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Factors that Affect Metal Building Prices


Metal buildings are among the least expensive constructions available at the moment. The cost-effectiveness of steel buildings does not take away from their strength and durability. That is why more and more people are investing in metal buildings than traditional structures. However, metal building prices can differ based on various factors, the cost of steel in the market, the design of the building, etc. Purchasing a metal building of any kind will ultimately depend on your budget as well as your storage requirements. In this article we will discuss more about the things that influence the costs of steel buildings.

What affects the Metal Building Prices?

Metal Building Type, Size, and Design

The type of metal building you intend to purchase will affect the metal building prices. A “top only” metal carport will be the least expensive metal structure. Meanwhile, a custom metal building or triple wide garage will usually fall in the higher price range.

Size of a metal building plays an equally important role in dictating the price tag of the product. Generally, the larger the size of a metal building, the more the amount of steel used in the construction of that structure. Since steel is sold by its weight in the market, a building with larger dimensions will generally be more expensive than the one with smaller sizes.

Similarly, the design of a metal building is also responsible for determining the cost of the building. Complex designs, especially those of commercial buildings will end up costing you more than a standard stock supply building. This is because the fabrication of non-standard parts and components will require much effort and time from the manufacturers. The key is to have a perfect balance of functionality and affordability while purchasing a metal building.

Roofing Style of Metal Building

We offer three choices for the roofing style of a metal building; Regular, Boxed Eave and Vertical.

Regular roofs are the most inexpensive options out of the three. These buildings use less structural components than the other roof styles.  Hence, they have a lower manufacturing cost. The horizontal panels also bring down the price of the building.

The Boxed Eave roof style has an A-framed roof structure. Extra elements, like the side eave trims, also increase the overall cost of the metal building.

The Vertical roof style is the most expensive option. But it is also the most durable choice and is capable of withstanding any weather conditions. Vertical roofs have high price tag because they have more structural components like the ridge cap, the horizontal hat channels, etc.

Your choice for the roofing style will depend on the look you want for your metal building, the climatic condition of your location, etc.

Additional Features and Accessories for the Metal Building

It is obvious that if you add any extra features or accessories to your metal buildings, then that will significantly add to the overall cost of the construction.

Metal garages and other enclosed metal structures require openings like garage doors and windows. That is why the cost of the garages is much more than the price of metal carports.

Adding other accessories, like gutters, downspouts, gables and side panels, while they increase the functionality and effectiveness of the metal building, also hike up its price.

Factors that Affect the Construction Cost of a Steel Metal Building

The site of the Steel Metal Building

We require the location of installation to be flat and even. That way the structure does not suffer from future structural faults, and damages, like tilting to a side, doors and windows not closing properly, etc. If you are planning to install our metal buildings on uneven land, then that will cost you more to get the site ready for the construction. For areas with slopes, you will have to flatten out the ground first. And doing that can add to the labor cost of the installation.

Transportation and Access to the Site

Transportation of the building parts to the site of the construction can also affect the metal building prices. If you have chosen a dealer that is near to you, then the transportation cost will be significantly less. If the dealer is far from the construction site, the transportation cost more. Fortunately, a company like Carport1 has dealers all across the country. So, you can choose the one nearest to you. Remember that you will have to bear the return transportation costs if you make any change to the construction schedule.

Access is also another factor to keep in mind. An easily accessible site that is out in open area might require less effort for the construction. Whereas in crowded urban areas there are various difficulties for the construction. Working hour limitation means you will have to lengthen the construction schedule in these areas. Also, there are other regulations like limiting the noise of the construction which might add to the expenses of the construction.

Labor and Equipment

The labor cost during the construction of a metal building varies across state lines. If you live in places that are near the cities, where the labor force is abundant, you can get skilled labor at very competitive prices. But if you live in areas that have a scarcity of labor force or in places where skilled labor is in high demand, then you will have to spend a bit more for the same purpose.

The complexity of the plan and design of the building will also influence the equipment required. If your building has large dimensions or very intricate designs, then the building might need extra equipment than standard construction. The equipment cost also depends on whether you or your contractor decides to rent or buy the equipment.

Permits and Fees

Permits are often the most overlooked component of the construction process. However, they do not really cost much. Permits and other installation fees for the metal building vary according to the state and the locality you live. It also depends on the type of metal building you are intending to build. You will have to check in with your local authorities to get information about what permits you require to construct a metal building. They will also give you the details about the cost of these permits.

Buy Carport1 Metal Buildings at the Best Metal Building Prices

Even though a metal building is the most affordable construction available in the market, the actual cost of the construction is dependent on numerous factors. However, even accounting for these factors, metal buildings will cost a lot less than conventional structures.

At Carport1, we offer the most competitive metal building prices in the market for all of our products. We have a wide range of metal buildings, including steel garages, carports, metal barns, RV covers, etc. All of these buildings come in different styles and features. So, you can choose the one that best suits your storage needs and your budget. Call us today and order the steel building of your choice.

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