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Metal Carports For Sale

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Metal Carports For Sale at Carport1

A carport is a cost-effective shelter that protects your cars and belongings against sun, rain, and snow. Our regular metal carport prices are some of the best on the market. We use the best, highest quality metal materials to craft each and every metal structure. This way, you know you are getting the best carport available.

Regular metal roof buildings feature a distinctive curved roofline. The roofline is made when the roof bows are bent into shape. This is different from a boxed-eave style roof where the roof is welded to the structure’s legs.

Regular roof carports are versatile, protective covers for vehicles and equipment. They can also be used as an open pavilion in your backyard, perfect for outdoor family gatherings.

Carport Additions, Alterations, and Extra Features

Like all of the metal structures we offer, our regular style metal garages are completely customizable. If you require an enclosed space or metal shed, our utility carports are a perfect choice. These steel carports combine both a covered shelter with enclosed storage space. This combination protects your items from inclement weather conditions as well as theft.

Dimensions of all our metal structures, including regular carports, can be tailored to your needs. We do have some standard carport models that are readily available in our stock. However, you can modify the size of these carports to fit your requirements.

Gables at the front and back end of the steel building increase the structural integrity of the carport. They also offer a refined, classic look to the structure.

Our standard metal carports come with 14-gauge steel tube framing and 29-gauge metal sheets. Both of these can be upgraded to add to the stability of the structure. Extra anchors and bracing adds to the stability of the structure.

Finally, match any of our 15 colors to the shade of your home or to the aesthetic you choose.

Buying From Carport1

We are experienced in providing each customer with the structure they need at a comfortable price point. Our knowledgeable associates can answer any questions you may have about any of our metal buildings.

Let our team walk you through the process of ordering your custom carport. We also offer free delivery and installation inside our service area. Contact us today to learn more about our company and to get started with your building.


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