Rent-to-Own (RTO) made easy with carport1

We have always emphasized on making the process of buying a metal building feel like a breeze along with financing. Our drive of giving our customers a good experience through the entire process of buying a metal building has been very successful and we will continue doing so in the coming future as well.

  • Fast. We provide one of the fastest financing service in the business.
  • Simple. Our process for financing is very easy and simple.
  • Number of choices for financing. We will give you a number of offers and you can choose from them.
  • Covers our all manufactured products. Our financing service covers Commercial and Industrial buildings as well and we can get it under a few minutes.
  • Call us for any queries you might have our experts are waiting to give you the best advices: 888-330-6341.
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Our goal to offer our customers a one-stop shop where you can quote or design, price, purchase and even finance – your carport, garage, metal building, or barn, all from the comfort of your home or office!

The manufacturer’s that we represent have been providing metal and steel buildings to customers for a very long time. We specialize in helping you select the right prefabricated metal building for your specific need, in many cases, for 40% to 50% less money than conventionally constructed structures.

Soon, we will be offering the option to finance the structures that we offer on your approved credit.

RTO National: RTO & Financing

  • Rent to Own : From $2000.00 – $8000.0
  • Must be a land owner
  • Only Finance Upto $15,000.00

BLI Rentals

  • Rent to Own : From $2000.00 – $7000.0
  • Must be a landowner
  • Only Finance Up to $15,000.00

EZ Pay Buildings

  • Limit without Credit Check is $5,500.00
  • Limit With Credit Check is $10,000.00 (Depending on Credit Score)
  • Must be a landowner

Buy any metal building from carport1 and pay over time. It just take easy 5 steps:
1. Choose any building you like
2. Check the payment terms and conditions
3. Fill the form
4. Get the approval for the financing
5. Get the building you desired.

Best Metal Buildings to Buy in RTO

48×36 Storage Building

Fully enclosed raised central aisle metal barn for maximum safety and security of your belongings. The Deluxe Wainscot and Dutch-style opening frame-outs featured with this Carolina metal barn kit enhances its aesthetic appeal.

44×41 Metal Storage Barn Building

Metal Storage Barn Building with structural strength, durability, and style. Fully enclosed to give maximum security to your farm vehicles and other agricultural storage against all kinds of threats.

44×41 Metal Farm Building

Metal Farm Building features a fully enclosed, secure shelter solution for storage of valuable equipment and other livestock.

42×41 Metal Storage Buildings

A great option for protecting your vehicles and belongings from adverse elements as well as from criminal activities. This 42 x 42 raised central aisle metal barn offers the classic barn aesthetics combined with its incredible structural strength and versatility.

48×31 Metal Storage Building

The ideal shelter for all of your agricultural storage requirements. This 48 x 31 Metal Storage Building has fully enclosed main aisle for secure storage and partially enclosed lean-tos for easy access.

52×41 Steel Storage Building

One of the classic Carolina metal barns that offers durability as well as aesthetic appeal. Not just an ideal shelter for your agricultural storage needs but also perfect for residential and commercial purposes.

44×36 Steel Storage Building

44 x 36 fully enclosed metal barn with raised central aisle for the safety and security of your valuables. Ideal for sheltering your farm vehicle, heavy-duty equipment, feed storage, and more!

44×21 Metal Carolina Barn building kits

An all-in-one solution for all of your agricultural storage solution. This stunning raised central aisle barn is incredibly versatile and is ideal for sheltering livestock, your farm vehicles, and much more.

44×21 Carolina Metal Barn Building

Fully enclosed Carolina Metal Barn Building. Provides safe and secure shelter for your vehicles storage, feed storage, equipment storage, and more.

48×21 Steel Storage Structure

A beautiful-looking raised central aisle barn that is perfect for sheltering your livestock, farm vehicles, feed storage, and much more. This fully enclosed metal barn will ensure complete security of your belongings.

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