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Our A-frame roof RV covers are popular options among our customers for two main reasons. They offer more refined aesthetics than the regular metal RV covers. But they are more reasonably priced than the vertical metal RV covers. This is why boxed eave metal RV covers are considered to be the perfect mixture of affordability, looks, and efficacy. These metal RV covers do a decent job of protecting your luxury vehicles from damage caused by weather elements.

Why Does Your Recreational Vehicle Need a Metal RV Cover?

Protection against the elements

You should give proper protection to any recreational or luxury vehicle which requires a huge investment. One of the constant threats to your RV is the weather.  If you leave your vehicle vulnerable to heavy rain or any precipitation for a long period of time, that may cause rusting of the metal parts of your RV.

Sustained snow load on the roof of your camper, trailer or motorhome can put pressure on your vehicle which can cause it to fail. Hails and other stormy conditions can wreak havoc on your luxury vehicles, from minor dents to broken windows and screens. Moreover,  constant sun exposure leads to fading of the paints and other problems.

Lowering your RV’s maintenance costs

When your RV is properly sheltered from the elements, it suffers from fewer problems. That, in turn, means that they require less maintenance in the long run. You can massively cut down on the money you would otherwise spend to keep the RV in good working order. It is not just direct, visible damages that are reduced though. When you shade your vehicles from harsh UV rays, they will not suffer mechanical breakdown due to overheating, etc.

Metal RV covers are durable and affordable

There are various other products in the market that claim to provide protection for your vehicles. But most of them, if they are cheap, are not durable and if they are durable, they are expensive. Metal RV covers offer both durability and affordability. Products like portable fabric RV carports may cost you less initially, but they are very liable to damage. Plus, they do not provide sufficient protection for your vehicles.

Multi-functional metal RV covers

The advantage of buying a metal RV cover for your luxury vehicle is that even if you no longer need it to cover your RV, you can use that cover for a number of other applications. You can use the metal RV cover to simply park your other smaller vehicles, for holding social gatherings outdoors, etc.

A-Frame Roof RV Covers or Boxed Eave Metal RV Covers Features and Specifications

While it would be easier for us to provide just some standard dimensions and features for all of our A-frame roof RV covers, we know that would not be beneficial to most of our customers. Everybody has different requirements and specifications. All the orders that we receive generally vary in terms of sizes and other features.

That is why, along with the standard metal RV covers that are readily available in our stock supply, we also offer customization options so that you can change and modify all the features that you do not like. You can even make a custom order if you are unable to find the ideal product from our catalog.

Roof Style of Boxed Eave Metal RV Covers

As with any of our boxed eave metal buildings, boxed eave metal RV covers also come with an A-framed roof. These roofs have horizontal roof panels, unlike vertical metal RV covers. The roof overhangs on both sides and is finished with side eave trims. All these elements polish the looks of the metal RV cover. They also reinforce the structural strength of the structure, albeit to a very limited extent.

Boxed Eave Metal RV Covers Sizes

Length of the Metal RV Carports

The length of your luxury vehicle very much determines what length of the RV carport. To give your RV full coverage, we offer Boxed Eave metal RV covers with lengths that start from 21’ and grow in 5’ increments. Any dimension for the carport should be a bit bigger than your absolute requirements. That way, you will get a little bit of moving space too.

The width of the Metal RV Carports

The width of the A-frame roof RV covers that is ideal for your parking needs depends on a number of things, like the width of your vehicles, the number of your vehicles, or space requirements of any intended use, and so on. To provide full protection against the weather, our metal RV carports start at 12’ of width. They can be as wide as 40’.

The height of the Metal RV Carports

RVs, themselves, are very tall automobiles, and hence, it makes sense that generally, metal RV carports have more height than the normal carports. To properly accommodate your RVs and motorhomes, we provide our Boxed Eave metal RV covers with the minimum height of 10’ with 1’ increments.

Color Options with Boxed Eave Metal RV Covers

Color options for our A-frame roof RV covers are similar to our other products. We have 15 choices for the shade of the RV cover in our color catalog. You can achieve the desired color combination for your metal structure by choosing shades for the wall panels, roof panels as well as the trims.

Additional Features for Boxed Eave Metal RV Covers

The additional features for these metal RV covers are mainly provided to give you control of how much coverage you’d need for your vehicle. You can have basic protection for your RV with a roof-only RV cover. But if you want to increase the amount of coverage and provide your belongings better protection against the weather, you can choose to add features like the side panels, end panels, and the gables. These additional features will slightly increase the price of the carport, however.

Structural Specifications for A-Frame Roof RV Covers

The structural elements that go into making boxed eave metal RV covers are the metal framing, the metal sheets, braces, and the anchors. Let us discuss the specifications of these elements in detail below.

Material Gauge of the Steel Frame

Generally, it is understood that if a steel component has a high gauge, then it is of less thickness and also has comparatively low strength than components that have low steel gauge. The default option for all of our non-certified boxed eave metal RV carports is 14-gauge steel tube framing while almost all of the certified units have 12-gauge frames. Depending on the order, a 14-gauge framing can be upgraded to 12-gauge framing.

The metal sheets, which are the main components that give coverage to the boxed eave metal RV carports, also have two options for the steel gauge. The standard metal sheets that we use for our metal RV carports are of 29-gauge which you can upgrade to sheets with 26-gauge.


Anchors are those components of the metal buildings that secure the structure to the ground which it stands on. The four types of metal carport anchors that we offer are the rebar anchors, the mobile home anchors, the wedge anchors, and lag bolts. If you need certification with your RV carport and are installing it over dirt or asphalt surfaces, then we use mobile home anchors, whereas, for non-certified units, we use the rebar anchors. Concrete/wedge anchors are for installations over concrete surfaces. Similarly, for carports over wooden surfaces, we use lag bolts, but we never certify this kind of installation.


All of our boxed eave metal RV covers come with, at least, the four corner braces. You can increase the number of braces at an additional cost to better secure the roof structure to the legs of the RV covers. For certified units, you don’t have to worry about additional braces since they are designed with enough support to withstand the conditions of the place where the metal cover is to be installed.

Pros of A-Frame Roof RV Covers

  • Boxed Eave RV covers provide refined aesthetics. The A-framed roof structure with the slight overhangs gives a style that mirrors the architecture of a traditional American house.
  • Most economical option for providing a safe and comfortable shelter for your livestock.
  • These metal RV carports are more affordable than the vertical carports while also being highly durable and structurally robust.
  • We also offer customization options for various features of these metal RV carports. So, you can adjust the specifications as per your requirements.

Cons of A-Frame Roof RV Covers

  • The horizontal roof panel is the biggest negative side of boxed eave roof style. These panels need frequent cleaning and maintenance so that snows, water, dead leaves, and other debris do not accumulate on the corrugations to cause rusting of the steel components.
  • While these units are definitely more affordable than vertical RV covers, they are still pricier than Regular metal RV covers.

Whether you need a shelter for your trailer, your motorhome, or your boat, you can get the ideal metal RV cover at Carport1. Our catalog contains hundreds of options for our standard metal RV carport models. But not only that, if certain features are not to your liking then you can instantly change or adjust them. You can use our online services or call us today to get an instant quote for your metal RV cover.

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