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Metal barn structure used to housing horses, livestock or storage for farm crops and hay. Wood was preferred earlier to construct barns due to their various properties like,

No Foundation: With wooden barns, you can save you the cost of foundation/building foundation wooden barns can easily get installed on any surface.

Site Adaptability: Wooden barns easily adapt the site, you don’t need flat surface it can be installed at a non-prime location as well.

But due to various disadvantages of wooden pole barns makes it a secondary option

Fire: Wood barns are prompt to catch fire, which is a threat to all our horses and livestock.

Pole Displacement: Pole barns often face pole displacement issues & thus need of regular maintenance, which eventually increases the overall maintenance cost.

Insects Attack: Insects can attack wood easily, the threat of termites, bacteria, and fungus is very common with wooden pole barns.

Swell: Wood reacts with the weather conditions, it gets swelled in rain and winter easily due to dew, moisture.

Shrink: While it gets swell it again get shrink in summers, due to swell and shrink nature of wood these barns lose their strength with years

Where metal barns are a great alternative option because

Metal Barn Prices and Maintenance

Metal barn prices are comparatively lower than a wooden barn, needs less care, maintenance, and upkeep, and are proven to last longer than wooden barns. Nowadays, metal is the most preferred building material because of its durability, cost-efficiency, and longevity. It also can withstand extreme weather condition such as snow, heavy rainfall and strong winds. Even regarding the aesthetics metal barns are easily customized as per your preferences.

Initially, we never know how much area do we need after a few months or years, with expansion space requirements change with a metal barn expansion will never be a big deal. Metal barns is expandable as per the future requirements, metal barn installation is faster, metal barn expansion is cost efficient and at minimal cost as compared to wooden pole barns.

Metal Barns Types by Carport1

Based on features and build quality there are three types of metal barns we offer i.e.

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