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11 Benefits of a Prefab Metal Garage


A prefab metal garage comes with many advantages. Installing one on your property will solve all your parking and storage needs. On top of that, it will also significantly hike the value of your property. Steel garages provide all-around protection for your valuables. They shield your vehicles from the elements and even from the prying eyes of thieves and vandals.

Traditionally, the garages that people used were mostly of wood and were attached to the house. Nowadays, there are numerous options for the construction material of a garage. Garages can also be either an extension of the home or a completely free-standing building. The choice of construction material will eventually determine the durability of the structure, its affordability as well as its aesthetics. Metal, as a building material, provides superiority in all the above-mentioned features and more. That is why prefab metal garages are gaining so much popularity among homeowners.

11 Benefits of a Prefab Metal Garage

1. Structural Strength: How strong is a prefab metal garage?

The structural strength of a prefab metal garage is really incomparable. Metal garages made of steel, like ours, can maintain their structural robustness even when they are subjected to intense pressure and extreme loads. Especially for larger garages, like triple wide garages, steel is the ideal construction material. Only steel can span such large widths without needing any internal support.

2. Durability: How long will steel garages last?

We make our steel garages with high-quality galvanized steel. Galvanized steel offers excellent resistance against corrosion. Hence, your prefab metal garage is sure to last at least a couple of decades.

The structural strength of steel garages also allows them to withstand harsh abuse for a more extended period. The fact that fire hazards and termite attacks cannot damage these metal structure also adds to its durability.

3. Flexibility: How flexible is the design of a prefab metal garage?

Since steel structures can span considerable lengths without needing intermediate column or wall support, metal garages provide better flexibility in terms of design. The uninterrupted interior space of a metal garage is adjustable. You can get spaces inside the garage to fit your unique requirements. No longer will you have to limit the use of the garage due to walls and columns. Plus, you can have maximum utilization of the available ground floor area.

4. Versatility: How versatile are metal garages?

In terms of use, metal garages are incredibly versatile. You can use a single prefab metal garage for numerous purposes. The clear-panning nature of these garages also helps to increase the versatility of the structure.

Sheltering your vehicles and equipment is the most apparent use of our steel garages. Besides that, you can use them as a workshop space for your hobby. You can even convert one into your private office. These prefab garages also make the perfect man cave/ she shed. If you need a home library or a media room, these steel garages are the ideal option.

5. Affordability: How cheap/ expensive is a prefab metal garage?

Steel is a very affordable construction material. The components of metal garages are prefabricated in the factory. Hence, manufacturers can produce steel garages in bulk at a very low cost. That is why we can offer our metal garages at such affordable prices. In fact, steel garages are some of the most affordable shelter options out there at the moment. Additionally, prefabricated components also have better quality. They require less labor and cost on-site.

6. Low maintenance: How much maintenance do metal garages require?

Metal garages, in general, are low maintenance especially ones with a vertical roof. Once you install a prefab metal garage, it can last a long time without much maintenance. All you have to do is clean the garage once or twice a year.

In comparison, wooden garages require frequent maintenance to be properly functioning. Wooden garages are very liable to rotting, warping, etc. Therefore, you have to paint or treat them with chemicals regularly. Without maintenance, wooden garages can also damage from termite attacks.

7. Safety: How safe is a prefab metal garage?

Metal garages are enclosed structures. Hence, they provide complete protection to your vehicles and belongings from the elements of nature, be it harsh sunshine or heavy rain. On matter what the weather conditions of your place, metal garages will always shield your vehicles from threats. With these garages, you will also not have to worry about thieves and vandals destroying your property. Since steel is fire resistant, a prefab garage also provides your possessions protection in case of fire hazards.

8. Ease of Construction: Are metal garages easy to build?

All the components of metal garages are prefabricated in factories meaning that metal garages will require less on-site work to be built. The assembly of the metal garage kit is also relatively easy. It requires much less building expertise. Another advantage of prefabricated metal components is that they significantly reduce the construction time. Generally, we can build a single car metal garage in a couple of days.

9. Aesthetics: How well does a prefab metal garage look?

No longer do metal structures have to look dull and industrial- like. Steel garages provide a very clean and modern looking addition to your property. There are various options you can use to customize the look and style of your prefab metal garage. With metal garages from Carport1, you can choose the roof style, the colors, additional features, etc. as per your taste and requirements.

10. Added Value: Does a prefab metal garage add to the value of my property?

If your property does not already have an attached garage, then a metal garage is a no-brainer. Even when your plot already has a garage, it is always beneficial to add extra space for use. Potential buyers will appreciate having a metal garage. Hence, adding a prefab metal garage to your property will help raise its value.

11. Environmental friendliness: How green are metal garages?

Steel is considered a very environmentally-friendly construction material. The steel used to construct metal garages is made from recycled steel. When you are done using a metal structure, you can further recycle it. This process results in zero waste and less consumption of energy for the manufacture of a new garage. Metal garages should be your number one choice if you are environmentally conscious.

Buy Steel Garages from Carport1

Metal garages from Carport1 offer all the advantages of a metal garage. Plus, they are made with superior quality materials than similar products in the market. With a wide range of customization options, you can design a unique metal garage that caters to all your requirements.

Contact our customer service if you have any queries regarding our products and services. They are always ready to help you. You can also browse through our online website for details on a specific product. If you need more accessible shelters for your vehicles, why not look into our metal carports?

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