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A-Frame Roof Metal Garages

Carport 1 is the best metal building dealer with the most experience in America. With some of the most experienced specialists in the industry, we will make your purchase simple and hassle free. With the best price and expertise that this Metal building industry has to offer we will save both your money and time. Carport 1 has hundreds of options to upgrade through which you can tailor make your metal building as you require.

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If you want to find the perfect balance between cost and functionality when sheltering your vehicles, then look no further than our A-frame roof metal garages. More commonly, people know these structures as Boxed Eave roof metal garages. These steel garages are structurally robust and offer great durability. Purchasing one of our boxed eave metal garages for sale is a real bargain. Aesthetically, boxed eave roof metal garages make a great addition to your property. They perfectly complement the style of a traditional American house.

These steel garages are structurally robust and offer great durability. Purchasing one of our A-frame roof metal garages for sale is a real bargain. Aesthetically, boxed eave roof metal garages make a great addition to your property. It perfectly complements the style of a traditional American house.

We know that we cannot just provide some standard product and expect it to address all the unique needs of each of our customers. Every customer is different and their requirements, in almost all cases, are different. So, it only makes sense that we should provide them with metal garages that are custom made to fulfill their specific requirements. When you purchase a boxed eave metal garage from Carport1, you are in complete control of the design of your garage. Our customization options let you determine the exact dimensions and look of your garage. You can even choose the additional features that you want to install with it. Whether you need a boxed eave roof metal garage to simply park a family vehicle or one to use as a multi-purpose hall, Carport1 takes care of all of your requirements.

Why Should You Choose a Boxed Eave Roof Metal Garage Over a Boxed Eave Metal Carport?

Boxed eave roof metal garages provide complete and all-around protection to your belongings, whether it is against adverse weather conditions or against human threats.

While a boxed eave metal carport is more affordable than a boxed eave metal garage, its sheltering capacity is very limited. A carport will not be able to prevent your vehicles and other valuables from theft or vandalism.

A boxed eave metal carport is also less effective in areas which receive frequent and heavy snow, rainfall or strong winds. Even though metal garages require a considerable initial investment, they more than pay it off in the long run. This, they do by keeping your automobiles and machinery in a fine condition for a long time.

Features and Specifications of our Boxed Eave Roof Metal Garages

As we mentioned above, we do not believe in providing standard models for our metal garages. That is why all of our A-frame roof metal garages come with options of modifying every aspect and feature as per the need of the customer. The hundreds of garage models that form a part of our inventory are what we can readily supply to our customers. That does not mean you have to be limited to just those specifications. You can even place an order with your own unique specifications.

A-Frame Roof Metal Garages Size

The dimension of our smallest boxed eave garage size is 12’ W x 21’ L x 7’ H, which is spacious enough to comfortably shelter a single vehicle. From there the length of the metal garage increases in 5’ increments while the height increases in 1’ increments.

Our 2 car metal garages or double garages come in width of 20’ – 24’. Similarly, our 3 car metal garages have a width more than 26’.

While selecting the height of your A-frame roof metal garages, give special attention to the dimensions of the openings you want to install.

The dimension of a metal garage influences its effectiveness and convenience to a great extent. For the best results, always select boxed eave roof metal garages that are a little bigger than what you need. This gives you enough room to move around inside the garage and also extra space for basic storage. When selecting the size of your metal garage, giving proper consideration to your present storage needs is not enough. You will also have to think about the future.

Boxed Eave Metal Garages and Roof Style

A-frame roof metal garages are those garages that come with an A-framed roof structure and horizontal roof panels. The bows are welded to the legs of the boxed eave garage instead of being bent as in regular metal garages. There are slight roof overhangs on either side of the garage and side eave trims that run underneath those overhangs. These side eave trims function to refine the aesthetics of the garage.

Boxed Eave Roof Metal Garages and Color Options

If you want a metal garage to complement the looks of your property, then the selection of the colors for the garage should be given proper consideration. To make your selection easier, we offer 15 color options as a part of our color catalog. From this, you can pick the appropriate color combination by choosing the colors of the roof panels, the wall panels, and the trims.

Additional Features with A-Frame Roof Metal Garages

The extra feature that is available with our A-frame roof metal garages is the addition of openings including walk-in doors, garage doors, and windows. The proper inclusion of these doors and windows into the design of a garage greatly increases its efficiency. You can even have a side-entry metal garage by placing the walk-in doors and garage doors on the side of the garage instead of the end walls.

Windows that we offer with our metal garages are all 30’ x 30” single pane windows while walk-in doors have a dimension of 36” x 80”. Roll-up garage doors that are available with this unit start at the size of 6’ x 6’. Placement of these openings and also their number entirely depends on you. To install an opening to your own design, you can choose to include frame-outs.

Strengthen Your A-FrameRoof Metal Garages

There are three ways you can further increase the strength of your metal garage.

Material Gauge

Most of our standard units are available with 14-gauge steel tube framing. But if you want to increase the structural strength of the metal garage structure, then you can choose to upgrade it with a 12-gauge steel tube. 12-gauge tubes have more thickness than 14-gauge frames and offer higher structural strength.

Similarly, for the metal sheets, you can upgrade your boxed eave roof metal garage from 29-gauge metal sheets to 26-gauge. 26-gauge metal panels, which are thicker than 29- gauge, are sturdier and more resistant to heavy loads. This means they can withstand high weather pressure without deforming or failing.

Metal Garage Anchors

Metal garage anchors are the means of securing the metal structure to the ground so that they are structurally stable. The anchors that we offer for this purpose are of four types. Your choice depends on the surface where you intend to install the garage.

Rebar anchors are used for non-certified installations over dirt or asphalt surfaces. Likewise, mobile home anchors are used for certified installation. Concrete surfaces require wedge anchors/ concrete anchors. While we do install our boxed eave roof metal garages over wooden surfaces with the help of lag bolts, we never certify these structures.


Braces function to fix the roof of the boxed eave metal garage to the legs of the structure. This ensures that the entire metal structure acts as a single unit. That way the metal garage will maintain its structural strength, even during adverse weather conditions. Our non-certified boxed eave metal garages come with 4 corner braces. We can increase the number of these braces as per your order or if you require certification.

Pros of Boxed Eave Metal Garages:

  • The A-framed roof structure, along with the side eave trims, gives better aesthetics to your metal garage and complements the style of a traditional house.
  • These boxed eave roof metal garages provide complete protection for your belongings against natural as well as human threats.
  • Customization options with these garages allow you to control its design.
  • Even though these garages are slightly more expensive than the regular metal garages, they are still reasonably priced.

Cons of Boxed Eave Metal Garages:

  • The horizontal roof panels tend to accumulate debris and water along their corrugations. This is detrimental to the longevity of the structure since standing moisture can lead to premature rusting of steel components. That is why these structures require more frequent cleaning and maintenance from the owner.

You can order one of our Boxed Eave roof metal garages for sale and give your valuables total protection at a very affordable price. Our boxed eave metal garages make the most aesthetically pleasing addition to your property. If you want something more open to shelter your vehicles and belongings then take a look at our metal carports.

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