30x36 Boxed Eave Roof Triple Wide Metal Carport

starting at $6,510.00

A prefab steel carport with a pretty simple design that is an affordable sheltering option for 3 cars, trucks, etc. The 30x36 metal carport will also be ideal for taking care of your outdoor storage.

12x21 Regular Roof Single Car Garage

starting at $3,395.00

A regular roof prefab metal garage that can shelter a single car. This metal garage is as functional and versatile as it is affordable. You can use it to shelter your cars, store your belongings, workshopping, and much more.

22x26 A-Frame Two Car Carport

starting at $3,490.00

A uniquely beautiful looking metal carport kit with Dutch-style frame-outs. This 22x26 boxed eave metal carport is perfect for sheltering 2 cars and is easily accessible from different sides.

22x31 Boxed Eave Roof Triple Wide Carport

starting at $4,920.00

One of our many boxed eave metal carport covers is fit for 3 cars. It can even shelter your RVs, trailers, boats, and so on. Plus, the carport makes an ideal shade for picnics, family gatherings or any other social event.

18x26 Boxed Eave Roof Double Car Carport

starting at $2,850.00

A double car prefab steel carport that provides utmost protection to your vehicles while also keeping them reasonably accessible. Even an excellent option for outdoor storage or housing smaller luxury vehicles.

30x41 Boxed Eave Roof Triple Wide Carport

starting at $10,555.00

A triple wide shelter for 3 cars that can also function as a storage shed for your farm equipment, animal feed, and much more. This steel carport gives your vehicles the ultimate protection against the elements.

12x31 Boxed Eave Style RV Cover

starting at $3,175.00

A boxed eave RV carport that is fit to protect your beloved luxury vehicles including your RVs, motorhomes, and boats. The metal RV cover has side panels and gables to give extra layers of protection to your valuables.

20x21 Boxed Eave Roof Two Car Carport

starting at $1,795.00

A double car carport for your cars, trucks that will last long while also being a very reasonable price tag. As one of our boxed eave metal carport kits, this metal structure has great visual style as well.

20×20 Boxed Eave Roof Two Car Garage

starting at $3,798.00

Double Carport for (2) Medium Size Cars with Utility Storage. Ideal for car and truck shelters and lawn equipment storage

18x26 Regular Roof Style 2 Car Carport

starting at $3,308.00

One of our two car regular metal carports to protect your cars, pickups, etc. Also, it has a utility shed attached for secure storage of equipment and utility tools.

18x41 Regular Roof Double Car Carport

starting at $5,485.00

A metal carport fit for 2 cars, trucks, etc. This affordable car shelter has an attached utility shed for secure storage of equipment. The dimensions of the carport are 18'W x 41'L x 8'H.

12x36 Regular Roof RV covers

starting at $2,120.00

RV Covers is great for your Recreational Vehicles. We offer Rent-to-own and financing option. Call today to get a free quote.

24x31 Regular Roof 2 Car Carport

starting at $2,725.00

This carport is the ideal shelter for taking care of two of your family cars. It comes with a regular roof and hence is extremely cost-effective in every sense.

20x21 Regular Roof Style 2 Car Carport

starting at $2,785.00

Basic Double Car Carport for 2 Medium Cars with both sides closed, and a gable on a front end for extra shelter.

12x31 Regular Roof RV Shelter

starting at $2,605.00

This metal RV carport is a great option for people looking to shelter their expensive luxury vehicles within a budget. The partially enclosed sides provide extra coverage for your belognings to protect them against the elements.

22x26 Boxed Eave Roof Double Car Carport

starting at $4,935.00

An affordable alternative to the traditional carport that is also easy to maintain. This 22x26 metal carport is available with a boxed eave roof and can shelter 2 cars, trucks, etc. Also has Dutch frame-outs on the sides for easy accessibility.

22x21 Regular Roof Two Car Carports

starting at $1,595.00

Basic Double Carport for (2) Mid-Size Cars. Also ideal for outdoor break shelters and livestock shelters

20x21 Boxed Eave Roof Double Car Carport

starting at $2,155.00

A metal carport perfect for two cars, trucks, and more. The carport comes with a boxed eave roof which can easily blend in with the architecture of traditional houses. It features gables and side panels for extra weather safety.

18x26 Regular Roof Two Car Carport

starting at $5,595.00

A double cars carport that can comfortably shelter a couple of cars, pickups, etc. from the elements. This 18' x 26' steel carport also has a utility shed for secure storage of tools and equipment.

12x31 Regular Roof RV Cover

starting at $3,015.00

This 12'W x 31'L x 10'H metal RV carport is perfect for sheltering your RVs, camper vans, travel trailers, and more. It has fully enclosed sides and back end for maximum coverage, and an open front end for easy accessibility.

18x26 Regular Roof Regular Roof RV Cover

starting at $1,890.00

This Regular Style Carport is perfect to shelter your camper or industrial equipment. It features additional coverage on each side wall, extende gable end, and open front end for maximum clearance.


Metal carports are roofed metal structures that provide protection to your cars, boats, and bikes from rain, snow, and sun. Carport1 has a number of metal carports in various sizes and colors which will surely cover your requirements. In addition to this, carports also add value to your property both aesthetically and in terms of property valuation. Carport1 supplies the best metal carport all over the country with one of the best prices around.


Metal RV Covers are one of the best investments that you can make to protect your vehicles from natural elements like sun, rain, and snow. Mostly used as a boathouse to park your boats, RV covers are also very effective in sheltering your Recreational vehicle and bus. Carport1 has a number of RV covers in different sizes, colors, and roof styles which you can choose from. If you are looking to invest in a good metal building, give us a call. We have experts in the metal building business who will guide you through the entire process and make your purchase smooth.


Metal garages are the ultimate storage solution for vehicles, landscaping equipment, motorcycles, and many other valuables. These fully enclosed metal structures provide protection against harsh weather condition, thieves and pests. With many variations of metal garages available in the market, it sure is a trouble finding the right garage for anyone. However, we from carport1 have a variation of garages by sizes, structures, and colors, that will surely fit your sheltering requirement at the best price.


Metal barns are one of the most cost-effective solutions if you are looking for a storage solution to protect your vehicles and prized possessions. Metal barns are extremely low maintenance and are versatile as they can be used for housing your livestock and farm equipment at the same time. Carport1 provides one of the best metal barns in various size, color and features like windows, walk-in doors, roof style to match your exact requirement.