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Carport1 offers the largest selection of quality carports, metal garages, and steel buildings, all at the lowest possible price. Whether you are looking for an open carport shelter to protect your car or truck, a large metal carport to use as RV Covers, metal barns to shelter livestock or custom steel buildings to be used as a workshop, we can help you create functional steel buildings that will last for years. We offer more standard features than our competitors and offer more optional items too! We are an authorized representative for the largest carport manufacturer in the US and that buying power helps keep your cost low.

Engineers Certified Metal Carports and Steel Buildings

Our metal and steel buildings are far less expensive compared to other types of structures because the manufacturer helps keeps installation labor costs low.  Most of the product components are built by the manufacturer before they are brought out to the job site. Those prefabricated components allow contractors to save time and labor when building the metal buildings, carports, barns, and RV covers, which, in the end, saves you money. Not only does it save you money, but the buildings are usually installed in just a matter of hours, saving you time as well! Compare that to a wood frame building built from the ground up!

All of our products, carports, metal garages, metal barns, RV covers and carports, metal buildings, and steel buildings, are built to last for years. All products feature a galvanized tubular steel frame and baked-on painted steel panels and trim. There’s no painting to do when we are finished with your new building!


You can browse our gallery of photos or utilize our Building Designer tool to build and price your own custom steel building. Once you’ve created exactly what you want, down to the color of the trim, you can get a price instantly and own it if you so desire!

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If you’ve visited other websites that offer carports for sale, they state that metal carports protect your investment. Doesn’t everyone already know that and that is exactly why you are looking for a carport in the first place, right?  Here, we will explain why you should go with a steel carport and why you should buy that carport from Carport1!

Our carports are made out of steel.  You may be considering an aluminum carport but steel is much stronger and is heavy-duty.  Compared to wood structures, our steel carports are installed much faster. There are other advantages too and you can read about those on the carports page of our site.

Now let’s discuss carport kits versus our installed carports. All of our products include free delivery and free installation on your level job site. We have found that you can own carports from Carport1 for about the same price as you can buy carport kit from another company. Don’t take our word for it! We want you to compare products and prices. We can provide you with carport kits if you want them but we recommend that you read more information about this topic on our Carports page.

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Like all of our other products, our metal garages are actually steel garages. Most of the components of our metal garages are prefabricated before they come to your job site so the time to build is greatly reduced compared to hiring a contractor to build one from scratch. Our manufacturer specializes in carport garages and metal buildings so the installation time is quick, usually from a few hours to a few days, depending on the size of your unit.

Our buildings are built to last!  All of our products feature a steel frame and the exterior is wrapped with steel panels and steel trim. The steel frame buildings are made from galvanized steel tube and the panels and trim feature a baked on painted finish. With steel construction, there is no worry about rot or terminate infestations.

Metal building kits for garages, shops, and more are available from other companies and you can even get them from us.  However, we recommend that the manufacturer’s experienced and trained subcontractors install your steel building. Still, the choice is yours.

Metal Barns | Steel Barns | Metal Horse Barns

We build metal barns! Again, all of our barns are actually steel barns. They are built with the same steel frame and steel panels that are featured in our other products. On these larger buildings, our customers are really pleased and impressed with the reduced construction time as compared to wood-frame barn construction.

We have a variety of styles of barns from which to choose. We have a raised center aisle barns, continuous slope barns, and metal horse barns. Please visit our barns gallery for photos and more information.

Metal Buildings | Metal Storage Buildings | Metal Building Kits

Looking for metal buildings? You’ve come to the right place! We offer steel-clad, steel-frame metal buildings in 28 states!  Our customers love our metal storage buildings because they are usually less expensive than other products of the same offering and they are installed quickly!

Like our other products, we can deliver metal building kits if you want to install them. Please consider the fact that the trained installation contractors have the knowledge and the experience to do a quality installation in a very short period of time.

RV Covers | RV Carports | Metal RV Carports

Are you in need of RV covers to provide shelter for you RV or motorhome? Let us build a metal RV cover for you! Our RV carports are the perfect for providing shelter from the sun, wind, rain and snow. Consider our metal RV carports compared to those made of fabric, canvas, or tarp-style RV covers. Tarp-style RV covers are bulky and quite frankly, are difficult to put on and remove. Imagine just guiding your RV, travel trailer, or motorhome into one of our metal RV covers and you’re done!

Over time, the Mother Nature’s elements really work on fabric or canvas RV covers. You really don’t have that issue with steel RV carports.  Our motorhome covers feature a steel-frame and baked-on painted steel panels that last for years!

We offer widths up to 40-feet wide and any length that you might need. We can build units up to 14’ tall and that will certainly accommodate your RV.  Please visit our RV photo gallery or just build and order yours today with our Building Designer tool.

Got questions? Call us and speak to a real person and we’ll do our best to help you decide on any of our products to best suit YOUR needs!

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