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Safeguard Metal Buildings

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About Safeguard Metal Buildings, Waco, TX

Safeguard Metal Buildings, Waco, TX, is a quality metal building manufacturer and supplier which can help you safeguard your most prized possessions from all types of threats. The company has its headquarter at Waco, Texas. At the moment, Safeguard Metal Buildings, Waco, TX, serves most of the Lone Star state. However, it does have plans to expand to Oklahoma and Louisiana soon.

The company offers many different types of metal building kits to take care of your storage needs like metal carports, metal garages, metal barns, and other steel storage buildings. Safeguard Metal Buildings not only strives to provide steel buildings at the most competitive price but also with great quality and workmanship. The modular nature of these metal building kits allows for swift and easy installation of the metal buildings. These metal carports and metal buildings are made to fit the exact requirements of each customer. Even if you cannot find the metal building that you need in the inventory, you can contact the company and make a custom order.

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Why Safeguard Metal Buildings

Safeguard Metal Building manufactures metal structures with only industry-grade galvanized steel that is sure to last a lifetime. There is a large collection of various types of metal buildings that are fit for numerous applications. So, no matter what you are intending to store (vehicles, RVs, livestock, equipment or tools, etc.), Safeguard Metal Buildings has the metal building for you.

In addition to being very low-maintenance, these durable metal shelters are economical alternatives to the traditional wooden or concrete structures. Metal buildings are not susceptible to rotting, warping, catching fire, etc. Plus, you do not have to treat or paint them at regular intervals. This aspect further lowers the overall cost of the structures. The easy customizability of the metal building kits is also a major plus if you are purchasing a product from Safeguard Metal Buildings. The installation crew that the company employs is highly skilled in what they do. The metal building will be set up in no time at all and the structure will remain standing for generations.

Quality of the product is not the only area of focus for Safeguard Metal Buildings, however. The company makes equal effort in ensuring that when customers buy from them, they have a great experience. Their friendly customer representatives are always ready to offer any help or guidance that the customers might require. Their expert advice and wealth of knowledge will make the buying process easier for the customers.



Metal Buildings and Structures from Safeguard Metal Buildings

From steel carports to RV covers to storage buildings, Safeguard Metal Buildings has hundreds of metal buildings to serve all of your storage requirements. With the advanced metal building technology and fantastic manufacturing plant, the company is able to produce buildings that are as wide as 40’, as tall as 14’ and as long as you want. With these dimensions, the metal structures can accommodate the largest of RVs or other equipment.

When Safeguard Meal Buildings says they have some of the best metal structures in the market, they are not just mincing words. Their products are backed up by various warranties. Additionally, they also offer engineer certified metal buildings that can withstand up to 130 MPH wind and 30 PSF snow loads. These certifications are crucial in areas that require building permits.

There are various categories of metal buildings that Safeguard Metal Buildings has for sale.

Metal Carports

The most affordable shelters for your cars, pickups, etc. which are equally durable. Metal carports are perfect for people who want easy access to belongings. These versatile structures also make the ideal pavilions, outdoor storage sheds, open workshops, and much more. You can get a metal carport from Safeguard Metal Buildings of any dimensions. They also offer 13 color options so that you have greater control over the looks of your metal carport.

You can get the most basic protection with a Roof-only structure, but, if you want to add to the level of protection, you can just as easily add gables, extended gables, side walls or end walls.

Metal Garages

For complete protection against the elements as well as from human threats, like thieves and vandals, metal garages from Safeguard Metal Buildings are the best options. These metal structures are completely enclosed. For easy accessibility, walk-in doors, garage doors, and windows are provided. You can choose to add further openings for your convenience.

There are three basic roof style options that are available with Safeguard Metal Buildings metal garages. The Regular roof style is economical. The boxed eave roof style offers great aesthetics. Similarly, the vertical roof style is strong and durable but a little bit costly. The choice of the roof style pretty much depends on the climate of your place or the style you want for your garage.

Metal Barns

The safest and the most effective shelters for your livestock are the metal barns offered by Safeguard Metal Buildings. These shelters can also comfortably accommodate agricultural equipment, vehicles, feed, and more. The 14-gauge or 12-gauge tubular frame of these metal barns is structurally stable enough to weather heavy rains or strong winds. The 3 roof options for the Safeguard Metal Buildings Metal barns are the same as the metal garages; Regular, Boxed eave, and Vertical. No matter what your agricultural storage requirements, you can customize the metal barns per your liking.

Other Storage Buildings

There are numerous other metal buildings that are available at Safeguard Metal Buildings that do not fit into any other category. You can choose a steel storage building of varying dimensions, color, roof styles, and additional features.

The storage buildings can be a metal workshop, commercial building, pavilion, lean-to buildings, or more. The clear-spanning ability of these metal buildings means that you can use these structures versatility for many uses.

Carport1’s Relationship with Safeguard Metal Buildings

Steel carports and other steel storage buildings are far superior to other conventional construction in many ways. They are more durable and suffer less damage in the long run. These metal buildings, with proper protective coatings, can resist the elements better than wooden, vinyl or other buildings. More than anything, you should purchase the metal buildings for their environmental friendliness. Metal carports and metal buildings are made from recycled steel and can be further recycled. They also do not produce any harmful byproducts during the manufacturer.

Metal building suppliers like Safeguard Metal Buildings, Waco, TX have helped us massively in our effort to provide quality steel structures to our customers. We are one of the authorized dealers of Safeguard Metal buildings. With Carport1’s relationship with the company, we have also been able to utilize their expert and professional staff. Their customer service is friendly, and more than that, they know their stuff. They are always at your disposal and you can get in contact with them at any time of the day. Plus, their installation team is equally experienced and will leave you no room for complaints.

Safeguard Metal Buildings Prices

Affordability of their metal buildings is what Safeguard Metal Buildings aims to. Safeguard Metal Buildings prices are among the best in the metal building industry. Of course, the metal buildings prices are dependent on a number of factors. The dimension of the structure is one. The bigger you metal building, the costlier it will be. The other factors are the additional features like walk-in doors, windows, side panels, gables, etc. can also add to the total cost of your building.

Choosing the right upgrade, while might increase the price of the building, will also make the structure most effective. The 14-gauge tubular framing is an ideal choice in areas with mild to moderate weather conditions. However, for areas that are constantly subjected to harsh elements, you can choose the sturdier 12-gauge option. Similarly, the vertical roof style is the recommended choice for places that face heavy precipitation while regular roof style is ideal for sunny weather.

Customization of Safeguard Metal Building Structures

Full customizability of the metal building is one of the major advantages of purchasing at Safeguard Metal Building Structure. For a state like Texas, with varying weather conditions, this feature can come in handy. Modifying the metal buildings to your exact specifications can massively improve the performance of the structure. It can also protect the durability of your belongings.

Customizing the metal building according to your need can, however, can increase the cost of the building. 12-gauge frame, though sturdier, come at an additional cost. Additional anchors, bows, etc. can also increase the value of the building. So, going with upgrades and features that respond to the local climate and exactly address your storage requirements is crucial.

Free Delivery and Installation

The cost of the metal buildings from Safeguard Metal Buildings includes free delivery and installation as long as the construction is to be done within their Service area. For more information on the location that Safeguard Metal Buildings serves, take a look at their Service Area Map. The delivery is swift. Generally, your order will reach you within 2-4 weeks from the date you place your order.

The installation of the metal buildings is also free with Safeguard Metal Buildings. You just have to make various site preparations before the installation takes place. First, you have to make sure the site is level for construction. Second, the site should also be free from any obstruction or debris. Additionally, obtaining required building permits is also the responsibility of the customer.

You can call us or leave a message, if you need further information on any of the product or require any guidance on choosing the perfect building for you. If you have any complaints, always feel free to express your grievances to our team. They are always striving to address your complaints as soon as possible. With the awareness of products and services provided by Safeguard Metal Buildings, we hope that will keep us in mind for any type of metal buildings and structures.

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