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For a couple of extra bucks, you can give your vehicles and other belongings great protection against the elements with metal shelters that are designed to stand the test of time. Our vertical roof metal carports for sale are among the strongest products. The A-framed roof style of the vertical carports is not just for the structural strength though. It greatly helps to enhance the aesthetics of the carport by giving the structure a style that mirrors the architecture of traditional American homes.

A vertical carport derives its structural strength through the added elements like the ridge cap, hat channels, and so on. These steel carports are ideal for places where strong winds, heavy snow, and rainfalls are common.

The customization options that we offer with our vertical roof metal carports mean that whether you need a 2-car carport or extra wide carport, we can deliver it to you.

But you should not limit the use of vertical carports to just covering your vehicles. The clear span width makes vertical steel carports flexible enough for multiple applications. You can use the carport for everything from sheltering your garden patio or deck to providing shaded space for your outdoor workshop.

With a vertical utility carport, you even get metal shed with the main carport. This attached garage to protect your valuables from natural elements as well as human threats.

Features of Vertical Metal Carports for Sale

Roof Style of Vertical Roof Metal Carports:

Vertical metal carports have an A-framed roof style. The vertical roof panels allow water and snow to slide right off. The bows of these metal carports, like boxed eave carports, are welded to the legs. This transition is stronger than the bent bows of regular carports. The roof also has a slight overhang on either side under which runs under the side-eave trims. As mentioned, the ridge cap covers the seams at the apex of this steel carport where the vertical panels meet.

Size of Vertical Metal Carports:

The standard dimensions of vertical carports are similar to the other metal carports for sale that we offer.

The width of Vertical Roof Metal Carports

Our stock supply vertical steel carports start at a minimum width of 12’. These carports can easily accommodate a single car. Those structures that are 18’-24’ wide are 2-car carports and those that are 26’-30’ wide are triple carports. If you require more spacious metal structures, you can go for our 40’ wide carports too.

The width of Vertical Roof Metal Carports

The length of vertical roof metal carports starts at 21′. The vertical roof means that these metal carports can be longer than 36’ since they do not have to be spliced like regular and boxed eave carports. The lengths grow every 5′. So, you can have metal carports with lengths like 21′, 26′, 31’…

The height of Vertical Roof Metal Carports

Similarly, the height of any of our vertical carport starts at 6’. You should give extra attention to the height of the carport if you plan on installing gables which will decrease the clear height of the structure.

As with any of our metal building, you can modify these dimensions as per your storage requirements. You can also choose to place an order with your custom dimensions if you do not find what you are looking for in our catalog.

Color Options for Vertical Carports:

Keeping in mind the importance of the right color combination in defining the aesthetics of a vertical carport, we offer our selection of 15 shades as a part of our color palette. From these colors, you can choose the desired color combination for your steel carport by choosing shades for the roof panels, the side and end panels as well as the trims.

Additional Features for Vertical Carports:

Addition of gables at the front and back end of the carport and the addition of side panels is the extra features for the vertical carport. Our basic model for vertical carport comes with only the roof structure and the metal framework. Addition of these features increases structural support for the carport and gives your possessions extra protection against the natural elements.

The strength of Materials:

We can measure the thickness and strength of steel components by a unit called steel gauge. Higher steel gauge indicates low thickness and consequently lower strength of the steel components. The basic vertical roof metal carports come with steel tube framing of 14-gauge. But for certification, or if you just want to add more strength to your metal carport, we upgrade the steel tubes to 12-gauge. This framing comes with a 20-year warranty against rust.

Similarly, metal sheets for our vertical carports are, by default, 29-gauge. But we also offer an option of upgrading to 26-gauge metal sheets.

Anchoring and Bracing for Vertical Carports:

Metal carport anchors are vital for the structural safety of the structure. These elements help to fix the metal carport structure to the ground and make it stronger.

Depending on the ground surface and the need for certification, there are various types of carport anchors that we use. For example, rebar anchors are used on dirt/ asphalt surfaces for non-certified units and mobile home anchors are used for certified units. Similarly, concrete anchors/wedge anchors are used when vertical metal carports are installed over concrete surfaces. Though not certified, installation over wooden surfaces is done through lag bolts.

All of our vertical units come with 4 corner braces. These braces secure the roof structure of the carport to the legs, which is important to maintain the structural integrity of the structure, especially during extreme pressure conditions, like winds or seismic activities. We can increase the number of braces for certification or if you want to add strength to your vertical carport.

Pros of Vertical Roof Metal Carports

  • The extra structural elements, like the ridge cap, hat channels, side eave trims all add to the structural robustness of the vertical carport. This is why these carports can be effective even in places which face extreme weather conditions frequently. The robustness of these steel carports also means that these steel carports have great durability and longevity.
  • The vertical roof panels also allow the flow of water and other debris off the roof. Since moisture does not accumulate on the corrugations of these panels, you do not have to frequently clean and maintain the carport and there are fewer chances of premature rusting of the structure.
  • Due to the A-framed carport roof style, these carports blend in effortlessly with the architecture of a traditional house.

Cons of Vertical Roof Metal Carports

  • The extra structural elements drive up the material cost of vertical carports. Even though vertical carports are the most expensive among the three roof style, they are also the strongest and offer the best protection for your belongings.

It is only logical that you shelter your valuable investments with the best protection available in the market. When you purchase from Carport1, you will not get some standard product but a carport that is customized to fulfill your very unique needs. So, get in touch with one of our customer care representatives today to discuss your options for a vertical metal carport.

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