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5 Advantages of Metal Pole Barns

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A barn or similar type of building is essential to keep your livestock and agricultural storage safe. A well-designed and properly built barn will protect your possessions from the damaging effects of outdoor elements. Plus, those barns will also help to keep the wrong-doers at bay. Traditionally, almost all of the agricultural storage sheds were wooden barns. But slowly and surely, metal pole barns are replacing the timber structures. But why is that? What are the advantages of metal pole barns? How are they better than the wooden pole barns?

Before looking at the details, let us first discuss the primary differences between these two structures. Wooden pole barns have wooden columns and beams for support. The poles are buried in the ground for stability. These barns maybe covered with wooden planks or steel sheets. For metal pole barns, the structural framework consists of metal columns (legs) and metal bows/ trusses. We secure our steel barns to the ground using anchors. Steel panels form the exterior enclosure of the entire structure.

Now that we know what metal pole barns really are, let us see how they are actually beneficial.

5 Advantages of Metal Pole Barns (Steel Barns)

Durability of Metal Pole Barns

Steel is one of the most durable construction material available in the market right now. This durability mainly comes from the structural strength of steel. It has a very high strength to weight ratio. Hence, steel barns can be incredibly strong without being too heavy. Metal pole barns can easily and effectively withstand heavy weather loads without suffering damages.

Compare that to the structural strength of wooden pole barns. Wood is not really a robust material and wooden barns mostly crumble under heavy snow or wind load.

The other thing to note is that moisture does not have the same detrimental effect on metal pole barns as it has on wooden barns. Steel barns are not susceptible to rotting, warping or deforming. Plus, metal barns do not show any signs of wear and tear over the long run. Therefore, metal pole barns, in general, have a longer lifespan than other constructions.

Cost-effectiveness of Metal Pole Barns

While it is true that wooden barns are not really expensive either, they are not a cost-effective option on the whole. Timber barns require regular maintenance. You have to treat the wood and paint them year after year. On top of that, wooden barns to not last for a very long time and you have to buy a new one in no time.

Metal pole barns, on the other hand, are incredibly affordable at the time of purchase. More than that, these steel structures are economical over their service time as well. All steel barns require in a year is a thorough cleaning and minor repairs.

Another point to note is, metal pole barns protect your belongings from the elements. Hence, they save you money that you might have spent on the maintenance of those belongings and equipment otherwise.

Fire and Termite Resistance of Metal Pole Barns

One of the main reasons that wooden barns have fallen out of favor is because they could not offer resistance to some of the more common problems faced by agricultural storage buildings. Wooden barns are combustible and can easily catch fire. These fires are not just detrimental to the structure but also to lives and property.

Metal pole barns are not as vulnerable to fire hazards. It is not that steel barns are fireproof, but they do offer better resistance to fire. They are only affected by fire when the fire sustains for a long period of time. Even so, they offer the occupants more time for rescue.

In the same way, metal pole barns only rarely suffer termite attacks. Being inorganic material, termite cannot cause any dent in the armor of steel barns. Wooden barns, however, get constantly damaged by termites and vermins.

Sustainability of Metal Pole Barns

Steel is a sustainable and environmentally- friendly material by nature. Most of the steel equipment and components that are in use today have been made from recycled steel. And they will get recycled further when their service life is over. In fact, steel is the most recycled material in the world. The manufacture of metal pole barns has no negative effect on the environment. Additionally, they do not produce any toxins or by-products that can cause harm to nature.

Metal Pole Barns are Low- Maintenance

The main disadvantage of owning a wooden pole barn is that they are incredibly high- maintenance. If you want a wooden barn to last for an optimum lifetime, then you will have to take proper care of it. You will have to chemically treat the wood time and again to keep it from rotting or warping. Plus, the barn will need repainting. Repairing a wooden barn is also a pain since the components are not easily replaceable.

Steel barns are very easy to keep and to maintain. A thorough cleaning once or twice a year will suffice for these structures. Plus, conducting repairs is also simple. Metal barn components are easily replaceable.

Buy Metal Pole Barns from Carport1

All of these advantages combined, make a metal pole barn an ideal shelter for agricultural storage. Carport1 has a wide range of building models for metal pole barns. You can choose the one that you like and customize it as per your requirements. We have three basic styles of steel barns; Regular horse barns, Carolina barns, and Seneca barns. We also have various other types of metal buildings to take care of your storage. Carport1 supplies metal carports, metal garages, and more all over the nation. For more information, visit our website or contact our customer service.

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