December to Remember Sale

December to Remember Sale

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Large Residential Buildings

Carport1 is an industry-leading seller of certified and non-certified Residential Metal Buildings. Choose from our industry leading recreational metal buildings or design and customize your own. We make large metal buildings for all your personal and home needs and will install them on asphalt, concrete, ground, or gravel.

Carport1 steel garages, barns and large buildings feature clear span framing, which allows for column-free interiors.

Our steel buildingsĀ are engineered to withstand the toughest weather conditions, making Carport1 metal buildings ideal for the weather needs in your area. Prefabricated metal buildings aren't just durable, low maintenance, and cost-effective, but also eco-friendly and energy efficient when compared to traditional buildings.

All Carport1 large garages and metal buildings come with free delivery and installation.

Please give call at 1-877-242-0393 and our expert representatives will help customize a building to your needs.

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Our American-made, quality metal carports, garages, barns, and RV covers, all with free delivery AND installation in our service areas, will help make this summer the best yet.

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Backyard Structures

A Carport1 metal building is an ideal solution for adding extra storage to any backyard. Featuring clear span framing, our metal buildings provide a column-free interior that can accommodate a variety of layouts with traditional style appeal and provide plenty of room for generous storage able to accommodate your riding mower or four-wheeler.
Metal boat shelter

Boat Storage

Carport1 offers reliable solutions for storing your speed boat or pontoon. Our buildings come in several framing systems to fit your recreational storage needs, including column-free designs that offer tremendous strength and modular frames for larger spaces. Keep your boat safe from the elements and winterized today. Call Carport1 today to customize one of our metal boat storage buildings.
Metal Barn

Agriculture Buildings and Barns

Large metal barns are a perfect solution for your family ranch or rural home. Our barns are cost-effective and highly customizable. Work with our metal building experts to get your custom metal barn today.

Picnic Shelters

Classic construction meets modern design with our metal picnic shelters at Carport1. Add value to your property and a space for you and your family to enjoy being outdoors. Carport1 builds attractive and quality steel buildings that create the right outdoor environment for you.
clear span metal building

RV Garages

Carport1 metal garages and RV Covers are perfectly designed for accommodating large motor homes, RV trailers, and camper vans. Featuring clear span framing our metal buildings provide a column-free interior that will keep out the elements.
Metal Workshop


Simple. Elegant. Useful. A workshop should help you stay organized and get things done. A Carport1 workshop is a perfect place to get your work completed and enjoy the process. Carport1's metal building experts can help you design your new metal workshop with our wide offering of customization options. Perfect for woodworking, cars, art studios, and more.
20x21 Vertical Roof Double Car Garage

Utility Buildings

Carport1's utility buildings are a smart choice with industry leading quality. Carport1 offers the most economical storage spaces. We pride ourselves on bringing you a durable, low maintenance, and eco-friendly and energy efficient building. Safely secure all of your tools in one of our utility buildings with any customization you require.
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Luxury Buildings

Carport1 metal buildings are built to withstand extreme weather, provide protection for your belongings, and give you room to complete projects at home. Our luxury metal buildings are the perfect combination of style and utility. Call us today to design your one of a kind luxury metal building.

What Makes a Large Metal Building So Versatile?

Structural Strength of Steel Metal Buildings

While traditional construction materials are strong in either tension or compression, steel is ideal for both. Consequently, it can span larger dimensions than the other constructions with less support. The structural strength of large industrial metal buildings makes it durable and long-lasting. Hence, these structures can withstand any load that is applied to them, no matter what they are used for.

Clear-Span Interiors

The strength of steel buildings enables the structures to span wide distances without intermediate supporting walls or columns. This leaves the interior of the building more open and free-flowing, allowing for flexibility in the planning of spaces. What we mean by flexible planning is that the spatial organization of the interior does not have to be constrained by walls or columns. With large metal buildings, you can have a large, uninterrupted area for a single use, or you can also partition off the interior if you require more divided spaces, for storage rooms or workshops.

Customization Options with Steel Metal Buildings

The other aspect of steel buildings that makes them ideal for a large number of uses is the customization options that are available with these buildings. Each of the large metal building can be tailor-made to fit the unique space need of the customer. With these customization options, one can control the size of the building, the color, and style of the structure as well as any additional features that go into the construction of a large metal building.

Factors that Affect the Design of Big Metal Buildings

Intended Use of the Large Metal Buildings

The main factor that influences the design is the intended use of the building and the space you require. The dimension, the look you want for the metal structure, what additional features you choose to include, all boil down to its intended use.

You can select from a wide range of our stock supply of large metal buildings. Otherwise, you can even place a custom order with your own dimensions. If you are looking to park a few vehicles in the structure, then our Double Car Garage is a perfect option or the Triple Wide Carport may interest you.

If you require a more enclosed structure for your use, then take a look at our Carolina Barn. These wide metal barns and garages are spacious enough for use as agricultural buildings, for utility purposes, and workshops.

Site Conditions for Large Metal Buildings

Another factor that dictates the design of large metal buildings is the site conditions. Moisture, in any form, is the worst enemy of any metal structure. It is important to keep that in mind while selecting the site for large metal building. Proper water drainage from and around the site is important to ensure the longevity of the large metal buildings.

Once you select the site, the next thing to consider is the foundation. Soil condition determines the type of foundation that you would need for the steel building. In some cases, the size of the site may also limit the size of large metal buildings. That is true especially in cases where the construction is taking place in a more populated area.

The aesthetics of the large metal building may also sometimes depend on the surroundings of the construction site. If your building needs to blend in with the surroundings then you can select styles and color combinations that match or complement the landscape. However, if you want the large metal building to stick out then you can go for a more contrasting style.

Large Metal Buildings Built for the Weather

The weather conditions of your location also have a huge impact on the design of a prefab steel building. First off, the orientation of a building is determined by the weather in your area. The layout of your large metal building will also be done to accommodate the climatic and outlast the conditions. Addition of openings, like the garage door, walk-in door, as well as the window and their placement, should also be done with the weather of that place in mind.

Buildings in hot climatic conditions might need to face away from the sun. They should also have plenty of openings for proper ventilation. In those conditions, the windows are more effective if they create a cross-ventilation system along the direction of the predominant wind.

For colder climate, you might want the larger face of the building to be towards the sun for maximum solar utilization.

Large metal buildings in windy conditions are better off being low-rise. Wind loads increase as the height of the building increases. So, it is better to have more ground coverage than going vertical in such cases.

There are various other weather factors that influence the design of a steel metal building in many direct and indirect ways.

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