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Jan. 7, 2020, 1:48 p.m.

5 maintenance tips for Metal Garages

22x21 Vertical Roof Double Car Garage
22x21 Vertical Roof Double Car Garage

You can preserve the life of your metal carport by taking these 5 simple maintenance steps. They will ensure your carport remains looking in great condition and make you the envy of all your neighbors.

  1. Start with the roof: During autumn leaves and falling debris from trees can build up on the roof of your carport trapping moisture and leading to corrosion spots on the roof panels. It is important to keep sweeping this debris off the roof in order to keep the roof looking sparkling. You can wash it down with water and even use liquid soap if you find some stains that are stubborn. If you are in a snow area, it is vital to clean the roof of snow after each storm event. Carports are designed for a safe snow load, but if numerous snow events are left unattended, there may be load damage to the panels or structure.
  2. Clean the gutters: Once the roof is clean, the next step is to clean out the rain water gutters as these can easily become clogged with leaves. While we do not provide gutters, some customers add them post-installation. Gutter systems are designed to remove water from the roof panels and so when they are clogged there is the danger that a build-up of water can cause long term damage. Use a small potting spade to remove all the built up debris and add it to your compost heap.
  3. Wipe down the walls: Dust and debris can cling to the side panels of your metal garage and eventually cause stains or damage. It is especially important in the windy season to regularly wash down the side panels and if necessary clean them with soap and water. If you find a build-up of soil and leaves etc. around the side of your garage, it is best to use a spade to clear this away from time to time. Any spots where water can accumulate and remain against the metal panels is something that should be avoided.
  4. Keep the floor free of spills: Using your garage to store your vehicle or power tools always creates the opportunity for an unwanted spill of oil or grease to get onto the floor. Be proactive by laying a floor pan down to catch the spill when it happens as this is much easier than cleaning it up afterwards. But if the spill has already stained the floor, check your floor sealer specifications to determine which detergent is safe for use, environmentally friendly and will not damage the floor. The quicker you clean up a spill, the more effective you will be. Stains that are left for a number of months are almost impossible to completely remove from the surface.
  5. Check your windows and doors: Windows and doors are another regular culprit for moisture buildup and potential damage to metal panels. Check the seal between the window and door frames and the surrounding garage structure and sheeting. If there are any signs of weakness or visible gaps, take care to seal these by following the manufacturer’s guidelines. Weather stripping is also an ideal way to improve the insulation of your garage against the elements and ensure the maximum life from your investment.

Follow these 5 simple maintenance steps to keep your Metal Garage looking great and extend its life to the maximum.

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