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Vertical roof RV covers are the sturdiest of the RV covers that we sell at Carport1. So, if you are willing to spend a little bit of extra cash to provide complete, all-around protection for your recreational vehicle, then our vertical metal RV covers are the perfect choice for you. They offer greatly refined aesthetics. In addition, their low-maintenance aspect also makes purchasing vertical roof RV covers beneficial for RV owners.

These RV cover kits come with all the benefits of steel. These advantages include unparalleled structural strength, low-maintenance, environmental friendliness, speedy construction, and so on. But these are not the only perks of purchasing vertical roof RV covers from Carport1. You also get a wide range of customization options. So, with Carport1, you will get a structure that will address all of your storage requirements.

Additionally, the clear spanning widths of our metal RV carports also allow for more flexible and versatile use. You can use it for a number of other applications, such as a repair workshop, as canopies for patios or decks, and so on.

Features and Specifications of Vertical Roof RV Covers or Vertical Metal RV Covers

Our stock supply consists of hundreds of standard vertical metal RV carports. We have a catalog of all the options on our website. But you do not need to worry if the exact dimensions or the color of the given RV metal cover is not what you require. With all of our vertical metal RV covers, we give you options to change and adjust the specifications as per your storage needs. However, you can also place a custom order with your own dimensions if you do not find the ideal RV cover for you in our inventory.

Vertical Metal RV Covers Sizes

Sizes of vertical roof RV covers depend on your parking needs or the space requirement for your intended use. We recommend all our customers to get an RV cover that is a size bigger than their absolute requirements. This will give enough room for the owner to move around or for a small storage repair section for your RV. A bigger metal RV cover will also give more coverage and better protection.

Length of Metal RV Covers

The minimum length of our standard vertical metal RV covers is 21’. This length is sufficient for sheltering small trailer, camper vans, and so on. But most of the times, motorhomes, and other RVs have greater lengths. The length of our vertical metal carports grows in 5’ increments. So, you can have a metal RV carport of any desired length.

The width of Metal RV Covers

Our smallest vertical metal RV covers have the width of, at least, 12’. Vertical roof RV covers are more suited to spanning greater width than covers with horizontal panels since vertical panels do not need to be spliced. Metal panel splices can give way to water leaks from the roof. That is why we recommend this option to our customers who want RV covers wider than 36’.

The height of Metal RV Covers

RVs and motorhomes also have great vertical dimensions along with the length. Hence, the height of our vertical RV covers is a minimum of 10’ with 1’ increment after that. You should give further considerations to the clear height if you are purchasing a gabled RV carport.

Vertical Metal RV Carports and Roof Style

The A-framed roof structure of vertical roof RV covers supports a number of vertical panels that run along the width of the structure, from the middle sloping towards the edges. A ridge cap covers the seam at the top of the roof which prevents any weather leaks. The hats channels that support the vertical panels are unique to vertical metal buildings. They also add an extra layer of structural strength. Just like the Boxed eave roof, vertical roofs also come with side eave trims to provide a polished look for the structure.

Color Options for Vertical Roof RV Covers

We do not limit our vertical roof RV covers to a single or very few color combinations. There are many possible looks you can achieve for your RV cover. There are 15 color choices we offer as a part of our color scheme. You can create the desired aesthetics for your metal RV carport by choosing the suitable colors for the roof panels, wall panels as well as the trims.

Additional Features with our Vertical Roof RV Covers

Gabled ends are one of the additional features that we offer with our vertical metal RV covers. They can help to refine the looks of the metal structure by hiding the internal framework from view. Gables also are extra elements that can contribute to structural strength.

Adding side panels, on one or both sides, and end panels are also popular options among our customers. These elements can increase protection against the elements. We offer decorative J-trims as an option when side panels and end panels are installed that do not extend all the way to the ground. Besides decoration, these trims also make the RV cover safer for use as they cover the sharp edges of the metal panels.

Structural Specification for Vertical Roof RV Covers

The structural strength of the vertical roof RV covers depends on the thickness of the galvanized steel tubes. We measure this thickness with units called steel gauge. With every increase in gauge number, the thickness of the steel component decreases. As a general standard, the structural framework of our non-certified vertical metal RV cover is made up of 14-gauge steel tubes which can be upgraded to 12-gauge framing if you require it. Almost all of our certified structures come with the sturdier 12-gauge metal tube framing.

Similarly, the second of the major structural components of these metal RV covers, the metal sheets, have a standard of 29-gauge but can be upgraded to 26-gauge sheets. These sheets are more resistant to denting, deformations, etc. and we recommend these sheets in places that face extreme weather conditions like heavy snow, hailstorms, and strong wind.


Anchors are very important structural elements that improve the structural stability of the vertical metal RV carport by securing the RV cover superstructure to the ground surfaces or the foundations. For our non-certified vertical units that we install over dirt/asphalt surfaces, we use rebar anchors, whereas, for certified units, we use double helix mobile home anchors that we auger into the ground. Wedge/Concrete anchors are used to secure vertical metal RV carports to concrete foundations. As for installations over wooden surfaces, even if they are not certified, we do anchor the metal RV cover with the help of lag bolts.


Metal braces are used to fix the roof bows of the RV covers to the legs. They are also made of galvanized steel. There are 4 corner braces we provide with all of our vertical metal RV covers. At an additional cost, you can add some extra braces for your RV carport which can further stabilize the metal structure. Certified units are designed with the required structural elements so that you do not have to add any extra components.

Pros of Vertical Metal RV Covers

  • Complete, all-around protection for your RV, motorhome or your boat.
  • These metal RV covers are structurally robust enough to withstand all type of weather conditions. They are especially effective in places where brutal weather conditions occur more frequently.
  • With the A-framed roof style, vertical metal RV covers offer a very stylish look that can comfortably blend in with the style of a traditional sloped-roof house.
  • Customization options for the dimension, color as well as the additional features for these RV carports give you more influence over the design of your metal carport. With these options, you can get an RV cover that is specific to your parking and storage requirements.
  • Vertical roof panels are also a major benefit of purchasing these RV carports. Water, snow, and other debris easily slide off the panels and can be channeled away from the RV carport. Long exposure to moisture can cause irreparable damage to the metal sheets and the frames through corrosion. Since debris and water do not accumulate on the roof, the vertical metal RV carports require less cleaning than the boxed eave and the regular RV covers.

Cons of Vertical Metal RV Covers

  • The additional structural elements, like the ridge cap, the hat channels, increase the material cost for the vertical metal RV carport. The initial cost is the only disadvantage of these metal RV covers. However, the reduction in the maintenance cost means that these RV covers make up for their price in the long run.

To safeguard your recreational vehicles against the harsh forces of the weather with a product that has been engineered to stand the test of time, look no further than our vertical metal RV cover. Customization for our basic metal RV carport kits is easy and gives you freedom in molding the metal structure as per your unique requirements.

Do you have any queries regarding our vertical metal RV carport? Contact our customer care service and get detailed information on any product. You can even get an instant quote for the metal RV cover of your choice.

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