About Us

About Our Company

Carport1 is the America's best custom carports and metal buildings seller located in North Carolina. We design, build and install custom metal carports, carport buildings, carport garage, barn and workshop for homes and businesses. You can choose from over 10,000 metal products with unlimited customizable options

We understand your need for a reliable metal structure to protect your vehicles, RVs and other essential goods from the weather outside. At carport1, we dedicate our resources to finding the best custom carport of your need. Please care to read our metal buildings buying guides, and if you still have any question left unanswered choose to talk to our dedicated customer service for in-person consultation. We have served thousands of customers throughout North Carolina for ages. You can choose from any size, made, color, roof styling and steel for your metal carports. We only deal with environment friendly and recyclable materials for our carports.


Our Services

First and foremost, carport1 has always been dedicated to providing high-quality metal carport buildings. Whether it’s finding the right sized carport, calculating budget or preparing a concrete surface for the installation, we help you throughout the way. Once you have chosen your desired product, you can place the order.

We guarantee to deliver your product within two weeks of placing the order and install the steel building with precision and accuracy.

Quality Workmanship

Our products are built by reliable workers in a safe environment. Our installation and delivery staff are in the business since the last 20 years. Feel safe knowing that when you purchase from us you’re dealing with professionals.

Dedicated Customer Service

In addition to our high quality products, we offer dedicated customer support through the way to help you plan, budget, design and upgrade your metal carports. We focus on informing our customers, so they can pick the right size and structure at right price.

Personal Services

We offer in-person consultation to our customers for choosing the right metal carport or metal building of their need. We pay visit to your home to ascertain the perimeter, we bring in and install the structure at no time and offer customer service for years until you own the structure.

Unlimited Customization

With us, you can customize the size (width, length and height), material, made, steel-gauge, color and add-ons according to your need, specification and budget. We offer post-installation customizations as well, to get your carport the personal feel.

Why Choose Us

10,000+ Products

We offer wide range of metal carports and garages, RV shelters, workshops, barns and other metal buildings.

Decade Of Experience

Our building experts have more than 20 years of experience with metal buildings of varying sizes for both homes and businesses. Our friendly staffs are easy to work with and will guarantee 100% satisfaction.

Over 3000+ Installations

And we've accomplished that quickly, too! we are proud of our portfolio of products installed all across the USA!

American Made

All of our steel building is ‘AMERICAN MADE’. Our suppliers range from steel manufacturers to metal part builders based in USA. We promote country-made products to help grow the nation and to support the national work-force.

Trusted By

Trust is important! From our clients, our team members, all the way to the principals in our company, our business is built on trust. In our company, it's not just a term; it's embedded into the very fabric of our company culture. Trust is critically important in any relationship, whether it's personal, business, or other. Any business can offer decent products at decent prices. What our customers tell us is that we provide them with a great product, at a great price, and we provide remarkable service and support that they can depend on. Based on the information that we have from you, we WILL give you all of the information that you need, to obtain the best product that will be the exact solution that you need, at the best price. That's our commitment from you and that is why so many clients buy from us!

Hear from Our Customers

We LOVE the cover. Carport1 really made this an easy experience on us. We did have one small hiccup that was immediately remedied. The installers we're nice, and professional. We're happy with the outcome, and will definitely recommend you to our friends.

Gerald Haden – Canyon Lake, TX

Why Steel Matters?

  • Steel carports and buildings tend to be resilient to weather and temperature. They can withstand any condition for a long time.
  • A 12-gauge steel frame is more durable and tensile than 14-gauge steel frame, hence providing more protection and support to the metal structure.
  • Most natural materials for carports tend to wear down over a long period of time. Steel is the only durable and long-lasting option.
  • A carport can be used for more than storing vehicles and RVs. It can be used for family recreation, utility storage and later into workshops or garages too.
  • A metal structure can have multiple designs for Metal Buildings, Metal Carports, Carport Garage, Metal Barns, RV Covers, Clear Span Metal Buildings, Utility Carports and Sheds, Custom Buildings, Agricultural Buildings, Storage Buildings and Sheds, Boat Carports and Metal Workshop Buildings.