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Lean-to carport, garage, and metal buildings


The lean-to carport, lean-to garage and other lean-to metal buildings that we offer are very handy. They are especially useful to people who want some extra space with their garages, sheds, and carports without spending a lot of money. Lean-to for any metal building is attached to the main existing structure.

The style of the lean-to is designed to be similar to that of the main structure. As a result, the lean-to carports or the lean-to garages and the existing building form a unified whole. Lean-to carports and lean-to garages are a popular choice among homeowners. This is not only because of their affordability but also since one can add the lean-to to their metal buildings at any later date when they feel that they are running out of space in the main building.

Customizing Lean-to Carport and Lean-to Garage

As with any of our metal carports, metal garages or metal sheds, the lean-tos to these structures are fully customizable. The dimensions, the roof style, the aesthetics of the lean-to carport and lean-to garage are entirely dependent on your choices. You can also decide on the coverage that the lean-to of your metal building gets. With this option, you can provide your belongings with the required level of protection and security against the elemental conditions as well as human threats. These additions come with all the advantages that steel imparts to them. They have a long lifespan, are low-maintenance, structurally strong, and sustainable as well. These features are also very flexible and versatile in terms of use. They can be used for a number of various applications.

How can you customize your lean-to carport or lean-to garage?

As we mentioned above, our lean-to carport or lean-to garages as customizable as any of our other metal buildings. Whether you purchase a lean-to carport or lean-to garage from the beginning, or just the lean-to as an add-on to your existing metal building, you can modify the various features of the structure so that it fits your storage requirements.

Size of the lean-to carport or lean-to garage

At Carport1, the length of the lean-to carport or the lean-to garage starts from 21’. It can be as long as you want. Similarly, the minimum width of these add-ons is 12’. However, we also accept and manufacture orders with custom dimensions. In cases where you are adding a lean-to carport or garage to an existing structure, we will also have to take into account the condition and features of that metal building.

Roof Style of the lean-to carport or lean-to garage

We offer three roof styles for our lean-to carport and lean-to garage. The roof style options include the regular roof style, the boxed eave roof style, and the vertical roof style. Each of these roof styles come with their own advantage; for example, a regular lean-to is more affordable than our other three options. The boxed eave roof style offers better aesthetics. On the other hand, the vertical roof style provides the best protection.

Additional features for lean-to carport or lean-to garage

You can choose to leave your lean-to carport or any other lean-to metal building fully open, partially enclosed or fully covered. The amount of enclosure depends on what aesthetics you want with your metal building. It also depends on how much protection and security you want for your belongings.

The extra features that we offer with our open and partially enclosed lean-to carport and lean-to garage are the side panels, end panels as well as the gables. Likewise, for our fully enclosed lean-to garages and lean-to buildings, other additional features available like the addition of openings, from walk-in doors to windows to garage doors. These opening fixtures are important for the convenience of the users and the efficiency of the metal building itself.

Things you should consider while purchasing a lean-to carport or lean-to garage

There are a couple of things that you should keep in mind while purchasing a metal lean-to carport, lean-to garage or any other lean-to building. These points are especially important if you are purchasing the lean-tos as add-ons to your existing metal building.

  • The dimensions of the lean-to must be compatible with the main or existing metal carport, or other metal buildings. The length of the lean-to cannot be greater than the length of the main structure. Similarly, the height of the lean-to should also suit that of the main structure. This is important for the easy flow of water, snow, and debris away from the roofs of your buildings.
  • When selecting the roof style of the lean-to, make sure that the roof style of the lean-to and the main structure are as close as possible to being the same. This gives the lean-to carport or the lean-to garage uniformity. It also increases the effectiveness of the entire structure.
  • Also, ensure that the lean-to carport or the lean-to metal building complies with your local building and zoning regulations. You will have to obtain all the permits before you install the metal building. This is not only important legally but also for the structural safety of your metal building.

Advantages of lean-to carport, lean-to garage, and lean-to metal buildings

  • Lean-to carport, lean-to garage, and lean-to metal buildings offer extra storage space with your metal buildings. No matter what the type of lean-to is, these buildings shelter your belongings from harm that can be caused by the various weather conditions, be it rain, snow, storm or sunshine. Enclosed lean-to carports and garages can also offer great security against thieves and vandals.
  • These metal carports and garages are fully customizable. You get complete control over the dimensions, aesthetics as well as additional features of the structure so that you can design your lean-to structure to suit your storage requirements.
  • A lean-to carport or a lean-to garage is very easy to assemble. It takes a relatively short period of time for the installation. This is mainly owing to the fact that these structures are prefabricated components that are made in the factories.
  • Lean-to can be added to an existing metal carport, metal garage or other metal buildings at any later date. So, if you have a metal building and want more space then you do not have to spend money on a brand new building or structure.
  • These lean-to carports and garages are flexible enough to accommodate any application. Whether you just want a shaded deck, space to store your garden or farming equipment or a shelter for your animals, lean-to metal buildings are the perfect options.
  • Open or partially enclosed lean-to carports allow for easier access to your stored stuff whereas fully enclosed lean-to garages and lean-to metal buildings provide maximum security for your belongings.

Buy Lean-to Carports, Lean-to Garages, and Lean-to Metal Buildings from Carport1

Carport1 has hundreds of options for lean-to carports, lean-to garages, and lean-to metal buildings of various sizes, colors, and extra features. If you have already existing Carport1 metal building, you can even add the lean-to to that structure without much hassle. Contact our customer representatives and discuss what options you have for purchasing a lean-to carport, garage or metal building or for adding to the metal building you already have.

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