Metal Carports

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Carport1 effectively protects your vehicle, whether it is a car, motorhome, boat and others from the sun's harsh rays and from heavy snow or hail in winters. Carports make for a great investment as they are good options versus expensive building structures that might not work for you! Metal Carports, Steel Carports, Single Car Metal Carports, Double Car Metal Carports, Triple wide Carports, 40-wide and Certified carports are some of the carports on offer at Carport1. We also offer carports catering to different specifications such as businesses, RVs, ATVs and motorhomes.

At Carport1, we guarantee outstanding service at a reasonable price. No matter what the job, be assured that our experienced representatives will assist you through the process of designing the carport that works best. Our products add both curb appeal and value to your property.

We supply metal carports, Custom Carports, Single Car Metal Carports, Double car Carports, Combo carports, Utility carports , Regular roof carports, A-Frame roof Carports, Vertical Roof Carports, Clear-Span Carports up to 40' wide, with side heights up to 14' tall and can build any structure as long as your need requires. Carports can be certified or non-certified for 130 MPH winds and 30 PSF snow load. All our steel and metal carports use 29 gauge panels, with the option of heavier 26 gauge panels as well.

It is very convenient to customize your own carport on our website using our color planner tool to estimate how your carport roof, sidewalls and end walls will look. You can browse through a variety of carports at different price ranges. We offer three roof styles - boxed eave, regular style and vertical roof.

Remember to note the features of each Roof Style and the benefits that they provide to you before you make your decision to buy. For those looking at economical options, a regular style or boxed eave unit might be the right choice. If you are not limited by a budget and prefer a stylish look, the vertical roof is the way to go. We are happy to provide you with all the information that you need, from Engineer Certification to site preparation and more.

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