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Eagle Carports

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About Eagle Carports

Eagle Carports has been around since 1996, and is a trustworthy company with a substantial selection of metal buildings provided through a private corporation. A North Carolina-based company, Eagle Carports is known for their three principles: substance, speed, and service. They strive to meet those standards with each client they have the pleasure of working with. Their custom metal carports, garages, RV covers, and more are made to last and built with premium metals that are able to withstand harsh weather conditions. They offer metal carports to the following states: Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, Mississippi, North Carolina, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia.

Why Eagle Carports

Eagle Carports is a long-established company that is built on the three principles of substance, speed, and service. They strive to make sure the customer’s satisfaction is top priority, and that their metal buildings meet the standards of excellence. With the quickest lead-times in the metal building industry, Eagle Carports is a company we can confidently vouch for. They offer the highest quality of regular style metal carports, boxed eave style metal carports, and vertical roof style metal carports. In addition to carports, the company has many different types of metal building kits for the customer’s storage needs; metal garages, metal barns, and other steel storage buildings. Eagle Carports also offers a combinations of configurations for your metal building project.

Quality of the product is not the only goal for Eagle Carports. The company makes strives to ensure that each customers who purchases their metal buildings, has a positive experience. Their outstanding customer service representatives are eager to provide guidance for customers who might require assistance, or have questions. Their expert advice and wealth of knowledge and expert advice is certain to make the buying process simple act for the customers.

22 x 36 Double RV Carport

Metal Buildings and Structures from Eagle Carports

The metal buildings and structures Eagle Carports provides are fully customizable to make sure the customer is getting exactly what they need. Whether the customer needs protection for tools or equipment, livestock, or for storage purposes, Eagle Carports is confident in their lead-times and production. Not only is their production top notch, they can ensure the quality of their materials by producing nearly all of them in-house. Their metal carports and barns are made with pre-engineered galvanized steel while their RV covers boast innovate designs that can appropriately store custom height RVs. Eagle Carport’s RV covers have fourteen different color options for the roof, exterior walls, and trim making the process an exciting one for the client. Eagle Carport also offers custom metal combo units. These metal buildings give the customer the versatility of having storage space in addition to an open covered area. Below are some reasons why you should buy Eagle Carpot’s metal buildings:


Whether the customer is looking for regular style, boxed eave, or vertical roof style metal carports, Eagle Carports has a fantastic selection and an easy purchasing system. The pre-engineered galvanized steel frames of these carports are built to last for generations, and to protect priceless items.


The garage kits available through Eagle Carports covers regular style, boxed eave, and vertical roof style metal garages. Each style aims to avoid potential leaks, and provide solid protection against the elements.


These fully customizable metal buildings are the perfect choice for sheltering livestock or for additional protection for farm equipment. Eagle Carports offers the metal classic, metal eagle, and the metal horse barn.

RV Covers

Custom metal RV covers from Eagle Carports range from 18′ wide to 30′ wide, and ship standard with 14′ legs with the option to reach 16′ tall. It is important to note that regular style roof option is not available with this metal building. The customer will need to provide a lift for an RV cover order that measures 24′ wide to 30′ wide, and has 15′ legs or taller.

Combo Units

One reason to purchase the combo units from Eagle Carports is for the versatility factor of having an open space area in addition to storage space. It protects equipment like lawn mowers while also providing space for seasonal items.

Carport1’s Relationship with Eagle Carports

As one of the authorized dealers of metal buildings from Eagle Carports, Carport1 can confidently attest to the quality of their products and services. It is because of metal building manufactures like Eagle Carports that we have been able to build a strong rapport with our customers. They hold fast to their three principles: substance, speed, and service, which closely align with Carport1’s own company values.

Eagle Carports Prices

Eagle Carports takes pride in their affordability and access to quality materials that won’t break the bank. Obviously prices vary depending on the scale of the metal building a customer is looking for among a number of factors. For example, the dimension of the structure, or how large the customer’s metal building needs are, will lead to a costlier project. Additional special features like windows, gables, walk-in doors, etc. can add to the total cost as well. It is important to note that purchasing a metal building that can respond accordingly to the customer’s requirements, as well as the local weather, is paramount for the safety of personal belongings and the structure itself. In the long run, metal buildings are cost-efficient and will lower the maintenance cost.

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