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A Frame Metal Carports

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Metal A-Frame Carport For Sale

A-Frame metal carports are the perfect combination of cost-efficiency and aesthetics. Also commonly known as Boxed Eave metal carports, A-Frame carports complement the architectural style of a traditional house. Their slight roof overhang and side-eave trims running underneath refine their overall appearance.

These metal carports are structurally stronger than bent-transition carports. They have a welded transition from the bows to the legs. They are the perfect structure to shelter your vehicle or provide a shaded spot for picnics and barbeques.

Partially enclosed A-Frame metal carports offer more coverage and increase the protection against most types of weather.

A-Frame Carport Customizations and Features

Our steel carports provide affordable protection for your vehicle and are completely customizable so that you can design it to your specific storage requirement.

The dimensions can be tailored to your size requirements. The width ranges from 12’ to 40’, while the length ranges from 21’ to 36’. Additionally, the leg heights of our carports begin at 6’. Our qualified associates will assist you in modifying the dimensions to your exact specifications.

You can also choose the color combination to perfectly match the aesthetic of your home.

The strength of materials, anchors, and braces used in your metal building can all be customized for your order. If you need extra durability, adding anchors and braces will help keep your carport upright in all types of weather.

The Pros of A-Frame Carports

A-Frame carports are made to perfectly complement your traditional home. They are sturdy and durable in order to shield your vehicles or belongings from adverse weather. Our welded steel transitions make these carport structures stronger than regular carports!

If you are ready to customize your A-Frame metal carport, let us know. Our associates will walk you through every step of the process, including delivery and installation. Experience the top-notch customer service and expertise of the Carport1 team today.


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