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Single Car Metal Garages

Carport 1 is the best metal building dealer with the most experience in America. With some of the most experienced specialists in the industry, we will make your purchase simple and hassle free. With the best price and expertise that this Metal building industry has to offer we will save both your money and time. Carport 1 has hundreds of options to upgrade through which you can tailor make your metal building as you require.

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Single car metal garages are the metal structures that are enclosed. Metal garages ensure security and protection to your vehicles and belongings from harsh weather conditions and vandals. The metal garages Carport1 supplies are sustainable, durable, cost-efficient and environment-friendly.

Single car metal garages are useful for nuclear families or a single living person. Garages are more secure structures than other metal buildings. The single car metal garages are eco-friendly since they are made up of metals which can be recycled and reused once it is worn out.

Carport1 offers custom metal garages which are attractive in terms of prices and look. Single car metal garages can accommodate a medium-sized car at a time.

Uses of One car metal garages

Single car metal garages have multiple uses. People tend to use it as their needs. some of the uses are as follows:

  • One can turn their garages into a kitchenette, dining area etc.
  • It can also be useful for shared residential purposes.
  • Some people may use it as a man cave/shed.
  • It can be the safest place to store livestock and produces.
  • Also, it is the ultimate storage unit.
  • You can transform your one car metal garages into a billiard room too.
  • Play station, movie home theatre, outdoor living area, servant quarter, etc can be made out of your single car metal garages.

Features of Single Car Metal Garages

Size of One Car Metal Garages

The widths of the single car metal garages range from 12′ to 18′. Our metal garages start at a minimum of 21′ length and can be as long as you want. For longer metal garages, we recommend that you choose the stronger roof style i.e. the vertical roof style. Similarly, the height of the metal garages begins from 7′ to 20′

Structurally, garages are different from carports. Usually, carports are open structures whereas garages are fully enclosed. Garages have components like windows, walk-in-doors, garage doors, frame outs, etc. These structural elements ensure the higher strength of the metal structures.

Roof Styles For Your One Car Metal Garages

Vertical Roof Style

Vertical roof style has the roof panels in a vertical orientation. The roof style is useful for the places that are prone to the weather extremities. It helps to slide the residues off the roof reducing the load on the roof. This ultimately impacts the life of the roof and your carport.

Its cost-effectiveness is one of the benefits to our customers. Likewise, its durability and its aesthetic looks are the things that tempt everyone who intends to install a single car metal garage in their backyard.

Boxed eave roof style

Boxed eave roof style has roof panels in a horizontal orientation. It is perfect for all sorts of moderate weather conditions.

Regular roof style

Regular roof style has roof panels in a horizontal orientation. The tube is bent and the ridge cap hat channels are absent in this roof style. It is ideal for mild weather conditions. Since the roof is lighter and economical, it is the most liked styles in our inventory.

One Car Metal Garages Colors

You can choose any of the colors available in our company using our color planner tool that perfectly matches with your property. You can opt for any of the fifteen colors we offer.

Why Carport1 for metal buildings?

Carport1 celebrates its huge success in serving the quality metal structures over the states. We offer not merely metal buildings but also our board members and our experts are ever ready to take care of things that are bothering you.

They make sure that you select the right garages that fit your needs and state’s law. Besides these, Carport1 serves you wide range of metal buildings such as barns, carports, and RV covers of different sizes.

At Carport1, we offer all these buildings at very attractive rates. Also, we deliver and install it for free in most of our service areas. You yourself can customize your single car metal garages with us.

With the help of DIY kit we provide, you can install your dream metal buildings in your backyard.

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