Metal Garages

Why Metal Garage?

Enclosed metal garages for all-round protection of your cars, and all other valuables which you want to isolate from the surround and harsh weather elements. Garages are a great investment due to its ability to guard your valuables and eliminate the chances of theft, direct contact in weather elements like UV rays, heavy snow, rain, and hail.

Unlike other materials wood, fabric or cloth metal don’t react to weather, have a comparatively long life that too at affordable prices. Typically, a standard metal garage cost as low as $2500 where a wooden garage’s maintenance cost $3000. Where a wood garage, fabric garage, portable garage’s life depends on how to maintain them and protect them from weather elements. Wait a minute, why you will buy a garage which will protect your car when you protect the garage from weather elements?

Features of Metal Garages

Apart from its versatility and affordable prices our enclosed metal garage have other features like

  • Custom Door Options
  • Robustness
  • Custom Size Options
  • Fast Installation
  • Height
  • Durable
  • Environment Friendly
  • Low Maintenance

Buying Metal Garages

With a metal garage dealer like Carport1 you get lots of other additional benefits like

  • Select the Roof Style-

    Carport1 offers metal garages with three different types of roof styles so that you can choose a roof as per the weather condition and buy metal garages at best prices. Our roof styles included regular roof enclosed garagesboxed eave roof metal garages, and vertical roof metal garages

  • Wind Warranty-

    Talk to a metal carport expert and know which anchor you should buy as per your city or region and get wind warranty.

  • Rust Through Warranty-

    Get 20years of warranty against rust, under fair uses.

  • Workman Ship Warranty-

    4 season workmanship warranty now test the building even after installation with natural weather conditions with our 1-year workmanship warranty.

  • Free Delivery and Installation-

    We understand the industry, and as per the highest industry standards, we deliver the metal garage to your doorstep for free with highly professional and experienced installation team.

  • Certified Metal Garage-

    Don’t worry about the building permits with Carport1 buy a certified enclosed metal garage now, or call us for more details at 888-447-5182

  • Understand Garage Components-

    Confused about what is a garage? What are components how they look like? We are here to help you out educate you and train you so that you can buy your steel garage with confidence. Go to our metal building component visualizer to know about the metal garage.

Regular Roof Garage for (1) Car or Truck or Storage. Ideal for enclosed storage for cars, trucks, and other equipment.

Metal Garages

Metal garages are perfectly enclosed shelters your vehicles and other valuables. A metal garage is an ultimate choice for people who want to provide their valuables with the best protection available, against the elements as well as human threats. Keep reading this article and by the end, you will have all the information you need to purchase the metal garage of your dreams.

Traditionally garages were only used for storing vehicles. However, more and more people today are using these structures for really creative purposes, everything from gym rooms to man/she caves. This is mainly because garages of modern times are made of steel which is known for its versatility along with its strength. There are almost no limits for the customization options with metal garages so that you can design the garage to fit your exact requirements. Do you need a metal garage for your home office or a media room? No problem. Not only can you choose the right dimension and color for your garage, but also all the other features including openings, lean-tos, insulation and so on, that will help it to fit the intended use.

Along with the versatility of these structures, metal garages are also growing in popularity by the day because they are a much affordable and durable alternative to the traditional constructions. Storing your belongings in a fully insulated metal garage will help to keep them in working condition even when the weather outside is extreme. Aside from shielding your valuables from the elements, protection against thieves and vandals means you get a better sense of security with metal garages that you cannot get with open shelters.

Whatever your specifications, we have got the perfect metal garage for you. At Carport1 you can find a large collection of metal garages on sale which are well-suited for any use. You can even place a custom order with your own, unique dimensions.

Metal Garages Specifications

Rather than trying to fit your requirements to our metal garage, we offer options which let you control every aspect of the structure so that you do not have to compromise the protection for your belongings or your convenience. As mentioned above, we have hundreds of standard metal garages readily available from our stock supply. However, not each of our customers has the same storage needs. That is why we offer a wide range of customization options with all of our metal garages so that you have complete control over the design.

Metal Garage Sizes

When it comes to the dimensions of our metal garages, we do have some template dimensions that we offer for your convenience. Even the smallest of our standard garages can easily accommodate a family vehicle. We also allow for orders with custom dimensions, if the standard sizes do not exactly meet your requirements.

Metal Garages Materials Thickness (Gauge)

The strength of the metal garages comes from the 14- gauge and 12- gauge tubing of the metal frames and also from the 29- gauge metal sheets. The combination of these structural elements is robust enough to withstand any adverse conditions and load pressure as long as the metal garage is constructed after giving the climatic conditions of the place proper considerations.metal carport gauge

Metal Garage Roof Styles

As with all of our other metal products, our metal garages can also be purchased in three different roof styles. While all of the roof styles, be it Regular, Boxed Eave or Vertical, are structurally strong and can do a good job of protecting your belongings, each one is more suited to certain weather conditions. All these roof styles differ in various aspects, in function, price as well as aesthetics.

Metal Garage Color Choices

Metal garages that we offer come with a wide range of added features. The very enclosed nature of a metal garage allows you to have better control over the function and the aesthetic of the metal structure, more so than a metal carport. Choosing the color combination for your metal garage by picking the colors for the trim and the metal panels is a feature we offer with all of our products.metal building color choices

Additional Features for a Metal Garage

But with our metal garages, you additionally get to select the type, the number, and placement of openings, like garage doors, walk-in doors, and the windows. If you run out of storage, or would simply like some extra space, you can add lean-tos to the garage. These lean-tos, like the main garage section, are also fully customizable. You can choose to either, fully enclose them or keep them open, add openings to the enclosed lean-to, etc. All these extra options can greatly improve the performance, convenience as well as the look of the metal garage.

Your Questions Answered

Metal Garages: What to Know Before Placing an Order? 

Ordering your Metal Garage

What do I need to do to place an order for one of the metal garages?

Placing an order at Carport1 is a pretty straightforward process. After selection and customization of the metal garage as per your requirements, you can place an order for the garage. The processing of the order will start only after you pay the down payment for the metal structure. If the price of the metal garage is under $1500, the down payment is just 10% of the total cost while it is 12% for an order that has total cost between $1500 and $4000. The down payment for structures with prices higher than $4000 is 15% of the total cost.

We accept payments through VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and PayPal. These modes of payment can start the processing of your order earlier than checks. Though acceptable, with checks we need 5-10 business days to make sure that the check clears before starting the order. Purchased orders should be sent in for approval before we accept them.

Installing Metal Garages

How preparations do I need to make before the order arrives on site?

The site for construction of metal garage has to be leveled before the installation actually takes place. Any site with slope difference of more than 3” will cause instability of the entire structure. Metal garages built on an unlevelled piece of land can also develop other faults like leaks and cracks as well as difficulty in operating the openings, etc. Our installation crew will not be able to install a metal garage in such sites. So, before the installation crew arrives, make sure that the construction site is leveled. Any obstruction, vegetation or debris that might impede the construction process should also be cleared off the site.

Customer Experience

We, at Carport1, are always striving to provide you the best product as well as the best service possible. Our team of dedicated professionals is ever ready to provide you with any guidance or instructions if you have any confusion about products.

Our online service provides you with all the necessary details of a particular product so that, when it comes to buying something from us, you can make well- informed decisions. The component visualizer shows you all the parts of a metal garage and the functions they perform. You can visualize your metal garage with the color combination of your choice by using our color planner. You can contact anyone from our customer service team to get more information on any product or service.

Hear from Our Customers

  • I was very satisfied with the customer service. The ordering process was pretty simple and the crew did a fantastic job.

    Quality product at an affordable price. The sales people were super helpful. The team was efficient. Got my carport installed in no time. I would recommend Carport1 to anyone who is thinking of buying a carport.

    James C. Reyes
  • We LOVE the cover. Carport1 really made this an easy experience on us. We did have one small hiccup that was immediately remedied. The installers we’re nice, and professional. We’re happy with the outcome, and will definitely recommend you to our friends.

    Gerald Haden – Canyon Lake, TX
  • The building turned out BETTER than I could imagine. The entire process was great, start to finish. Brandon really made the entire process simple. Between pulling the permit, getting us scheduled, and the installers arriving with the building to install, we could not ask for better customer service! The installers were the best you could ask for, very professional and super nice. Folks in our congregation have asked, “Who did the picnic shelter for us?”, so I’ve been recommending you guys to anyone that will listen. Thank you again for all you did!

    Herbert Lutz from Chester, SC
  • Thank you again for helping us with our RV Cover needs. After a terrible experience with our local dealer for another company, you completely made up for all the trouble we’d gone through. Even when our local permitting office imposed requirements that most other carport manufacturers could not accommodate, and our site being out of level that would require modifications be made to the structure, and even needing to expedite the delivery, Carport1 was the ONLY Company that could, or would meet our requirements; even exceeding them. Thanks again for everything you did to made this a reality for my wife, and I. We’ve received several compliments on our RV cover, and have recommended you all to anyone that asks. If I ever need anything in the future, we WILL be doing business again!

    Dennis Franks from Franks Towing & Repair
  • The entire process went great from ordering to installation. I will no doubt spread the word on what a great company you guys have and of course if I ever need another carport I’ll give you a call. Thanks for all your help!

    Bryan Smith – Irving, TX
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