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Two Car Carport

  • 20x21 Boxed Eave Roof Two Car Carport
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20 ft


21 ft


8 ft

Roof Style

Boxed Eave

Roof Color


Roof Trim


Roof Trim Color

Pebble Beige



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The featured Boxed Eave Roof Two Car Carports has a dimension of 20’W x 21’L x 8’H. These dimensions are big enough to house two cars conveniently. It is also a perfect size for residential household use.

This metal carport building, when added to your backyard, can serve as more than a cover for your vehicles. It makes an excellent shelter for your garden tools, lawnmowers, tractors, and many more.

Also, you no longer have to leave your belongings out in the open where they are very susceptible to rough weather. A metal roof can prevent damage to your valuables and extend their lifespan.

Another significant advantage of having our boxed eave metal carport is that they make an excellent complement to your property. More than anything, the roof style of these carport matches the roofline of traditional American houses.

Plus, they have a very long lifespan. With a little care and maintenance, you can make the carport last for a couple of decades.

Features of 20×21 Boxed Eave Roof Two Car Carports

The design of this particular metal carport building is simple and basic. The kit consists of the main framework and some side panels. However, these simple elements help to make the metal carport incredibly useful and functional.

Additionally, you can always customize the features of our boxed eave metal carport. You can consider calling carport1 for any customized buildings. And for your info, the tubular framing of this metal carport has 14-gauge steel tubes.

Framings of this thickness can handle most of the weather elements. However, for more structural support you can upgrade to 12-gauge framing.

The roof of the prefab metal carport has boxed eave. The roofing material covering the roof is the 26-gauge horizontal metal panels. The structure of the boxed eave roof helps to clean the metal panels after rain or snowfall since water tends to stand on the ridges of the groups.

The side walls are partially covered with a 3’ W x 20’ l metal panels on either side of the metal structure. The ends are open which helps to make a clearance for bigger vehicles. And last but not least, if you can’t compromise the security of your valuables, you can invest in getting side enclosed and garages doors.


Front End 

  • Gable in Horizontal orientation
  • L-Trim on Corners
  • Corner's L-Trim color: Pebble Beige

Back End

  • Gable in Horizontal orientation
  • L-Trim on Corners
  • Corner's L-Trim color: Pebble Beige

Right Side

  • 3' wide x 20' Long Horizontal Orientation Panel
  • Panel Color: EverGreen

Left Side

  • 3' wide x 20' Long Horizontal Orientation Panel
  • Panel Color: EverGreen

Option/Upgrade Available For all ENDs and SIDEs.

  • Vertical siding
  • Certified/non-certified gables
  • Fully enclosed in vertical/horizontal siding
  • Walk-in doors
  • Garage doors
  • Frameouts
  • Windows
  • Certification (for main section/lean-to's)
  • Colors (free)
  • Wainscot (available in vertical/horizontal orientation)
  • 12 gauge steel
  • Colored screws
  • Insulation
  • 45-degree angles on frameouts

Limited Warranty and Service

This building (14 Gauge) has 30-day material and workmanship warranty with 20-year limited rust through warranty on the Tubular Frame. Also, Optional 12 Gauge has 20-year rust though warranty on the frame. Warranties can vary based on manufacturer.
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Free Delivery and Installation

Free Delivery and Installation on this building. Please go through the documentation to learn more about our free delivery and installation. Lead time may vary depending upon your installation location.
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