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Why are detached Metal Garages worth the Investment?


Garages are an essential requirement for any homeowner today. These structures protect your vehicles against the elements and also keep them secure from thieves and vandals. You can use residential garages for more than just parking vehicles, though. They provide extra storage spaces for your belongings, or can even be used as workshops and offices. Traditionally, most of the garages were detached garages, built at some distance from the house. With time, people started opting to attach their garages to their houses. Attached garages are what people think of when they hear the word ‘garage’. However, in recent times, detached garages have had somewhat of a comeback. The advent of steel in the construction industry has helped raise the popularity of detached garages. Detached metal garages have certain advantages over their traditional attached counterparts that make purchasing one such a worthy investment.

Why Choose Steel Garages?

  • Durability of Steel Garages

The durability of steel garages is mainly a result of the incredible structural strength of steel. The high strength-to-weight ratio of steel allows steel buildings to be structurally robust as well as light-weight. This structural strength enables the metal garages to withstand extreme weather loads without fail. The high-quality galvanized steel that we use for the manufacture of our garages makes them rust-resistant. These garages, with the minimum of maintenance efforts, can last you decades. The great thing about metal garages is that they do not lose their strength with time. Even after sustained daily use, metal garages do not show any signs of wear and tear.

  • Affordability of Steel Garages

One of the main reasons people choose any type of metal building is their affordability. Steel garages are fairly economical at the time of purchase and installation. But more than that, metal structures are more cost-effective to use and to maintain. Unlike timber garages, metal garages do not need any repaints or chemical treatments every so often. An annual or semi-annual cleaning and few minor repairs will suffice to keep the metal garages in good working conditions.

  • Flexibility of Steel Garages

As we have mentioned, the use of metal garages does not have to be limited to just parking your cars and SUVs. The clear-spanning interiors of metal garages can accommodate numerous applications. Whether you need a private home office, need a workshop to practice your hobby, a man cave/she-shed to relax or need a shed to store your garden equipment, steel garages can serve all those purposes.

  • Customizability of Steel Garages

The versatility of metal garages, in large part, is possible also because of their effortless customizability. With every metal garage purchase from Carport1, you get a wide range of customization options which allow you to control the design of the structure. When we say you can customize our metal buildings, we are not saying that for the sake of it. Every feature of our metal garages can be modified to fit the individual requirements of our customers. Everything, from dimensions of the metal garage to the color combination to the additional features, can be tailored to your needs.

  • Sustainability of Steel Garages

Sustainability of steel garages is mostly due to such great recyclability of steel. Unlike other building materials, steel does not lose its structural integrity with repeated recycling. Most of the metal garage buildings are made of recycled steel and even after their service life will be made into something else. Since these metal garages are so durable, that also contributes to the sustainability of these structures. If you want to go green, then there is no better choice in the building industry than steel garages.

Reasons Why Detached Metal Garages are Worth the Investment

  • Detached Metal Garages Increase the Value of the Property

Detached garage is a great way of increasing the value of your plot. The more the square footage of the buildings on any property, the greater the value of that property will be. In that sense, a detached metal garage becomes very valuable. If your house does not already have inbuilt garage space, then a detached garage becomes even more essential and may be the only option for you to provide protection to vehicles and belongings. In almost all cases, potential buyers consider a garage to be a must-have for any property.

  • Detached Metal Garages Offer Greater Flexibility

Another great advantage of investing in a detached metal garage is that these structures are much more flexible than traditional garages. The clear-spanning nature of these garages can accommodate a variety of use. Plus, a detached metal garage can be as big or as small as you like it to be. It can also adapt the size as per the limitations of your property.

Most of the traditionally attached garages do not offer this flexibility. In those instances, you have to be constrained by the layout and design of the house. However, for a detached metal garage, as long as it complements the look of your house, you can design it the way you see fit. The range of customization options that we offer with our metal structures can further add to the flexibility of these structures. A detached metal garage is a multi-functional space that can be used for numerous applications.

  • Privacy with Detached Metal Garages

If you use your garage as workshops, or studios, etc. then you can be certain that you will not get much privacy inside an attached garage. People are constantly barging into the room and you lose focus in an instant. It is not just that you don’t get privacy, none of your family members will get much peace either. The noise from within the garage when you are repairing some tools, woodworking, and so on, can disturb the inhabitants of the building too. That is not the case with detached metal garages, however. Just the distance between the house and the metal garage reduces the transfer of noise from and into the house. Also, most metal garages come with some form of insulation which can control the noise inside the building.

  • Safety with Detached Metal Garages

The main reason garages were built at some distance from the house traditionally was because they could easily catch fire. Garages usually have fuel and other inflammable materials just lying around. Metal garages, as they are, are very resistant to fire hazards. But having a detached garage helps to further reduce the damage that fire can cause. Since detached metal garages are built as stand-alone structures, they do not let the fire spread to the main building. Additionally, building a garage some way from your house will ensure the safety of the garage as well as the house in a case of structural failure for either.

  • Extra Storage Space

Detached metal garages can take care of all your storage problems. Your stuff that does not fit inside your home can be just stashed away in the metal garage buildings. These structures do a splendid job of protecting your belongings from the elements. Not only that, but these garages also secure your valuables from thieves and vandals. With proper considerations at the time of purchase, you can get a metal garage that fulfills all your storage requirements. On top of that, even if you run out of space inside the garage, you can just add a lean-to. Lean-tos are helpful in adding some extra storage space to your metal buildings and can be fully customized.

Carport1 for the Best Detached Metal Garages

Detached metal garages come with many advantages over attached garages, whether it is its affordability or customizability. When it comes to metal garages, where better to shop than at Carport1? We have hundreds of metal garage models that you can easily customize as per your requirements. Visit for more information on any metal garage and the customization options available with that garage. We also have metal carports, metal barns, RV covers, and many other metal buildings.

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