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Nov. 5, 2017, 9:32 a.m.

Fighting off termites with steel barns

42x21 Steel Horse Barn
42x21 Steel Horse Barn

Termite attacks are somewhat of an overlooked problem in the construction industry especially in farms with barns . Even though timber constructions constantly suffer from termite infestations, it is considered an unavoidable consequence of any construction project and the repair and damage is considered nominal. Both of these assumptions are wrong. The latter part of these assumptions can be especially costly for the consumers in the long run since termite damages are rarely covered by insurances.
The US agricultural Department estimates anywhere between 2-5 billion dollars are spent on damage and repairs to properties due to termite attacks in the United States annually. This is more than what we spend on other disasters, like floods, fires, and storms, combined. There are various species of termites found throughout our country including subterranean termites, Formosan termites, dry wood termites, etc. Termites can cause damage to a building construction through every moment of the day. They have an ability to multiply at a high rate which makes the threat of a termite attack even more daunting.

How do Termites Damage a Steel Barn

As mentioned above, termites can chew through any cellulose-filled matter that lies in their path. The situation gets aggravated if you have a construction that is made, even partially, with timber. The two main things that termites need to thrive are moisture and food. Hence, they can thrive particularly well in hot and humid climates. That is why most of the southern parts of the United States face termite attacks on very large scales yearly. But that does not mean that the colder regions are not at a risk of termite attack. Cold damp places will also provide a safe refuge for termites.
In most cases, termite attacks go unnoticed and unchecked until it is too late. These “silent destroyers” of homes and property can gain access to your home through even the smallest of cracks, leaks in the ceilings, through foundations, etc. For a building such as a barn, which is traditionally built with wood, this poses an even greater threat. As soon as the temperature starts rising up, termites come out of their hiding and begin to search for food. They will munch through any cellulose or organic material available including the framing of the timber structure, the wooden flooring or drywall, and so on. Barns are more prone to termite attacks because, not only are they made out of timber, but the materials or products inside the building are also organic and serve as food for the termites.
Termite attacks are so potent because they can damage the structural stability of the barn beyond repairs. Additionally, once a termite attack is detected, you cannot control them on your own. Below are some of the ways that termites can cause great damage to you as well as your barn:

  • They will weaken the structural stability of a barn by chewing through all the timber components.
  • Termite attacks can even damage the stuff that you store inside the barn; including the crops and feed off the livestock.
  • Once your building suffers a termite infestation, it will require you to invest a lot of money to have pest control deal with the problem.
  • You will also have to make a considerable investment to repair the damage caused by those attacks.
  • Pest control uses harsh chemicals to treat termite attacks. These chemicals can have poisonous emissions that can be harmful to the health of you and your livestock.
  • Maintenance of wooden barn to keep it free from termite attacks every year is not only costly but is also a very tiring process.

Fighting off Termite Attacks with Steel Barns

One of the most effective ways to make a building termite-resistant is to use the right materials for the construction. Steel, as a construction material, offers the greatest protection against termite attack. Steel is an inorganic material. Hence termite cannot eat through a steel barn as they do with traditional wooden barns. Steel barns are prefabricated in factories with exact precision and measurements. This means that a properly constructed metal barn will have low chances of cracks and leaks. Hence, steel barns can effectively prevent the entry of termites into the building.
Steel, by nature, is very unappealing to termites since they cannot use it as food. Steel barns do not need any treatment to have protection against termite attacks. These barns maintain their structural stability for a very long time. You do not have to regularly spend your money on treating steel barns with chemicals, to keep them from suffering from termite attacks. This will save you money, time and effort. The chemicals used for termite control can greatly worsen the indoor air quality of the metal barn. Hence, with steel barns, you can avoid the health risks, for you and your animals, of these chemical treatments too.

Tips to Design a Termite- Resistant Steel Barn

While steel barns characteristically resistant to termite attacks, you can apply some design measures for the barns which can help to increase the effectiveness of the metal barn against termite infestation.
– Give proper attention to the foundation of the barn. Foundations are the main point of entry for the termite into the barn. You might want to install a barrier between the foundation of the building and the soil. There should be proper water drainage around the site so that termites do not get the moisture they require to thrive.
– Keep the insulation inside the barn, if there is any, away from direct contact with the soil.
– Ventilate your barn properly if it is enclosed completely so that there is no problem of condensation.
– Seal any cracks and leaks as soon as possible.
– Make sure that the storage of the organic material inside the barn is done properly. Organic matters should not be kept in direct contact with the soil. Keep feeds and crops in tightly sealed containers or any other envelopes.
Carport1 offers hundreds of options for steel barns which provide your livestock and your belongings great protection against termite attacks. You can customize each and every feature of these steel barns as per your requirements. Moreover, these steel barns are durable, affordable and versatile structures that you can use for a number of other purposes. Order a steel barn now and enjoy a termite free structure for years to come.

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