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Buying Metal RV Carports & Covers

As an RV owner, you would protect your valuable investment with the best RV covers which you can find. When it about a smart toward protecting your RV, metal RV covers can be a trustable option which is designed to protect your RVs from exposure to the harsh weather elements that are known to create potential problems for your recreational vehicle.

Owning an RV comes is not a big deal, but maintaining it and protecting it for longer life is. Preserving the exterior of the RV is critically important, and for this, you need to protect it from the weather elements such as

Rain and Water: While motorhomes are designed to stand well all weather conditions, constant exposure to the rain or water does not do it any good. Eventually, this will harm the roof which will eventually wear down leading to the need for repairs and restoration.

Snow: Standing RV’s in winter months, and end up with an accumulation of snow and ice. It will cause various types of damages to the RV and puts undue stress on the roof components of the RV which even can weaken it. RVs allows melting snow and ice to seep into any cracks or crevices which could eventually lead to damage of the interior.

Wind: In some areas, winds can become very strong with damaging debris that can hit the RV and could create can damage the windows including other exterior structures of your RV. Preventative maintenance by using RV covers for protection helps to eliminate the risk of wind damage.

Sun: Over a period an RV exposed to the heat of the sun can experience damage to the finish of the vehicle. It also tends to heat up the interior so that it takes a lot more work for the cooling system of the RV to bring it to a comfortable temperature for use. RV carports are available with insulation which helps in preventing any damage from the heat.

With looking at the various areas of protection against the weather elements, it is easy to say how an metal RV cover, serves as a great benefit. Metal RV Covers can protect the RV from the rain, snow, and ice as well as the wind damage and increase the life of your vehicle.

Why Metal RV Covers?

RV covers comprised of many different materials such as fiber, glass or even wood, for example. These all come with drawbacks mostly due to their durability and longevity and the amount of protection that they really can afford the RV’s.

Durability and Longevity: Steel motorhome covers are capable of being durable and lasting for a very long time because of the components of the steel itself. Steel is well known for its strength.

Ease of Installation: The installation of steel RV covers is quick and easy with no compromise with quality, benefits and features.

Cost Effective: Metal RV covers are affordable, and can cost as low as $1195 (Standard metal RV Cover)

Advantages of Buying RV Carports from Carport1

There are many advantages of purchasing metal RV covers or motor home sheds from Carport1 like,

  • Speedy and hassle free RV cover free delivery and installation.
  • A wide range of choices for customization.
  • A friendly and customer orientated relationship.
  • Follow-up service for your maintenance and repair needs.
  • Dealing with experts that know what your wants and needs are when it comes to the protection for your motorhome.

Metal RV Covers

American road trips are a great way of exploring our beautiful country. The breathtaking landscapes and the thrilling adventures that come with traveling cross- country, is what attracts so many Americans to go on road trips every year. The rise of Recreational Vehicle for the very purpose of long distance traveling has made road-trips more comfortable, luxurious as well as fun. In many senses, an RV is like a home away from home. With the development of various technologies, RVs are getting more advanced and convenient by the day. RVs and motorhomes have actually succeeded in making the journey more enjoyable than the destination.

Still, an RV is more of a luxury item than a necessity. If you are an RV owner then you will know how big of an investment an RV requires. It is understandable that you would want to provide the best protection for your RV that is available in the market. Hence, we offer our metal RV cover kits or metal RV carport kits to people who want a durable, structurally strong and low maintenance shelter for their RV. Where our metal RV covers outclass those from our competitors in the market, besides the quality, is that our RV covers are fully customizable according to the requirements of our customers, from the dimensions to looks of the cover to the added features. With our RV covers, your motorhomes and RVs will not suffer damage from the weather and will remain in a fine functioning condition for years to come.

Additionally, these metal covers are incredibly versatile structures. Not only can you use these structures to protect your RVs, you can use them to shelter your cars and trucks as well. RV covers are not just single-purpose structures. Just like metal carports, you can use these structures for a variety of other purposes, either as a repair workshop or for outdoor storage of garden equipment. We can also add a utility shed to your metal RV cover kit if you require some covered storage space with the structure. While the roof-only covers do a decent job of protecting your valuables, you can increase the amount of coverage for the cover and the level of protection by choosing to install side or the end panels. What if you want a completely enclosed cover for your RV? You can easily turn the RV cover into an RV garage by covering all the side with metal panels and installing the required openings.

Why use a flimsy protection like tarpaulin, which itself is susceptible to so much damage, to protect one of your most expensive investments? Storage units are a reliable option but the cost of parking your RVs in an RV storage unit can quickly add up and be very costly in the long run. Wooden RV cover kits are not as strong as steel, are very susceptible to various damages and are very high maintenance. Our metal RV covers do the best job of protecting your RVs and trailers from the elements while also being affordable and low-maintenance.  Keeping you RVs safe and sheltered has never been easier.

Metal RV Covers Specifications

The best protection for your RV, boat or any other luxury vehicles, is not dependent on just one factor, it depends on a number of things. When companies provide standard designs for RV covers without any options for modification, they are selling you a product that does not address any of your requirements. Why should you compromise your convenience and the safety of your vehicle just for benefit of the company anyway? When you make an investment to buy an RV cover, you should get a product that fits your exact requirements. That is why we, at Carport1, offer a wide variety of customization options with every metal RV covers. With these customization options, you get to be in control of each and every aspect of the design of the metal RV cover.

Metal RV Cover Sizes

Our metal RV covers are available in a variety of different dimensions with varying lengths, heights, and widths. The size of your RV cover will depend on your parking or storage requirements. If the standard sizes of our stock supply RV covers are not what you were looking for, then you can even order a cover with your own custom dimensions.

Metal RV Cover Materials Thickness (Gauge)

As with all of our other metal structures, our standard metal RV covers are also provided with a 14-gauge steel tube framing. This framing has enough structural strength to handle mild to moderate climatic conditions. You can just upgrade your metal RV cover with a 12-gauge steel tube framing if you want to add to the strength of your RV cover for further safety or if you live in areas which have to sustain adverse weather.metal carport gauge

Roof Style of Metal RV Cover

The metal RV cover kits on sale at Carport1 are can be purchased with one of the three roofing styles; Regular, Boxed Eave, and Vertical. Each of these three roof styles comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Your choice for the ideal roof style for the RV cover will depend on your budget, the look you want for your metal structure, the climate of your place and so on.

Color Combination for your Metal RV Cover

Getting the perfect color combination for your RV cover to complement the style of your house can be tricky if you are only offered a few choices of color. That is why we offer a selection of 15 shades in our color palette from which you can choose the color of the metal sheets as well as the trims.metal building color choices

Additional Features with your Metal RV Cover

The customization of our metal RV covers is not limited to the above properties though. You can further personalize your steel RV cover kit with some extra features. You can increase the amount of coverage for your RV cover by adding side or end panels. Installing gables on either end is another option you can choose to better enclose the RV cover. Doing this not only improves the protection your vehicles get, it also gives a more refined look for the metal cover by hiding the internal steel framing from view.

Answering Your Queries

Metal RV Covers: What to Know Before Placing an Order?

Placing an Order

What do I need to do to start the order for my metal RV cover kit?

We have made the ordering process at Carport1 pretty straightforward and quick for the ease of our customers. Your order will be started after you pay a certain amount of down payments depending on the actual cost of the metal structure. You will have to pay 10% of the total cost of the metal RV cover kit as down payment if your purchase is under $1500 and pay 12% if the purchase is between $1500 and $4000. If the price of your order is more than $4000 then the down payment is 15%.

Making payments through VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and PayPal will start the processing of the order earlier than if you pay them through checks. Checks will need to be cleared off first which can take anywhere between 5 and 10 business days for us. You can submit your purchased orders so that we can evaluate them for approvals.

Installing a Metal RV cover

Do I need to do anything to prepare the construction site before the order arrives?

Preparing the site will help the installation crew carry out the construction according to the schedule. The main factor to consider while preparing the site is the level of the ground. The crew will not be able to install the metal RV cover on land that has a level difference of more than 3”. An unlevelled site is the main cause of instability and premature failing of a structure. So make sure that the site is properly leveled before the construction starts. You should also clear off any obstruction or debris that might impede the construction of the RV cover. This way, when the installation crew arrives on the site, they can carry out their work smoothly and without any delay.

Customer Experience

What differentiates us from our competitors in the market is the customer service we offer. Our team of dedicated customer care representatives is at your disposal 24/7. They will help you out with any queries that you have or just provide you with some guidance and advice to help you find the product that is perfect for your parking and storage requirements.

We are continuously working to improve our online service as well since more and more of our customers get information about our products and communicate with us online. You can find all the details of the products on our webpage. You can also better visualize how your metal RV cover will look with our component visualizer and the color planner. We offer all these features with our online service so that our customers can make a well-informed decision about their purchase.

Hear from Our Customers

  • I was very satisfied with the customer service. The ordering process was pretty simple and the crew did a fantastic job.

    Quality product at an affordable price. The sales people were super helpful. The team was efficient. Got my carport installed in no time. I would recommend Carport1 to anyone who is thinking of buying a carport.

    James C. Reyes
  • We LOVE the cover. Carport1 really made this an easy experience on us. We did have one small hiccup that was immediately remedied. The installers we’re nice, and professional. We’re happy with the outcome, and will definitely recommend you to our friends.

    Gerald Haden – Canyon Lake, TX
  • The building turned out BETTER than I could imagine. The entire process was great, start to finish. Brandon really made the entire process simple. Between pulling the permit, getting us scheduled, and the installers arriving with the building to install, we could not ask for better customer service! The installers were the best you could ask for, very professional and super nice. Folks in our congregation have asked, “Who did the picnic shelter for us?”, so I’ve been recommending you guys to anyone that will listen. Thank you again for all you did!

    Herbert Lutz from Chester, SC
  • Thank you again for helping us with our RV Cover needs. After a terrible experience with our local dealer for another company, you completely made up for all the trouble we’d gone through. Even when our local permitting office imposed requirements that most other carport manufacturers could not accommodate, and our site being out of level that would require modifications be made to the structure, and even needing to expedite the delivery, Carport1 was the ONLY Company that could, or would meet our requirements; even exceeding them. Thanks again for everything you did to made this a reality for my wife, and I. We’ve received several compliments on our RV cover, and have recommended you all to anyone that asks. If I ever need anything in the future, we WILL be doing business again!

    Dennis Franks from Franks Towing & Repair
  • The entire process went great from ordering to installation. I will no doubt spread the word on what a great company you guys have and of course if I ever need another carport I’ll give you a call. Thanks for all your help!

    Bryan Smith – Irving, TX
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