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How to make your Metal Garages and Sheds secure

20x26 Vertical Roof Single Car Garage
20x26 Vertical Roof Single Car Garage

One of the main reasons that people invest in backyard sheds is the security these structures offer. People tend to shelter some of their most valuable assets inside these structures, everything from cars to expensive equipment. They want all-around protection for their belongings from all kind of threats, natural or otherwise. This is the exact reason why metal garages and metal sheds have been gaining more popularity by the year. As we have mentioned in many of our earlier posts, metal garages and metal sheds are some of the safest structures for your belongings that are available in the market at the moment.

How are metal garages and metal sheds secure?

There are many reasons why we consider metal buildings, in particular, metal garages and metal sheds, to be so safe and secure. A well-designed and properly built steel garage has the ability to provide your vehicles utmost protection for a number of years. Plus, they are incredibly durable.

  • Protection Against The Elements

The incredible structural strength of steel means that metal garages and metal sheds can withstand the abuse of adverse weather conditions quite effectively. But again, the design of the garage or the shed plays an important role in this. In places which face heavy rainfalls and snowfalls on a regular basis, a metal garage needs to have a different design. A regular roofed garage will not perform as well as a metal garage with vertical roof style. That is why it is very important that you purchase a metal building that will suit your specific needs. The other great thing about metal sheds is that they are made with galvanized steel. Steel garages and sheds are resistant to rust. Hence, they do a great job of shielding your belongings from rain and all the other forms of moisture.

  • Security Against Thieves and Vandals

The strength of metal garages also makes them resistant to attacks from thieves and vandals. Just sheltering your vehicles and valuables inside a metal building discourages the criminals from approaching your property. Metal garages and metal sheds are known to be difficult to break into. There are additional measures that you can undertake to increase the security of metal garages and metal sheds.

  • Safety Against Fire Hazard

Metal buildings are not fire-proof but offer great resistance in cases of fire hazards. Unlike wooden garages and wooden sheds, these metal structures afford you enough time to save yourself and your belongings before the fire causes any significant damage.

  • Termite Resistance with Metal Garages and Metal Sheds

Another benefit of sheltering your valuables inside a metal garage is the protection these metal structures offer from termite and pests attacks. They can cause great damages to your belongings and machinery. These pests are detrimental to the longevity of your belongings. Additionally, they also have negative effects on human health and well-being.

  • Safety During Earthquakes

Steel garages perform significantly better in cases of seismic activities. Most of the traditional constructions like concrete buildings, as well as timber buildings, can crumble during an earthquake. On the other hand, steel has a great tensile strength which makes the metal buildings so flexible and allows them to bend without breaking. It is almost impossible to construct an earthquake-proof building. However, metal buildings will provide maximum protection for your belongings during earthquakes when compared to other structures.

Increasing the Security of Metal Garages and Metal Sheds

There is really no match for high-quality metal garages and metal sheds when it comes to the security of your valuables. But when it comes to protecting your belongings from all threats, you can never be too careful. Below are some of the ways you can increase the level of security for your metal garage or your metal shed.

  • A secure lock system

The first thing you can do to ensure that your metal building is safe for your belongings is to invest in a secure lock system. This can be as inexpensive as a simple door lock. However, for extra protection, you can also equip your garage doors and windows with automatic or even digital lock systems. Even though most of our metal buildings come with garage doors and windows that have secure locks, it never hurts to have a double layer of security.

  • Alarm Systems and Motion Detectors

Another great way to increase security is to install high-quality alarm systems and motions detectors. True, that these measures will have a slightly higher installation cost. But if you are storing your car or your expensive PC inside the metal storage shed, then investing in alarm and motion detectors systems is worth the money. With recent technologies, you can receive alerts on your mobile phones of any suspicious activities within your garage or shed, even when you are miles away from your home.

  • Security Cameras

One of the most reliable ways of keeping an eye on steel buildings is through security cameras or CCTVs. The effectiveness of these cameras depends on how strategically you place them. You should point these cameras toward entry and exit to the buildings, or any other vulnerable area that can be broken into. Even when you are not near your garage or shed, you can still get live video footage of the goings-on in or around the structure all throughout the day.

  • A Good Lighting System

A good lighting system is mostly used for aesthetic enhancement of your metal building. But they are also very functional in increasing the security of your metal garages and metal sheds. A well-lit metal building gives the appearance of occupancy within or near to the building and deters thieves, vandals, and other criminals from breaking into your premise. With proper lighting, it is easier to observe and guard your metal buildings against any suspicious activities at night times.

  • Security through Landscaping

Constructing a compound wall or installing some sort of fencing around your property is one of the landscaping methods to secure metal garages and metal sheds. Vegetation should be well-kept and trimmed so as to give you a proper line of sight. Doing so will help you to keep an eye on your metal garage or your metal shed. Also, overgrown trees and bushes tend to give an appearance of neglect which can be encouraging to the criminals.

We hope that our recommendations are useful for keeping your belongings safe from any security threats. Go to the Carport1 website. Browse through hundreds of metal garages and metal sheds models to find the ideal product for you. These metal buildings can give your vehicles and other valuables maximum protection. When you make a purchase from us, you are offered a wide range of customization options. We allow you to modify the design of your metal building as per your storage requirements.

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