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Metal Utility Carports: The Perfect Combination of a Metal Carport with Storage


Metal utility carports, or more commonly combo units, are offered as a combined structure. They have an open carport unit as well as a fully enclosed storage shed unit attached to that carport. These metal combo units are incredibly affordable and have versatile usages. You basically get the benefits of two structures, a carport and a garage, morphed into one. There are various benefits of owning a metal carport with storage, be it for normal use or for agricultural purposes. You get the same range of customization options with the purchase of a utility carport as with any of our other products.

Features of Metal Utility Carports

As stated, metal utility carports are a combination of carports and storage units. You can purchase a metal carport with storage as a “Top-Only” unit, where the metal carport is open. Alternatively, you can buy it as a “Top-Plus” unit where you can partially enclose the carport section with gables or side panels. The utility shed always has full coverage and is more like a metal garage.

Size of Metal Carports with Storage

As with any of our other products, we offer metal utility carports with standard dimensions and also with customizable sizes. The standard models are readily available in our stock supply. Remember that with metal utility carports, you cannot choose different widths for the carport and the storage section. The width of the carport is the width of the storage section. Also, you cannot have differing heights between these two sections. Select a height for a section and that is the height of the entire structure.

Color Options for Metal Carports with Storage

We have 14 options for the color combination of your metal carport with storage. You can pick the shade for the roof panels, the wall panels as well as the trims, to get the aesthetic that you like. Again, the color combination is the same for both the metal carport section and the storage section. You cannot pick a different color combination for the two sections.

Extra features for Metal Carports with Storage

With the purchase of a combo unit, we offer our customers various extra features or accessories. These features help to make the unit more durable, better looking and provide better protection to your belongings. With the metal utility carports, you can choose to install side panels, gables or both for better coverage. Enclosing a carport thus will provide you and your belongings more safety against the elements. Plus, it will give the entire structure a more refined look.

For the enclosed storage unit, you can pick to install the openings of your choice. These opening fixtures include garage doors, walk-in doors as well as windows. We can also install frame-outs if you decide that you want to fix your own opening later. Additionally, you can choose how many openings you want to install and the side on which you want to install them. You should always consider the height of your structure beforehand. Make sure that you purchase a metal carport with storage that has enough leg height to accommodate the openings.

Advantages of Metal Utility Carports

  • Versatile Use of Space with Metal Utility Carports

Combo units offer versatile use of the spaces for their owners. The shaded carport section can be used not only for parking your vehicles or storage but also for holding social gatherings. They also make great outdoor workshops, open but shaded studio and more. The utility portion of the carport provides better all-around protection from the elements. It can be used in all the ways a garage can be used; as storage units, as an enclosed workshop/ office, etc. With a combo unit, you get endless options for utilizing the spaces.

  • Better Protection

Metal utility carports offer better protection against the elements as well as against human dangers. You do not have to worry about any risk to you or your belongings. The carport section is accessible but it also shields your vehicles from rain, snow, wind, and sun. Meanwhile, the utility shed offers complete protection from thieves and vandals. With metal utility carports, you can categorize your belongings according to the level of access and safety they require.

  • Customization Opportunities 

Customization options are endless with metal combo units. You get control over every feature of the unit. This allows you to choose a product that fits your needs, suits the weather of your location and also provides better aesthetic. The great thing about metal carport with storage is that you get more options for customization. You can choose the features for the carport and for the utility shed as well.

  • Durability of Metal Utility Carports

Durability, not just of the metal combo unit itself but also of your belongings, is ensured with these structures. You can provide your valuables the perfect amount of enclosure that is necessary to keep them protected. Sheltered vehicles and belongings last for a longer time than those left out in the open. Since steel is a robust material itself, the use of galvanized steel means that our carports are incredibly long-lasting.

When you purchase a metal combo unit from Carport1, you are getting the benefits of two products in one. Our combo units are made with the same high-quality materials as our other products so that you can be confident in the structural integrity of these structures. If you want to know more about our metal utility carports then you can check out our website. Our customer service is always at your service to serve you through the entire buying process.

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