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Transforming your Metal Carports, Metal Garages and Metal Storage buildings


As time passes on, you begin gathering more stuff, even if you do not intend to. Your needs and that of your family also keep changing and expanding. Soon, the garage or any other storage building, that you had purchased only a few years ago, becomes too small to fit all of your stuff. It can also happen that you need to use the storage building for completely different purposes now. At least, this is the story of many of our customers. Most of them have outgrown their storage buildings. They now need additional spaces for their work or for storage. Lucky for them, they had purchased metal carports, metal garages or metal storage buildings, to begin with.

There are a few things you can do to transform your metal storage buildings for that extra space.  You do not have to immediately go out and buy a bigger but entirely new storage building.

Why Transform Metal Carports, Metal Garages, and Metal Storage Buildings?

There are many benefits of transforming metal carports, metal garages, and metal storage buildings. First, you get that added storage space that you need. Second, you do not have to spend a crazy amount of money on buying a bigger storage building. Transforming your metal carports and metal storage buildings is a very cost-efficient way of expanding the storage space. Plus, you do not need to get rid of your existing metal building.

The add-ons and extensions used to expand metal storage buildings are incredibly flexible. They allow for the versatile use of the metal storage building. Whether you need added space for recreational purposes or you need space for a workstation, these metal building extensions are the perfect solutions. Metal carports and metal storage buildings make the perfect shaded space for holding social gatherings and picnics too.

This process of expanding existing metal buildings, in most cases, is relatively simple and easy. So easy in fact that some of our customers take it on as a DIY project. The amount of time it takes to transform metal storage buildings is less than what it would take to install a new structure.

How to Transform Metal Carports and Metal Storage Buildings?

Adding on to Your Existing Metal Building with Metal Building Extensions

As we mentioned above, installing add-ons and metal building extensions can help you achieve extra storage space that you can use for a number of applications.

Lean-to for Metal Carports, Metal Garages, and Metal Storage Buildings

Adding lean-tos to metal carports, metal garages or metal storage buildings is the easiest way to add some extra storage space. It is also very affordable. You can add a lean-to at any point in the service life of those buildings. What is so great about adding lean-tos to your metal building is that you also get various customization options. These options allow you to control the design and function of the lean-to.

Customizing The Lean-tos

The dimensions, roof style, and the additional features for these metal building extensions are entirely up to you. We offer lean-tos that are as wide as 12’. Few things to keep in mind while considering the dimensions of the lean-tos is its length. For most metal buildings, the length of the lean-tos and the existing structure is the same. Similarly, for the height, the leg height of the main building is greater than the height of the lean-tos. This allows for better flow of water and other debris away from the metal structure.

The other thing that you can customize is that you can control the amount of coverage for the lean-to. You can choose to have the lean-to either open, partially enclosed or fully covered. If you want a workshop or an office, then you can enclose the entire lean-to. Then, you can add openings like walk-in doors, windows or roll-up garage doors. Whereas for recreational purposes, it might be better to just leave the lean-to open or partially enclosed with gables and side panels. In any case, you will want to give the lean-to a style that complements the look of your existing metal carport or metal storage building, including the roof style. Before adding a lean-to to your metal building, make sure you are complying with all building codes and by-laws.

Increasing the Length of Metal Carports, Metal Garages, and Metal Storage Buildings

Increasing the length of the metal carports and metal storage buildings needs a bit of foresight. You will have to make sure that the increased length does not violate any setback regulations. At the very time of purchase, think about considerations for the expansion of the building. For the orders with very great length requirements, we attach two buildings end-to-end. In the same way, if you want to increase the length of an existing metal building, you can join the end of the new metal structure to that building. For any building extension, take into account the current building plans to ensure that both structures suit each other.

Adding Utility Shed To Metal Carports

If you are in need of enclosed space, then adding a utility shed to your metal carport may be a great idea. This type of structure with a carport and a utility shed is known as a utility carport or a combo unit. There are many customization features that we offer with our utility shed. The options include the customizable dimensions, colors, additional features as well as the roof style. While customizing your metal utility shed, make sure that it complements the design and function of your existing metal carport.

Enclosing Metal Carports and Metal Storage Buildings

Another way you can transform metal carports or metal storage buildings, including metal barns, is by enclosing the metal structure. If your existing metal building is completely open, then you can increase the coverage of the metal structure by adding wall panels as well as gables. Enclosing the metal carports and metal storage buildings thus gives your belongings better protection from the elements.

If you want to give your belongings and vehicles utmost protection against the weather conditions and total safety against human threats like thieves and vandals then you can completely enclose the building to get something like a metal garage or a metal shed. Enclosing metal carports and metal storage buildings is possible only if you have purchased a product that has enough leg height to accommodate garage doors and windows. Openings play an important role in the effectiveness of any enclosed metal building. They allow for convenient movement in and out of the metal building. They are also the only source of light and air into the building.

Transform Your Carport1 Metal Storage Buildings

While it would be great if you could just purchase a metal building that can comfortably shelter all of your future needs, it is impossible to predict the future. At one point in time or another, you will run out of space or your needs will change. Transforming your metal carports and metal storage buildings, in those cases, is a more convenient and affordable option than buying a new building. We, at Carport1, offer these transformation options and metal building extensions for all of the units that we have installed. Contact us today to discuss how you can transform your metal carports and metal buildings.

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