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You can trust Carport1 for any and all of your storage and vehicle/non-vehicle protection needs. Our metal buildings are built on your level site are using prefabricated modular components and the installation time for all of our products is short and sweet. Our customers tell us that they are impressed that our experienced staff at Carport1 takes the time to find out what their needs are versus simply providing a standard, out-of-the box solution. The installation procedure is practical and complex buildings such as enclosed garages can be installed in as little as 5 hours, while the basic two car carport requires a mere hour or two.

Carport1 has a huge selection of metal buildings. They range from residential, commercial, to even agricultural buildings. These include metal carports, garages and RV covers. Our specialties include carports, enclosed metal garages, steel workshops, horse barns, and steel storage sheds, and more! Known as the trusted experts for proving robust and long lasting solutions for our customers’, our goal is to serve you and to give you the best, economical solution for your specific need.

  • Metal Carports
  • Metal Garages
  • Metal Barns

The buildings under the Residential category are some of our most popular buildings. They are all built on the level site, minimalizing the production time and building the best quality buildings. The Residential buildings include Carports starting at $1,095, Garages starting at $1,999 and RV Covers starting at $2,345.

Metal Garage buildings also include enclosed steel garages, side entry garages and multiple car garages, but they are differently priced than the carport ones because of their extra elements. Metal Garages have the walls on both the sides and ends with garage-doors. You can also add a walk-in door on any of the walls.

The Agricultural buildings include a different set of buildings from the Residential and Commercial ones. They contain Seneca Barns, Horse Barns, Carolina Barns, and Farm Buildings. Similar to the type of buildings mentioned above, these buildings are also built with prefabricated modular components and are designed to withstand harsh environment conditions.

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Carport1 provides the option of three types of Roof Systems. They are the Regular Roof, the A-frame or Boxed Eave, and the Vertical roof style. The Regular Roof style is the most economical offering and is identified by the curved roof edges; it is the right value for money being robust and yet the most inexpensive roof style.

The A-frame roof-style is better is often deemed as our signature series and is also known as the Boxed Eave Roof Style. With galvanized frame, deep end roof trim, and an eave side trim, the A frame roof systems are very popular among our customers.

The best roof type is the Vertical Roof System which is considered as the Top of the Line series. With additional steel purlins for roof panel support and ridge cap, vertical roof style is the best of what we offer. The roof panels are vertical which prevent water and snow from “standing” on the roof and hence the name – Vertical Style Roof.


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