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Sept. 25, 2017, 10:37 p.m.

Things you must know about color in Metal Buildings before buying one

Available Colors
Available Colors

Any building or shelter looks bland without colors. However, a color for your shelter roof is more about necessity than choice.

The right color or shade plays an important part in the protection of the shelter roof. Along with offering an aesthetic and colorful touch, color also adds protection to your roof from particular weather or natural conditions.

Key Essential of Shelter Roof color

Right Color for your Shelter Roof

The color of the roof dictates your shelter’s internal temperature. Roofs laded with lighter colors tend to reflect the sunlight, UV and other harmful effects away. Roofs with darker shade absorb these lights and transferring the heat into your shelter structure.

The Problem with Dark Roofs

The major problem with any dark roofs is that they propagate the heat of any shelter or structure. Whatever the temperature outside is, the dark roof conduct a might higher into the shelter making the internal environment hotter than usual. The overheating will also increase the use of Air conditioning and other forms of cooling hence increasing the cost of maintaining the shelter.

After learning about the fact of colors for roof, many householders decided to color the roof their homes ‘white’ to reflect the sunlight and help bring down the temperature of the earth’s surface.

The Benefits of Cool Roofs

A cool roof tends to be 50 – 60 degrees cooler than any conventional dark-colored roofs. This definitely helps to bring down the cost for cooling your shelter and saving you from the hassle. Saving energy is essential to eradicate the current problem of power outage, growing power supply, and global warming.

For the cities and states which receives the highest amount of sunlight in a year should reconsider adding lighter color roofs in their homes and shelters to avoid excess cost of cooling homes. A cool shelter makes living easier!

How does color elements help?

Cool roofs tend to be lighter in color than the traditional black asphalt or dark wood shingles. They help save energy by reflecting light and heat away rather than absorbing them. This is known as “the albedo effect.”

It is essential for every new metal building or shelter owner to determine the local weather and decide what color or shade to use for the roofs.

What is the best color for a roof?

The color of the shelter roof is entirely your personal choice. For home improvement, you can choose the right color for your area with a specific climate.

For typical hotter areas, namely; southern states, Pacific coastal areas, and most of MST regions, where sunlight is more frequent, White is the most fruitful color to protect shelters from overheating. You can also choose various lighter shades to offer more flavorful color to your shelter roofs. Here, lighter colors also act as insulation from heat.

For colder areas and regions which receives lesser sunlight and frequent snows, the shelter owner can choose to install darker shade roofs. Darker roofs have snow melt effect and help to absorb heat from the sunlight.

Ventilation & Insulation

For most metal buildings or structures only coloring the roof with lighter shade doesn’t help in cooling the structure. Most structures lack proper ventilation which prevents air circulation inside. This leads to the accumulation of hot air and moisture inside the building. Despite, the lighter shaded roof, the inside of the building will still be warmer.

For building and structures installed in colder regions, adding proper insulation is necessary to prevent the heat from escaping the structure. The exterior color simply won’t determine the overall temperature of the structure. Adding quality insulation in the roof and other parts of an enclosed building will help conserve the heat.

Can Carport1 match the color of your shelter roof?

Carport1 offers various shades for your shelter roofs. You can choose from a variety of colors, palettes for your roofs. With us, you can also choose from Trim color, Wall Color, and Roof Color for an enclosed building.

Color Planner

While getting your new carport, shelter, barn, workshop or garage for secure protection for your vehicles and other valuables, you will also want that color that compliments the metal structure.

Whatever the size of the structure or the design of the roof is, our Color Planner will add both curb-appeal and value to your property. Carport1 provides the new buyers with the option of choosing the color of their preference.

Color/Component Visualizer

Now, selecting the right color for your new metal carport, RV cover, or other metal shelter is easy with our online color visualizer tool. Our color/component visualizer helps you choose the colors for different parts of your metal building based on your preference or to suit the weather. While our metal structure alone will add both protection for your vehicles and value to your property, color and aesthetics are important to add curb-appeal as well.

Our color planner lets you choose from 15 different colors. We help new buyers decide to pick out the best color that compliments the new metal structure.

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