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A-Frame Roof Metal Carports

Carport 1 is the best metal building dealer with the most experience in America. With some of the most experienced specialists in the industry, we will make your purchase simple and hassle free. With the best price and expertise that this Metal building industry has to offer we will save both your money and time. Carport 1 has hundreds of options to upgrade through which you can tailor make your metal building as you require.

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A-framed roof metal carports are also commonly known as Boxed Eave metal carports. These carports at Carport1 are the perfect combination of cost-efficiency and aesthetics. The A-framed carport roof structure, along with the slight roof overhangs, gives metal carport a look to complement the architectural style of a traditional house. The side-eave trims running underneath these overhangs work to refine the overall appearance.

These metal carports have a welded transition from the bows to the legs. This is structurally stronger than a bent- transition of a regular carport. While the addition of the side-eave trims raises the carport prices for boxed eave carports, the absence of ridge cap and hat channels still keep the cost of these carports comparatively reasonable.

Partially enclosed A-framed roof metal carports give more coverage to the metal structure, and hence, increase the protection against the elements. Boxed eave steel carports are completely customizable so that you can design a steel carport that fits your specific storage requirements. Just like our regular carports, these A-framed carports are also flexible enough to accommodate various applications, from sheltering your vehicles to providing a shaded spot for your picnics and barbecues.

Features of Boxed Eave Metal Carports for Sale

Roof Style of Boxed Eave Carports:

A Boxed Eave carport roof contains an A-framed carport roof structure that has slight roof overhangs on either side of the roof, which gives the entire structure a traditional look. The roof panels are laid horizontally, parallel to the length of the metal carport, similar to the roof panels of regular steel carports.

Size of Boxed Eave Carports:

We have hundreds of A-framed roof metal carports in our inventory that we can readily supply to our customers.

The width of A-Framed Roof Metal Carports

The width of our standard boxed eave metal carports for sale start at 12’ and can be as wide as 40’, the former of which can effectively shelter a single vehicle and the latter can accommodate a number of vehicles.

Length of A-Framed Roof Metal Carports

Similarly, the length of these carports starts at a minimum of 21’. We recommend vertical carport roofs to people who want a carport longer than 36’. Above this length, we will have to splice the roof panels which might result in water leaks from the roof.

The height of A-Framed Roof Metal Carports

Leg heights of the boxed eave steel carports start at 6’. If you want to enclose the metal carport at a later date, you will have to choose a sufficient leg height from the beginning to have enough room for the openings.

You can modify the dimensions of any of the standard boxed eave carports as per your requirements. If these sizes are not exactly what you require, you can even place a custom order with dimensions of your own.

Color Options for Boxed Eave Carports:

The right selection of colors for your metal carport can harmonize the structure with your property but improper use of colors can cause the metal carport to clash with the aesthetics of your house. Hence, it is very important to choose the correct color combination for your boxed eave carport. With this in mind, we offer a collection of 15 shades. From this, you can choose the desired color combination for the side panels, the roof panels, and the trims.

Additional Features for Boxed Eave Carports:

Boxed eave carport provides basic protection for your belongings against the elements and comes with the added advantage of being budget-friendly. However, investing in some of the additional features will help the carport to be stronger.

Also, you can increase the coverage of metal carports by the addition of gables as well as the end panels. By doing that, it protects your valuables against various weather conditions and other.

The strength of the Materials:

The thickness of the steel, measured in terms of steel gauge, determines the strength of the components. Higher steel gauge means that the steel component is thinner and, as a result, has less strength. For the framing of our boxed eave steel carports, we mostly use 14-gauge steel tubes. However, we also offer an option to upgrade it to 12-gauge for added strength.

As for the metal paneling for our carports, in most cases, we use 29-gauge sheets. But if the boxed eave style metal carport is to be certified or if the customer just wants a more robust carport, then we use 26-gauge galvanized steel sheets.

Anchoring and Bracing for Boxed Eave Carports:

Since metal carports are lightweight, it is important that they are firmly secured to the ground. If not then they might topple over during strong winds or storms. But metal carport anchors do the ideal job of securing the metal carport structures from those problems.

Depending on the surface where you want to install your boxed eave style carport, there are four different types of anchors that we use: rebar anchors are used when a non-certified metal carport is to be installed over dirt/asphalt, whereas, mobile home anchors are used for certified units for the same purpose. Boxed eave carports that are installed over concrete foundations require wedge/concrete anchors. While units over wooden foundation cannot be certified, we do install them and anchor them with lag bolts.

The function of braces is similar to the anchors. They secure the roof structure of the metal carport to the legs. Hence, the whole carport acts as a single unit and maintains its structural integrity under pressure. All of our units, even our non-certified units, come with four corner braces. But we also offer the option of extra bracing or bracing on all legs if need be.

Pros of Boxed Eave Metal Carport

  • The A-framed roof style of these metal carports complements the design of a traditional American home. Hence, you will not have to worry about the aesthetics of your property being compromised when you purchase a boxed eave carport kit.
  • Boxed Eave steel carports can sufficiently shield your belongings from adverse weather conditions, be it harsh sunshine or heavy rain. The addition of side panels and gables can further enhance the protection of your belongings.
  • The welded transition, along with extra structural elements, makes boxed eave metal carports stronger than regular carports.

Cons of Boxed Eave Metal Carport

  • The maintenance aspect of horizontal panels of these metal carports can be an inconvenience that many people might not want to deal with. With boxed eave carports, you will have to frequently and regularly clean the metal roof sheets. This prevents the accumulation of debris and water on the corrugations of the panels. So, the roof panels do not rust prematurely.
  • While the cost of boxed eave style carport is significantly less than the vertical carport, it is still slightly more expensive compared to regular carports. The addition of structural elements, like the side-eave trims, is what drives up the cost of these carports.

At Carport1, you will find an extensive collection of boxed eave metal carports for sale. All of these metal carport models are sure to satisfy your every storage requirements. Even if these carports from our stock are not exactly what you want, you do not need to stress out.

With our customization options, you can tailor-make your metal carport to suit your requirements. And if that fails, you can just place a custom order with your own specifications. Contact us today and get your boxed eave metal carport at the most competitive price in the market.

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