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Why Choose Prefab Steel Garages Over Wooden Garages?


A garage provides an enclosed shelter for protection of your vehicles from the elements. It also gives your belongings full security against theft and vandalism. Hence, in many ways, garages protect your valuables to the maximum. For people who do not have built-in garages in their home or who need extra storage spaces, building a stand-alone garage is the preferred option. Besides saving their belongings, durability and affordability are what people want out of these shelters. In any case, there are no better options than our prefab steel garages.

There are various building materials with which you can build a garage. Traditionally, garages were made of wood. But, with advancement in technologies, in the last couple of decades, steel metal garages have risen in popularity. People prefer steel garages over traditional timber garages for a host of reasons; durability, low maintenance, speedy construction, etc.

You do not have to limit metal garages to just sheltering your vehicles and equipment. Prefab steel garages make the perfect workshops, home offices, art studios, and so much more. There are many benefits to purchasing metal buildings that the traditional constructions just cannot offer. Below we list some of the reasons why you should choose a metal garage over a conventional wooden garage.

Advantages of Prefab Steel Garages Over Wooden Garages

  • A Metal Garage Will Last Longer Than a Wooden Garage.

A metal garage has better durability than a wooden garage. Prefab steel garages are manufactured with galvanized steel. Hence, they can stand up to various weather conditions without any signs of damage. Steel has the highest strength-to-weight ratio among the building materials. So, with a steel garage, you get a shelter that is incredibly robust as well as light-weight.

Wooden garages, even though they can provide your belongings protection, are much more vulnerable to elemental conditions. Moisture can easily cause the timber garages to rot, crack and warp.

  • Construction of a Metal Garage is Easier and Faster Than a Wooden Garage

Manufacturers prefabricate steel parts of a steel metal garage in the factories. We only have to assemble the building on-site. The entire construction process is also incredibly straightforward. So much so that many of our customers take these installations as DIY projects. Our single car garages and double car garages can be set up in a matter of hours. Even for our larger metal buildings, like the triple wide garages, the installation takes no more than a couple of days.

Whereas for the construction of wooden garages, most parts have to be built from scratch and assembled all on-site. This increases the construction time. Building a wooden garage also requires more skilled labor and expertise than prefab steel garages.

  • Cost-effectiveness of a Metal Garage VS a Wooden Garage

Prefab steel garages are very affordable at the time of purchase. But more than that, these buildings are more cost-effective to construct. As mentioned above, it takes more time to build a wooden garage than a metal garage, which means that the cost of labor for a wooden garage is higher. Also, the more significant number of skilled professionals that are hired to construct a timber garage will have a higher price than labor for metal garages.

When it comes to the maintenance costs, metal garages come out on top. They require less upkeep. Hence, you will not have to spend a crazy amount of money just to keep the garage in functioning order.

  • A Metal Garage Has Higher Quality than a Wooden Garage

Components of steel metal garages that are produced in factories have higher quality than wooden garages. The manufacturers make these parts with high precision. They also put the parts to numerous strength tests to make sure that each product has the same high quality.

The same is not true for wooden garages. The parts used for the construction of wooden garages are not uniform in quality and may vary from piece to piece. Since wooden garages need more work to be done on-site, the strength and durability of the structure depend on the workmanship of the wood-worker.

  • A Metal Garage Requires Less Maintenance Than a Wooden Garage

People know and prefer metal structures for their low-maintenance benefit. Prefab steel garages can serve their full lifespan with minimal maintenance efforts. Minor cleaning and repair every six months or a year is all that you need to do to keep the structure in a tip-top condition. Rarely does a metal garage require full repainting or exhaustive maintenance.

Wooden garages, on the other hand, will require very frequent and regular maintenance. Repainting the timber parts is necessary to make sure that the garage does not rot or deteriorate. It is also complicated to repair a wooden garage once the pieces are damaged.

Metal Garages are Resistant to Fire Hazards and Termite Attacks

Some of the reasons that wooden garages are not durable are that they cannot offer resistance to some of the more common dangers. For example, they are very much susceptible to damages from fire hazards. Steel garages, on the other hand, can offer excellent fire safety. Even though metal buildings are not fire-proof, they will save your belongings from extensive damages.

Another area where metal garages are superior to traditional garages is their resistance to termite attacks. Wooden garages are very susceptible to damages from termites and pests. You will never have to worry about that with metal garages.

Buy Prefab Steel Garages from Carport1

There are multiple other reasons why metal is a better choice for a garage than wooden. The flexibility of these garages, because of their clear-spanning ability, is also another major benefit of metal garages. We, at Carport1, offer numerous options for metal garages at the most competitive prices in the market. We have metal garages to suit all storage requirements and weather conditions. Whether you need a regular roofed garage or a vertical roofed garage, we have it all.

More than that, you can customize your metal building. That way you get a product that fulfills all your unique requirements. You can choose the dimensions, the color, the style, etc. of your metal garage. If you are confused about which product to buy and need some guidance, do not hesitate to contact us. Our team is at your disposal 24/7.

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