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Why Metal Garage?

Enclosed metal garages for all-round protection of your cars, and all other valuables which you want to isolate from the surround and harsh weather elements. Garages are a great investment due to its ability to guard your valuables and eliminate the chances of theft, direct contact in weather elements like UV rays, heavy snow, rain, and hail.

Unlike other materials wood, fabric or cloth metal don’t react to weather, have a comparatively long life that too at affordable prices. Typically, a standard metal garage cost as low as $2500 where a wooden garage’s maintenance cost $3000. Where a wood garage, fabric garage, portable garage’s life depends on how to maintain them and protect them from weather elements. Wait a minute, why you will buy a garage which will protect your car when you protect the garage from weather elements?

Features of Metal Garages

Apart from its versatility and affordable prices our enclosed metal garage have other features like

Buying Metal Garages

With a metal garage dealer like Carport1 you get lots of other additional benefits like

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