Free Delivery and Installation


We, at Carport1, do not just aim to sell our products. We are committed to providing a great experience to our customers throughout the buying and construction process. What this includes is providing any assistance the customer might require to order their metal building. It also includes a convenient delivery of the order and its successful installation. Through these services, we strive to ensure that customers do not have to bear the stress of setting up their metal building and that they actually enjoy the entire process.

One of the many reasons why people love buying from Carport1 is the incredible affordability of our products. The experience we have gained in over 10 years in the metal building industry allows us to form relationships with the best metal building manufacturers. Through these relationships, we negotiate the lowest possible prices of the metal buildings on behalf of our customers. What is so great about the prices of our metal building kits is that, in most cases, it includes the cost of the delivery as well as the installation of the structure.

Delivery of Your Metal Building

After you place an order for a Carport1 metal building, the order is sent to our metal building manufacturers for production. As soon as your metal building kit is manufactured, one of Carport1's customer service representatives will contact you. They will help you to schedule the date for the delivery and installation. Typically, we deliver the metal building within 2-4 weeks from the day you are ready to receive the order. However, this time period may vary due to unfavorable weather conditions, customer demands, etc.

The delivery of a metal building is free if the delivery address is within our normal service area: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and West Virginia.

Please call our Customer Specialists for detailed information about our service area and metal carport prices in your area. Deliveries outside our service area, additional cost may apply.

On the day of the scheduled delivery, make sure that you have made the necessary arrangements to receive your delivery. Additionally, we recommend that you, yourself, be present during the delivery. This way you can thoroughly check your order and see if there are any misplaced or faulty parts.

Preparations before the Installation

Before the installation crew arrives at the site to install your metal building, there are a few preparations you have to make. These preparations will ensure that construction happens as timely and as smoothly as possible. The first of the things you need to take care of is obtain the building permits required for the construction of your metal building. Any municipal permit that you will need, concerning the utility lines through the site, is also your responsibility. Make sure to mark out the supply lines, if there are any, for the safety of the installation crew.

The next, and probably the most important, is to level the site. Any site that is not flat is considered to be unstable for the construction of the metal building. Failure to level the area may give rise to faults, like cracks and leaks or may even cause the building to lean on a side. If the crew is forced to install the metal building on a site that is not flat, some of your warranties may be regarded void. Before the installation starts, you should also get rid off all the obstructions and debris that might hinder the construction. Obstructions may include vegetation, power lines, etc.

Installation of Your Metal Building

Once the installation crew arrives at the site, the construction begins in earnest. The team starts by laying out the base rails in an exact rectangle. Once the base rails are properly aligned, the team secures them to the ground with the appropriate type of anchors. The frames are then properly assembled on the ground. After that, they fix those frames to the base rail thus, completing the framework. Then, the team adds metal panels to the building, first on the roof and then on the sides and ends. Openings, like doors and windows, if there are any, are then installed.

Installation Surfaces

We have categorized the surfaces we install our metal buildings in four basic types;  dirt surfaces, asphalt surfaces, concrete surfaces, and wooden surfaces. The main difference between the installations over various kind of surfaces is the anchors used. Below we have listed the anchor options and the cases where they are utilized.

  • Rebar Anchors: For non-certified installations over dirt/ asphalt surfaces.
  • Mobile Home Anchors: For certified installations over dirt/ asphalt surface.
  • Concrete/ Wedge anchors: For installations over concrete surfaces.
  • Lag Bolts: For installations over wooden foundation. Thus installed units are never certified.

We do install our metal carports on a stationary dock. However, we never install one over a floating dock. The customer will have to pay additional labor costs if the building materials have to be carried more than 50’ to the construction site.

Customers may also choose to install their metal building kit themselves. While this might save you some money, we highly recommend that our customers go for the professional installation. It’s not just that professionally installed units are better built but that they come with 1-year workmanship warranties. Plus, DIY kits do not come with any installation manuals. However, if you are an experienced builder or can handle this DIY project, then sure, go for it.