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Metal Garages

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Carport1: High-Quality Metal Garage Buildings

Metal garages are our specialty here at Carport1. The steel garages we provide are usually built in a matter of hours right on site. We use only the finest, highest quality materials for stable, structurally sound buildings.

Our fully enclosed metal structures provide shelter and protection against extreme weather conditions, theft, and vandalism. Customers use our metal shelters to protect their cars, trucks, recreational vehicles, RVs, motorhomes, and farm equipment.

We don’t just offer garages for residential use. Our steel structures can be used for commercial use as well.

We have hundreds of ready to go garages in stock for you to have delivered right to your home. While we offer single, double, and triple wide structures, each metal building can be customized to the exact size you need.

Steel Garages Custom-Built to Last

Our buildings are built to weather any storm so that your vehicle doesn’t have to. Each of our enclosed buildings features a rigid steel frame and exterior panels. These garages are more cost-effective and longer-lasting than traditional wood-frame garages.

Because the framing is metal you never have to worry about the danger of rot or termite infestations. Our metal structures can be installed directly onto ground, gravel, asphalt, or concrete in less time than conventional wood structures.

Customers have the option to choose between a vertical roof style, regular roof style, and A-frame roof on our metal carports. We also have a wide variety of color options to match any style.

Other custom choices include garage doors, length, height, and leg width. Additional stability and structural strength can be ensured through extra anchors and braces and upgraded steel tubing and metal sheets.

Delivery, Installation, and Satisfaction Guaranteed

We offer free delivery and installation for those in our service area. Our experienced associates will help you through the process of choosing and customizing your metal building.

We take the satisfaction of every customer seriously. We guarantee that you will love your purchase for years to come.

If you want more information about our steel carport structures, contact us today. Our knowledgeable team is ready to answer your questions and help you begin your purchase.

Metal Garages

Basically, our customers utilize our enclosed metal garages to provide shelter or storage for cars, trucks, recreational vehicles, RVs, motor coaches, motorhomes, and more.

Furthermore, most of the metal garages sold by Carport1 are used for residential purposes, but we do have steel garages for commercial use too. We have single-wide metal garages, double-wide garages, triple-wide garages, and even clear-span enclosed metal garages up to 40’ wide.

Like our metal carports, our single-wide or single garages usually cover a single car, boat, or RV. However, double-wide garages or double garages may be used to cover two cars and trucks that are 18’ to 24’ wide. Similarly, our triple-wide garages or triple metal garages are from 26’ to 30’ wide and have a heavier truss due to the span of the width of the building.

Steel Garages

Our steel garages are the perfect weather-resistant shelter for your car, truck, boat, or other valuables! Our enclosed buildings feature a rigid steel frame and steel panels for the exterior, and they are more affordable compared to traditional wood-frame garages.

Also, for your info, with our steel framing system, there’s no danger of rot or termite infestations. Our enclosed steel garages can even be installed directly onto the ground, gravel, asphalt, or concrete, and they are installed in much less time than a conventional wood frame structure.

Moreover, these rugged steel buildings are built to last, and they are designed for use as residential garages, commercial garages, enclosed steel workshops, and even for farm garages and farm sheds.

Metal Garage vs. Installed Garages

All of our metal garages include free delivery and free installation if the site is level. And we have also found out that you can own garages from Carport1 at less price when compared to other metal building companies.

So, by the time you consider freight to your site and the labor for installation of the unit, our installed garages are almost always less expensive. Do keep in mind that the experienced and trained subcontractors will install your steel garage much faster than an inexperienced person.

Need more information? Give us a call and talk to a knowledgeable customer service representative.