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December to Remember Sale

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March 21, 2019, 10:06 a.m.

Why are metal garage doors and windows important?

34x26 Vertical Metal Lean-to Garage
34x26 Vertical Metal Lean-to Garage

Metal garage doors and windows are small components of steel garages. Most people do not even give it much thought. But that is where they are mistaken.

Since steel garages are entirely enclosed structures, openings like metal garage doors and windows are essential for the garage to be functional. They are the primary source of movement into and out of the metal structure. They are also the only means of admitting air and light inside the building.

Of course, many things determine how effective these openings will be. The placement of these doors and windows in your metal garage will depend on your intended usage of the garage, your requirements, and your preferences. 

We, at Carport1, know and understand that our customers have very different and unique storage requirements. That is why we allow you to be the designer of your garage. With us, you can choose where you want to place those metal garage doors and windows. You can also decide how many you want.

Before going into any further detail, let us first see what types of openings are actually available for our sheds and garage buildings.

Types of Opening for a Metal Garage

Metal Garage Doors (Roll-Up Doors)

Garage doors allow movement of people, vehicles, as well as machinery, in and out of the metal building. Your requirements will determine the placement and number of garage doors for your metal garage.

Most of the garage doors are large enough to admit at least a single vehicle. Roll up garage door occupies less space, hence is the most popular option. Most of the garage doors nowadays operate electrically, but there are still doors that work manually. At Carport1, we have metal garage doors that start at dimensions of 6′ x 6′.

Walk-in doors

Walk-in doors can significantly increase the convenience and safety of your metal garage. These doors are similar to regular, residential doors that swing in or out when opened. Adding a walk- in door to your metal garage is more practical for the movement of people. It also increases the safety of your garage by giving you more control over the use of the garage doors. Our standard walk-in doors are 80″ x 36″ in size.


Windows are essential for the ventilation of the garage as well as for admitting natural light into the interior. By adding windows to your garage, you make the structure more flexible in terms of use because the addition of windows makes the garage more suitable for human occupancy.  Properly placed windows also add to the overall aesthetic of your garage. 30″ x 30″ is the standard size of our single pane windows.


If the doors and windows that we offer are not to your liking, then you can choose to install frame-outs. These will give you the frames, and you can attach openings of your design later. Even if you do not plan to fit any openings, frame-outs are still a good idea. They will make your metal building more accessible and lend it a sense of openness. It will also help your garage look beautiful.

Importance of Openings in a Metal Garage

  • Movement to and from the metal garage

Openings like garage doors and walk-in doors are the only way people and vehicles can move in and out of the garage. The proper number and placement of these openings are important for the convenience of the users.

  • Light and Air Source

Garage openings will admit light and air into the metal structure. How much light and air you will require inside the building will dictate the type and placement of openings in the garage. A bigger metal garage, like our triple wide garage, may need fewer windows than, say, a single wide garage. Yes, doors can also light and ventilate your garage, but a window is a safer option. 

  • Preventing Condensation

Doors and windows allow a better flow of air into your garage. An airy atmosphere inside the garage will avoid the formation of condensation on the metal surface and hence prevent premature rusting of the steel. Moisture can also damage equipment or machinery stored inside the garage. That is why it is essential to have better air circulation through the openings.

  • Temperature Control

Windows and doors are a method of passive design for enclosed structures, like a metal garage and metal workshop buildings. Cross ventilation created along the path of predominant wind will help to cool down the inside of the structure by circulating air. In colder places, appropriately oriented openings will allow the sun rays to enter and warm the inside of the metal building.

  • Aesthetic of the Metal Garage

Openings will also enhance the look of the metal garage. Adding a door or a window will add more life to an otherwise plain wall. The natural light admitted by these openings will also improve the interior design of the garage.

Buy Metal Garages from Carport1 at the Best Price

Hopefully, now you know how important metal garage doors and windows are. But these openings will not be enough for the protection of your vehicles and equipment if you do not have a strong garage in the first place.

Carport1’s range of metal garages is sure to satisfy your storage needs. We have steel garages of every dimension and style. And better, you can customize the design of your garage as per your liking. So, contact us today and order a metal garage from Carport1. We can assure you that you will get the best value for your money.

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