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Kansas Carports

Carport Sizes
Carport1 metal carport sizes

How Kansas affects the Metal shelters you purchase?

Building Metal Carports in Kansas is mostly determined by the local climate condition, weather pattern, and each city’s guideline for building a metal structure. The weather and temperature may vary from one place to another, hence, it’s important for you to know if your metal shelter can withstand even in the harshest weather.

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Most parts of Kansas enjoys a humid subtropical climate. Humid subtropical climate includes hot humid summers and mild winters. These weather conditions basically want a metal structure with galvanized steel to withstand the heat along with thicker and insulated roof panels to reflect the sunlight.

The areas with high precipitation should consider installing a thicker frame structure and proper roof to withstand rain. Snowfall is frequent in the fringes of the south with 5 inches (130 mm) up to 35 inches (890 mm) of snow in the far northwest.

The areas under Tornado Alley must install stronger metal structures with a strong base on the concrete slab. A fully-enclosed metal structure is recommended to provide enough protection from the harsh weather conditions.

Does Kansas demand insulation for metal buildings or additional accessories to maintain the temperature inside?

Parts of Kansas receives hot and humid weather. It will be almost impossible to stay inside the metal building without any reflective insulation or heat protection.

There are various sorts of reflective materials available for metal buildings, however, you can choose the right kind of reflective insulation for your metal building according to your local weather.

There are many forms of insulation available for metal buildings. You can choose from

  • Rigid Board
  • Spray Foam
  • Fiberglass
  • Cellulose
  • Rockwool

All listed insulation come with an R-value of 16 and above. Here, R-value signifies a measure of resistance to heat flow through a given thickness of the material. It helps to prevent humidity, compression, act as a Radiant barrier and Vapor barrier, and prevent Mold and mildew, and air infiltration.

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Does Metal Building require a Kansas permit?

Most substantial metal buildings in Kansas requires a building permit. Most counties have its own permit regulations. City-specific permitting regulations may vary. Check with your local building and construction authority to learn more about specific regulations.

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Metal Frame Gauge


Metal buildings, barns, carports, garages and other structures from Carport1 are built with a metal frame using either 12-gauge or 14-gauge steel. Both of these options are premium metals which can withstand severe weather and wear or tear.

Gauge is the the thickness, size, or capacity of something, especially as a standard measure. In the case of our all-metal buildings, steel gauge means the thickness and strength of the steel components of that structure. Hence, the thicker the framing, the greater strength and the value.

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14-gauge Framing

The 14-gauge steel frame from Carport1 measures 2 ½” x 2 ½” inches diameter. The 14 gauge frame tends to be more economical than the 12-gauge frame and has a lower tensile strength. So, metal carport or metal building kits with 14-gauge framing are cost-effective and are recommended in areas with a mild climate.

12 Gauge Framing

The 12-gauge steel frame measures 2 ¼” x 2 ¼” in diameter. It is thicker than the 14-gauge frame and is the strongest Carport1 option available for metal buildings. The 12-gauge framing features higher tensile strength and is more useful for the carports in the areas with heavy snows and winds.

Carport1 recommends that strong concrete foundations are used when constructing metal carports, buildings, barns and other structures in areas prone to tornadoes, hurricanes or hailstorms.

For the areas which receive heavy rainfall and snowfall, Carport1 recommends installing a 12-gauge metal frame and 26-gauge roof panels. For the areas with hot and humid temperature, installing a 14-gauge premium metal frames and 29-gauge roof panels should suffice.

Kansas enjoys a varying weather condition. The humid subtropical climate and tornado alley brings in harsh weather most of the time during the year. The areas falling under harsh weather should consider making their metal structure stronger and durable by installing additional support and protection, like a concrete base and extra anchors.

Metal Building Color Options in Kansas

Carport1 Colors

Carport1 offers an excellent selection of colors from which you can choose and customize your metal building and carport. Customers can mix and match colors to create metal buildings and structures from Carport1 that not only fit your needs but blend beautifully on the property.

Carport1 offers the following colors for your new metal building:

  • Pebble Beige
  • Evergreen
  • Pewter Gray
  • Burgundy
  • Tan
  • Slate Blue
  • Barn Red
  • Sandstone
  • Earth Brown
  • Black
  • White
  • Clay

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How Kansas Weather Affects the Metal Building You Choose


A critically important factor to consider when customizing your Carport1 Metal Garages or Carports in Kansas is the local climate. Our steel structures are strong, sturdy and withstand heavy winds, rains and snow. Talk to our professionals to review the construction specifications and ensure that the Carport1 metal building you purchase suits your local weather.

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Kansas is a mid-western state in the United States of America. The state is surrounded by Nebraska, Colorado, Missouri, and Oklahoma. Due to its location far away from the ocean, the weather remains unique. Kansas’s climate can be characterized in three types; humid continental, semi-arid steppe, and humid subtropical.

The Johnson Country in Kansas is the largest in terms of the population while Hodgeman Country remains the least populated. The larger size of the state and the merging of multiple climate zones gives it a distinct weather pattern.

The weather differs from one region to another. Kansas can be divided into multiple sections in terms of their respective climatic conditions.

  • The Eastern two-thirds of the KS state, including the northeastern portion, has a humid continental climate, with cold winters, and hot and humid summers. Most of the precipitation takes place in summer and spring.
  • The Western third of the state mainly has a semiarid steppe climate. Summers are generally hotter and less humid. Winters vary from warm to cold. The western region receives 16 in (410 mm) of precipitation on average annually.
  • The far South-Central and Southeastern sections of the state, including Wichita, have a humid subtropical climate with hot and humid summers. The winters are milder, and this section receives a higher amount of precipitation than elsewhere in Kansas.
  • U.S. Routes 83 and 81, and south of U.S. 50, enjoy the temperature reaching 100 °F (38 °C) or above on most days of June, July, and August. High humidity added to the high temperature can sometimes make the area hard to live in.

Some of the areas in Kansas are known for their super-cell thunderstorms. These can produce some tornadoes mainly in the Eastern and Western parts of Kansas.

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Roof Styles Recommended for Kansas Residents.

Carport1 offers three styles of strong and attractive roof design, all of which are permitted in Kansas. When customizing your Carport1 steel building, carport, barn and other structure, consider which roof best fits your requirements for weather, use, property and protection. The style of the roof also determines the dead load and live load of the structure. Anyone in Kansas can consider installing a metal building with either of these 3 roof styles.

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Vertical roof style is an A-frame design that works best for harsh climate conditions, such as, heavy snowfall and torrential rain. The vertical roof panel allows snow and water to slide easily off the roof with zero residues. In vertical roof style, the panels on the roof are oriented in a vertical orientation along the width of the structure.


Boxed Eave style, also an A-frame design, is the roof style which has roof panels that are laid horizontally along the length of the carport. This is a more affordable than vertical roof styling. The roof style works best in the moderate climate with the occasional heavy winds or gust.


Regular style roof is the most common and economical choice for carports and metal buildings. These metal roofs tend to be lighter than other roof styles. The corrugated ridges run from end to end and they work great in an area with mild weather. This roof style is perfect for protecting your vehicle from direct sunlight or mellow rain/snow.

Kansas is comprised of various regions according to their climatic condition. The choice of roof style will depend on the weather condition.

  • The Eastern two-thirds of Kansas has a humid continental climate. It has cold winters and hot and humid summers. Precipitation is common in the summer and spring. You should consider installing a vertical roof with 26-gauge roof panels. The 26-gauge panel will also offer extra protection from any tornadoes.
  • The Western third of the state is known for its semiarid steppe climate. Summers are hot and less humid while winters vary from warm to cold. You should consider installing boxed eave or vertical roof with 28-gauge panels. This also helps to prevent damage from rainfall.
  • The far South-Central and Southeastern sections of KS have a humid subtropical climate with hot and humid summers. This region receives the highest amount of precipitation in KS, hence, you should consider installing vertical or boxed eave roof with 26-gauge panels.
  • For the areas with hot summer, you should choose to install 28-gauge roof panels and can install from vertical, boxed eave to regular roof styles.

Carports in Kansas at the best price!

Carport1 supplies custom metal buildings, steel garages, barns, and other metal carports in Kansas. Our all-metal buildings are certified in wind speeds up to 150 MPH. With unique customization, we can supply units with a rating up to 180 MPH.

Carport1 metal structures are built to last and meet or exceed the building code requirements in Kansas.

You can specify your custom metal carport, steel garage, barn or other building with a clear-span width up to 60’. Side heights can be designed up to 14’ tall and the length can be adjusted to any length required.

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Regular Roof Metal Building Prices

12x21 18x21 20x21 22x21 24x21
$1,095.00 $1,195.00 $1,395.00 $1,595.00 $1,695.00
12x26 18x26 20x26 22x26 24x26
$1,295.00 $1,395.00 $1,695.00 $1,925.00 $2,095.00
12x31 18x31 20x31 22x31 24x31
$1,495.00 $1,595.00 $1,995.00 $2,255.00 $2,495.00
12x36 18x36 20x36 22x36 24x36
$1,695.00 $1,795.00 $2,295.00 $2,595.00 $2,795.00

Boxed Eave Roof Metal Building Prices

12x21 18x21 20x21 22x21 24x21
$1,195.00 $1,295.00 $1,495.00 $1,695.00 $1,895.00
12x26 18x26 20x26 22x26 24x26
$1,495.00 $1,620.00 $1,870.00 $2,120.00 $2,370.00
12x31 18x31 20x31 22x31 24x31
$1,795.00 $1,945.00 $2,245.00 $2,545.00 $2,845.00
12x36 18x36 20x36 22x36 24x36
$2,095.00 $2,270.00 $2,620.00 $2,970.00 $3,320.00

Vertical Roof Metal Building Prices

12x21 18x21 20x21 22x21 24x21
$1,395.00 $1,495.00 $1,695.00 $1,995.00 $2,095.00
12x26 18x26 20x26 22x26 24x26
$1,745.00 $1,870.00 $2,120.00 $2,495.00 $2,620.00
12x31 18x31 20x31 22x31 24x31
$2,095.00 $2,245.00 $2,545.00 $2,995.00 $3,145.00
12x36 18x36 20x36 22x36 24x36
$2,445.00 $2,620.00 $2,970.00 $3,495.00 $3,670.00
12x41 18x41 20x41 22x41 24x41
$2,795.00 $2,995.00 $3,395.00 $3,995.00 $4,195.00

Our customer service representatives are standing by to receive your call and assist you to select, design and build a solution that meets your needs. Residents of the Sunflower State are sure to be pleased with the quality and workmanship of our products and you will also be pleased with our Kansas carport prices!

Kansas prices are listed above for our wonderful metal buildings. Unlike some companies, we publish our prices and our prices include free delivery and installation. All of the carports in Kansas include galvanized steel framing with painted steel panels.

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Our Kansas carport price list is valid for the entire state of Kansas, which include Abilene, KS, Andover, KS, Arkansas City, KS, Atchison, KS, Bel Aire, KS, Bonner Springs, KS, Chanute, KS, Coffeyville, KS, Derby, KS, Dodge City, KS, El Dorado, KS, Emporia, KS, Fort Scott, KS, Garden City, KS, Gardner, KS, Great Bend, KS, Hays, KS, Haysville, KS, Hutchinson, KS, Independence, KS, Junction City, KS, Kansas City, KS, Lansing, KS, Lawrence, LS, Leavenworth, KS, Leawood, KS, Lenexa, KS, Liberal, KS, Manhattan, KS, Mc Pherson, KS, Merriam, KS, Mission, KS, Newton, KS, Olathe, KS, Ottawa, KS, Overland Park, KS, Parsons, KS, Pittsburg, KS, Prairie Village, KS, Salina, KS, Shawnee, KS, Topeka, KS, Wichita, KS, Winfield, KS and other cities and towns in the state! Please note that we may not provide service to your area. Please call to confirm that we do or do not provide service your area.

Metal Carports in Kansas Counties

If you have any permit and building requirement questions, the following is a list of Kansas counties and its information. For links to these county websites and city websites in Kansas, visit State and Local Governments on the Net.

Allen County – Iola
Anderson County – Garnett
Atchison County – Atchison
Barber County – Medicine Lodge
Barton County – Great Bend
Bourbon County – Fort Scott
Brown County – Hiawatha
Butler County – El Dorado
Chase County – Cottonwood Falls
Chautauqua County – Sedan
Cherokee County – Columbus
Cheyenne County – St. Francis
Clark County – Ashland
Clay County – Clay Center
Cloud County – Concordia
Coffey County – Burlington
Comanche County – Coldwater
Cowley County – Winfield
Crawford County – Girard
Decatur County – Oberlin
Dickinson County – Abilene
Doniphan County – Troy
Douglas County – Lawrence
Edwards County – Kinsley
Elk County – Howard
Ellis County – Hays
Ellsworth County – Ellsworth
Finney County – Garden City
Ford County – Dodge City
Franklin County – Ottawa
Geary County – Junction City
Gove County – Gove
Graham County – Hill City
Grant County – Ulysses
Gray County – Cimarron

Greeley County – Tribune
Greenwood County – Eureka
Hamilton County – Syracuse
Harper County – Anthony
Harvey County – Newton
Haskell County – Sublette
Hodgeman County – Jetmore
Jackson County – Holton
Jefferson County – Oskaloosa
Jewell County – Mankato
Johnson County – Olathe
Kearny County – Lakin
Kingman County – Kingman
Kiowa County – Greensburg
Labette County – Oswego
Lane County – Dighton
Leavenworth County – Leavenworth
Lincoln County – Lincoln Center
Linn County – Mound City
Logan County – Oakley
Lyon County – Emporia
Marion County – Marion
Marshall County – Marysville
McPherson County – McPherson
Meade County – Meade
Miami County – Paola
Mitchell County – Beloit
Montgomery County – Independence
Morris County – Council Grove
Morton County – Elkhart
Nemaha County – Seneca
Neosho County – Erie
Ness County – Ness City
Norton County – Norton
Osage County – Lyndon

Osborne County – Osborne
Ottawa County – Minneapolis
Pawnee County – Larned
Phillips County – Phillipsburg
Pottawatomie County – Westmoreland
Pratt County – Pratt
Rawlins County – Atwood
Reno County – Hutchinson
Republic County – Belleville
Rice County – Lyons
Riley County – Manhattan
Rooks County – Stockton
Rush County – La Crosse
Russell County – Russell
Saline County – Salina
Scott County – Scott City
Sedgwick County – Wichita
Seward County – Liberal
Shawnee County – Topeka
Sheridan County – Hoxie
Sherman County – Goodland
Smith County – Smith Center
Stafford County – St. John
Stanton County – Johnson City
Stevens County – Hugoton
Sumner County – Wellington
Thomas County – Colby
Trego County – WaKeeney
Wabaunsee County – Alma
Wallace County – Sharon Springs
Washington County – Washington
Wichita County – Leoti
Wilson County – Fredonia
Woodson County – Yates Center
Wyandotte County – Kansas City

Additional support


Gable ends

Gable ends are a design feature that increase coverage to your metal carport and building. Triangular in shape, Carport1's attractive all-metal sheet is tightly attached to the roof and provides additional structural support.

Metal carports and metal buildings with gable ends are recommended for many parts of Kansas where harsh weather occurs. Ask about the Carport1 difference.



Carport1 offers optional all-steel panels on the sides of steel frames for added structural support and strength in our metal and steel carports, garages, barns, RV Covers and other structures. If you live in a section of Kansas that encounters heavy wind and rain typical of tornadoes and hurricanes, we recommend adding panels to outdoor metal structures.

Bows and trusses

Carport1 uses architectural bows and trusses to strengthen and stabilize the roofs of its quality metal buildings. Generally, metal structure with a width size of 24 ft. will include a bow, and those wider than 24 ft. will feature a truss. These features are important for residents of Kansas who experience heavy snowfall or heavy rain.

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Free Delivery and Installation of Carports in Kansas

Carport1 offers Free Delivery and Installation

Delivery and installation of your metal and steel buildings, carports, garages, barns, RV Covers and other structures in Kansas is free as long as the site is level and unobstructed. Our professional installation teams are committed to building structures on site that are sturdy, safe and perform as designed.

Carport1's dedicated and friendly customer service teams are available during business hours to assist you with the design, structure and options that fit your unique metal carport, barn, workshop, garage, RV shed and other structures.

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