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What are the Features for Boxed Eave Metal Carports?

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Boxed Eave Carports

The Pros:

The A-Frame style looks much better than the regular style roof. The weld transition from the roof to the legs or post is much stronger than a bend transition. The unit does have a nice eave side overhang and the tubing under the overhang is covered by boxed eave trim, giving it a very nice finished appearance. Compared to the vertical roof unit, there is no hat channel needed to support vertical roof panels, and there’s ridge cap since the roof metal rolls across the peak of the building. That keeps the material costs low lower compared to a vertical roof unit.

The Cons:

The corrugated ridges on the roof panels run from front to back or end to end on all boxed eave units. With those ridges running horizontally, water, leaves, snow, and other debris tends to hold onto those ridges. You can sweep them clean every so often but that requires that someone climb on top of the unit in order to get those ridges clean.

The longest panel that can be transported to the job site is 36′. Boxed Eave metal carports longer than 36′ would have to be spliced and at any splice, there are always potential issues such as leaks or rust. If you are considering a unit longer than 36′, we highly recommend that you only utilize a vertical roof.

While boxed eave buildings are more economical than the vertical roof units, the horizontal roof sheeting on them does get dirty faster and water stands on the unit longer. In short, the roof panels won’t last as long as those do on a vertical roof unit. Ultimately, the choice is yours but our goal is to provide you with all of the information to make the best possible buying decision that’s right for you.

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