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About American Carports, Inc.

American Steel Carports Inc. is one of the leading pre-engineered metal structure manufacturers in the country. The company has more 20 years of experience in the steel building industry. “Versatile. Strong. Built to Last.” is their slogan. They take great pride in the fact that they can provide the finest prefabricated metal buildings at the most affordable prices. Till now, American Carport Inc. has installed over 280K steel buildings all across the nation.

With 6 manufacturing plants strategically located, American Steel Carports is able to have a very wide reach. They produce steel buildings of top-notch quality that are sure to last for generations. These metal structures can shield your vehicles and belongings effectively against the elements and other threats. Plus, American Carports’ installation team does an amazing job of actually setting up the building. But, purchasing steel buildings from them is so much more than just the product. We know that the company will do everything it can to make sure that the customer has a great buying experience.

The impressive product quality and customer service of American Carports are surpassed only by their extensive collection of metal buildings. They have a wide range of pre-engineered metal structures fit for many different purposes. Whether you need a residential metal carport or a commercial metal workshop building, American Carports has it all.

American Carports and Structures: Metal Carports, Metal RV Covers, Metal Barns, Metal Garages, Metal Workshops, and more!

Just as different customers have different storage requirements, American Steel Carports also has various types of metal structures to address those needs. The following are some of the most popular categories of steel buildings that the company offers:

Metal Carports

Metal carports are very simple yet effective shelters for your cars, pickups, etc. These durable metal structures provide great protection against all weather threats. If you need easy access to your parked vehicles and stored belongings, then metal carports are perfect for you. When you purchase an American Carports Inc. metal carport, you have complete control over its design. From the size to the colors, the customer gets to choose and customize all the features. Depending on the width, you can purchase anything from a single car metal carport to an extra wide metal carport.

Metal Garages

Metal garages are great ways to defend your valuables against all kinds of threats. Not only do they save your vehicles from the harsh weather but also from criminals and thieves. These structures are completely enclosed with metal sheets.

With American Carports Inc metal garages, you get optional features like the garage doors, walk-in doors, windows, etc. The features make the metal garages more convenient for the users. These openings also function as the sources of natural light and ventilation for the steel garages. The choices for the number and location of the openings are completely up to the customer. As for the roof style, you will get three options, just like the metal carports; regular, boxed eave, and vertical.

Metal Agricultural Buildings/ Metal Barns

Steel is the safest material for constructing your agricultural building. In addition to resisting the adverse weather conditions effectively, metal barns can also withstand the harsh abuse from livestock and farm animals. Metal barns and agricultural buildings can be used for many different storage purposes. Besides housing cattle and horses, you can use the barns for sheltering your farm vehicles and equipment as well. Also, you can use these metal farm buildings to store crops, feed, and hay. American Steel Carports Inc. has various types of agricultural buildings, including metal barns, loafing sheds, horse stalls, and much more.

Metal Workshop Buildings

For people needing sheltered spaces to enjoy their hobbies, conduct repairs, store equipment, etc., metal workshop buildings are the way to go. They can even be used for light, commercial manufacturing or production. American Carports has a broad range of small to extra wide metal buildings for every use. But why should your workshop building be of metal? Well, metal workshops are not just durable and strong but also very cost-effective. These pre-engineered metal structures are affordable at the time of purchase and have lower maintenance costs as well. Plus, you can customize them the way you want. The versatility and flexibility of metal structures also make them the ideal type of workshop buildings.

Custom Metal Buildings/ Steel Buildings

We have hundreds of customers whose requirements we cannot fulfill with the standard products. There are special circumstances, whether it is the construction site or the local weather, that require very unique buildings. That is why American Carport Inc. allows the customers to order custom metal buildings. If you have a specific design in mind, then the company will manufacture it for you. Hexagonal roofed buildings, lean-to sheds, hunting blinds, etc. are some of the examples of custom metal buildings that American Carports Inc. produces.

American Steel Carports Inc. Dealers: Relationship with Carport1

Carport1 is one of the authorized dealers of metal buildings manufactured by American Steel Carports Inc. We were attracted to form this partnership because of American Carports’ commitment to providing quality products and services to their customers. This collaboration has made it possible for Carport1 to expand its operations and serve more people. Also, it is because of this relationship that we are able to offer the best metal building prices to our customers.

However, dealing with American Carports is so much more than just the buildings and end product. Being one of the authorized American Carports Inc. dealers means that we can utilize their excellent customer service and their expertise on metal building construction to the benefit of our customers. We really believe that partnering with American Steel Carports Inc. has allowed us to build structures that actually make a difference in the lives of people.

Why American Steel Carports Inc.?

There are many advantages of purchasing American Carports structures from an official partner like Carport1. The company provides the best metal buildings at the lowest prices along with great customer services. That is not all. The features and perks that you get with metal buildings from American Carports are not offered by any other metal building supplier. Below are some reasons why you should buy American Steel Carports structures:

  • Metal Carports and Structural Steel Features

The structural steel features help to increase the robustness of your metal building. These features include upgrades and other additional options. 12-gauge tubular framing is one of those upgrades which comes with a 20-year rust through warranty. Similarly, you can also upgrade your metal building roof style. Upgrading from regular roofed metal carport to an A-framed roof with either horizontal or vertical metal panels is incredibly easy. For larger buildings, and areas with harsh weather American carports also offer extra trusses and larger braces.

  • 360o Roof Bracing

All American Carports metal buildings come with braces on each corner and also on the center of the truss. This all-around bracing provides extra strength to the roof. It also helps to keep the buildings stable and prevents the structural failure for many years.

  • Product Warranties

American Steel Carports Inc. backs up their products and services with various kinds of warranties.

20 Years Warranty: The tubular framing of the metal buildings come with a 20 years warranty against rust. This warranty is only valid if you give the structure the required care and maintenance.

90 MPH Wind Warranty: If you want to make sure that your metal buildings will stand strong against powerful gusts of winds, then you can invest in the optional wind warranty. The wind warranty packages at American Carports Inc. start at 90 MPH.

4 Season Workmanship Warranty: American Carports company trusts the quality and skill of their installation crew. That is why they provide this 4 season workmanship warranty with all of their buildings. This warranty covers all the workmanship failures and defects that occur within 1 year from the date of installation.

  • Engineer Certified Metal Buildings

For the areas that require building permits, the company also offers certified metal buildings which are designed by experts. These structures are engineered to meet and exceed the local building codes. The company also designs buildings with extra resistance against snow or wind loads at the request of the customer.

  • Free Delivery and Installation

American Carports Inc. makes real efforts to make the buying process convenient and hassle-free for the customers. That is why they offer free delivery and installation with all of their steel buildings. You will never have to worry about the shipment of your order. You order will be delivered right to your doorsteps within a matter of a few weeks.

American Steel Carports Prices

The main reason that American Carports structures seem to be so popular among our customer is their affordability. No matter which type of metal building you decide to purchase, you are sure to get the best American Steel Carports prices. Their manufacturing plants make use of advanced technology and quality control to bring down the production costs of the buildings. That is why we are able to get those metal buildings at such a bargain. Additionally, the company offers flexible financing options, including partial loans, to accommodate the needs of every customer.

Of course, the exact cost of your metal building will depend on a number of factors. A commercial metal storage building ends up costing more mainly because of its sheer size. A smaller building requires fewer materials and hence, would have a low price tag. Similarly, the additional features can also add up to the total cost of your metal carport, metal garage, etc. For example, if you choose to increase the number of metal garage doors or install an insulation system with your building, then you will have to pay more. On the other hand, a basic, roof-only carport will be the most cost-effective shelter for your vehicles. The prices can also vary from state to state. You can look at the Service Area Map and see what the metal building prices are in your state.

Having said that, buying a metal building that properly responds to your requirements and the local weather is very important for the safety of your belongings and the structure itself. Plus, these buildings are cost-efficient in the long run as they bring down the maintenance costs. There are further options available that can increase the strength of American Carports steel buildings. These include options like 12-gauge tubular framing upgrade, roof style upgrade, and more. The upgrades come at an additional cost. If you want to get the best return on your investment, we recommend that you find the ideal balance between the effectiveness of your building and your budget.

American Steel Carports Reviews and Complaints

Online reviews are the best way of knowing what the customers are actually saying about the products. They give you an overall idea about the image and services of the company. You can also know how much trust customers have in a company just by looking at their reviews. So, you no longer have to take us at our words when we say American Carports manufactures quality metal buildings. You can take a look through the American Steel Carports reviews and judge for yourself. The testimonials are all from people who have been served by American Carports Inc. over the years.

Along with the positive comments and praises, American Carports also gives many thoughts to any complaints that the customer might have. It is through these American Steel Carports Complaints that we get a chance to work on our weaknesses and improve. Feel free to contact us at any moment if you have any suggestions or feedback regarding any of their products or services.

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