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Carport1 supplies metal garages for a wide variety of residential applications and also some commercial applications. Typically, our garages are used in the following ways:

Metal Garages

Our garages come in similar sizes and styles to our carports. We have single-wide metal garages, double-wide garages, triple-wide garages, and even clear-span enclosed metal garages up to 40’ wide.

Our single-wide garages are usually used to cover a single car, boat, or RV. Double-wide metal garages are 18’ to 24’ wide and may be used for two regular size vehicles. Triple-wide garages are 26’ to 30’ wide and have a heavier truss due to the span of the width of the building. Engineer’s certificates are available for wind speeds up to 150 MPH in certain areas and our snow loading is rated at 60 PSF of snow. At Carport1, we have years of experience in working with enclosed metal garages and steel workshops. We have designed and built steel buildings for almost every application you can think of. With this experience, we are perfectly positioned to assist you to select the right enclosed steel building for your needs. Our product knowledge, as well as our familiarity with the installation process, enables us to process your project with you to make sure that all the angles are covered.

Garages supplied by Carport1 are built by the largest manufacturer of steel garages and carports in the US with over 14-years experience across 28 states. The finest quality materials and the toughest components are utilized in our enclosed steel buildings and most of those components are fabricated by the manufacturer.

Advantages over wood-frame garages

There are great advantages to steel garages over traditional wood-frame garages. There is no danger of rot or termite infestations and the installation time is much shorter than the conventional wood-frame buildings. The steel structure can be installed directly onto the ground, gravel, asphalt or concrete. The design features a rigid steel frame and steel panels for the exterior. The steel garages supplied by Carport1 are far more economical than wood-frame buildings and they last much longer. Our garage is the perfect weather resistant shelter for your valuable asset.

Metal Garage Kits vs. Installed Garages

Some companies offer a Do-It-Yourself garage kit but this is not recommended by Carport1. Our delivery and installation are free on your level site and we guarantee a highly trained and professional crew. The whole job can normally be done in just a few hours. Expert installation teams with experience of installing hundreds of units per year are available to ensure that you receive a professionally built product. This solution is far superior to paying freight and then having an unskilled or inexperienced contractor perform the installation. Once all these factors are taken into account, the Carport1 metal garage comes in at about the same price as the DIY kits from our competitors. Customer service representatives make contact with all of our customers after the sale to schedule the installation. At this time, they will re-confirm the order, to ensure you get exactly what you ordered.

If you need more information, please give us a call and talk to one of our metal carport customer service representatives who will be happy assist you!

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