. See below the entire process of our delivery

Remember - At every stage our helpful customer support staff is available at all times during and after your purchase

Step 1: Preparation and Check List

A team member will contact you to confirm that your site is ready for installation. They will inquire as to whether your site is level. If your site is ready, your building will be placed in line for manufacturing and installation. You should ensure that you have completed our building check list to Avoid 10 Common Building Surprises before the unit is scheduled to be delivered and installed.

Step 2: Customer Service Team Approaches You to Schedule Installation

When you’re building is ready, we will contact you to schedule a delivery date and approximate time for installation. With the nature of construction, it’s difficult to specify an exact time of day for installation so customer service person will specify a morning, mid-day, or afternoon time of arrival and not specify and exact time.

Step 3: Ready to Install Your Building

When the installation team arrives, they will be prepared to install your unit on your level, unobstructed, job site. If your site is out of level, this may result in additional labor fees to overcome those issues or, at worst, a delay of installing your unit.

Step 4: Make Sure to Keep Check Nearby Utilities Before Installation to Avoid Mishaps

If there are underground utilities near the installation site, those should be clearly marked. Our installation teams are not responsible for damage to those utilities and for their safety, those utilities should be clearly identified before the crew begins to install your unit. If you have any questions regarding underground utility lines in your area, contact the folks a '811'.

Step 5: Site Check and Quick Installation Is Done At Your Place

If everything is in order at the job site, the installation team will unload your unit and begin work. Your unit is prebuilt at the factory utilizing modular components. This allows for fast installation and to ensure that your unit is built to your specification when you placed your order.

The installation process begins by squaring up and installing the base rails used as the base foundation of the unit. Open carports have base rails in each side of the unit and enclosed garages have base rails around the perimeter. Once the base rails have been anchored to the foundation, the roof bows or trusses are attached to the legs of the units and then that frame is raised into place. If the unit is a garage or barn, the installers will frame out the windows, garage doors, and walk-in doors. The next step in the process for the installation team to attach the pre-cut metal panels to the roof, sides, and ends of the unit, and then install the doors/windows to finish off the unit.

It’s really that simple. You will be amazed at how quickly the modular-built unit is installed and you will be please the quality of the unit that is provided. Then, enjoy your unit for years to come!

  • Carport Quality Carport Quality


    HIgh-quality framing componenets, along trained installation crew who gives an excellent product

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    Volume steel purchases and installation assures our customers the best possible price

  • Transparency Transparency


    From our clients, our team members, our business is built on transparency and trust

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    From the point of the sale to delivery, we provide great support to the customers

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Over a decade of experience and with a portfolio of 3000+ buildings has much more to offer than your local carport dealer. Carports, garages, barns, and metal buildings is our only business. We take great pride in providing quality products and exceptional service to customers throughout the much of the United States.

From start to finish, our experienced representatives will walk with you, through the process of designing the unit that is just right for your application. We will do our best to provide you with the information that you need to make the best decision possible, from Engineer Certification (where needed), to permitting, to site preparation, and more. You have our commitment that we will do everything in our power to ensure that you have everything that you need to make this process as easy as possible.