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18x31 Boxed Eave RV Cover

A-Frame Roof RV Covers

Carport 1 is the best metal building dealer with the most experience in America. With some of the most experienced specialists in the industry, we will make your purchase simple and hassle free. With the best price and expertise that this Metal building industry has to offer we will save both your money and time. Carport 1 has hundreds of options to upgrade through which you can tailor make your metal building as you require.

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RV Garages For Sale

A-frame recreational vehicle covers are some of the most popular structures we sell because they are the perfect combination of aesthetic and affordability. A-frame metal RV storage buildings protect your luxury vehicles from damage caused by extreme weather.

Our metal RV garage prices are some of the best in the industry and our buildings are the most economical.

Why Does Your RV Need a Metal Cover?

Metal carport kits protect your luxury investment against the elements. If you leave your vehicle vulnerable to heavy rain or snow for a long period of time, parts can become rusted and broken. An RV that is properly sheltered from weather will require less maintenance in the long run.

There are a lot of RV covers on the market that claim to protect your vehicles. Many of them, however, are not durable and prone to damage. Covers that do not provide sufficient protection are not cost-effective.

In addition to protecting your RV, we have options to include supplemental storage space.

Custom Dimensions, Style Options, and Features

Our steel buildings are available in standard dimensions as well as custom sizes suited to your needs. The length of our carports start at 21’ and increase in increments of 5’. The width of your structure can range from 12’ to 40’ and the height begins at a minimum of 10’.

The dimensions of your steel RV structure should be larger than your absolute requirements to allow for moving space inside. Check out our guide to choosing the best roof for your cover.

Our wide variety of 15 color options allow you to customize the look and feel of your carport. Additional features like side panels, end panels, and gables increase the amount of coverage and provide more protection for your belongings.

We make sure that each metal cover is structurally sound with steel gauge framing and metal sheets. Anchors and bracing ensure your cover is installed securely. We also offer the option to add extra anchors and braces.

Buying From Carport1

Whatever you need to shelter or protect from the elements, our high-quality metal RV carports can give you peace of mind.

Let our experienced team walk you through the creation of your perfect metal structure. We also make delivery and installation of your building kit stress-free. Contact us today to get started on your custom metal building.