December to Remember Sale

December to Remember Sale

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40 Wide Carports

What are some of the Features and Options for 40-Wide Carports and Clear Span Metal Buildings?

Choose to add a number of features to these products, such as side panels, gable on the front and/or back ends, fully enclosed ends, personnel doors, roll-up garage doors, and more. For these 40-wide carports and clear span metal buildings, the only roofing style utilized is the vertical roof system. In addition, all side walls and end walls have the panels oriented vertically, like most commercial structures. All of our 32′-40′ wide clear span steel buildings are certified for specific wind and snow loads. The exterior panels, except in the state of Florida, utilize 29 gauge corrugated sheets. Customers can choose to upgrade to 26 gauge panels and it is highly recommended.

Why Should You Buy 40-Wide Carports and Clear Span Steel Buildings from Carport1?

Carport1 offers best quality at the best possible price. We provide superior service and promise a product of outstanding quality

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