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Types of Metal Buildings for sale at Carport1


The flexibility and versatility of metal buildings are well-known in the construction industry. You can use metal buildings for numerous purposes, everything from recreational facilities to workshops to agricultural storage. Every day we get customers that have completely new and unique requirements. We understand that we will not be able to address the needs of all of our customers if we provide a single type of metal storage buildings. That is why Carport1 offers a wide range of metal building options that are fit for different usages and suitable in different environments. The metal buildings for sale at Carport1 offer can be categorized into 5 main types; Metal Carports, Metal Garages, Metal Barns, Metal RV Covers and Custom Metal Buildings. Not only are these metal buildings versatile, but they are also incredibly affordable. We engineer our metal buildings for sale to stand the test of time.

Even though we have categorized our metal buildings for sale, it does not mean that you have to limit yourself to specific purposes. If you purchase a metal garage, you can use it simply to park and store your vehicles and other belongings. However, metal garages can also accommodate other applications; for agricultural storage, as a home office, and more.

Why Buy Metal Buildings for Sale at Carport1?

There are quite a few advantages of metal buildings for sale at Carport1 besides the flexibility of these structures. As we have already said, these prefabricated buildings are very affordable to buy and to keep; they are durable and can withstand any abuse that is thrown at them, natural or otherwise.

Affordability of Our Metal Buildings for Sale

The affordability of our metal buildings is pretty much unrivaled in the market. As one of the leading metal building dealers in the country, we are able to negotiate with various metal building manufacturers to give our customers the best prices. Not only do metal buildings require a smaller investment, but they will also save your hard-earned money on maintenance costs. The durability of our metal building kits is such that they can last for a couple of decades, even with minimum maintenance.

Easy and Speedy Construction with Our Metal Buildings for Sale

Another advantage of purchasing one of our metal buildings for sale is that installation of these buildings is fairly simple. These metal buildings also have a very speedy construction schedule. Most of our smaller building types, like our metal carports kits, take only a day or two to set up. Even the bigger commercial buildings take, at most, a couple of weeks. You cannot get the same construction speed with traditional construction materials. The main reason for this is that we prefabricate our metal buildings in factories and deliver to the site. Prefabrication of the metal building parts also allows the construction to be more precise and error-free.

Structural Safety of Our Metal Buildings for Sale

Metal buildings have enough structural strength to be able to withstand the various weather conditions. Whether it is the harsh UV exposure or heavy downpours, metal buildings will not only remain standing but they will also do a great job of keeping you and your belongings safe from these elements. Our metal buildings will not show signs of wear and tear, even with harsh daily use. If you are looking for structures that provide structural safety in the face of extreme weather, there is no better option than our metal building kits.

Sustainability of Our Metal Buildings for Sale

The major advantage of metal buildings, for people who are looking for ways to save Mother Nature, is its sustainability. We manufacture our metal buildings for sale with recycled steel and even after their service life, they can be further recycled. Many materials lose their structural integrity after recycling, but steel retains its strength. Metal buildings are also very energy-efficient since they can easily accommodate various forms of insulation.

Types of Metal Buildings for Sale at Carport1

Metal Carports

You can use the metal carports that we offer to shelter your cars, SUVs, and other modes of transportation. For fundamental protection against the elements, you can purchase an open metal carport with only the roof structure. Partially enclosing the metal carport with gables, side panels or end panels, gives the carport more coverage. We offer customization options with our metal carport kits so that you get control over the design of the structure. With these options, you can change the dimensions, style, and the additional features of the carport if they are not to your liking.

As for the roof style of our metal carports, you get three options; regular, boxed eave, and vertical. Each of the roof options comes with its own advantages and disadvantages and you can select the one that suits the weather condition of your place. Our metal carports for sale should not be limited to being just car covers, though. The versatility of steel structures means that these carports are multi-functional. You can use these metal carports for various purposes.

Metal Garages

Unlike our metal carports, metal garages are completely enclosed. These structures provide better protection against the elements and secure your belongings from human threats like theft and vandalism. The customizability of these metal structures, however, is very similar to our carports. You can choose the size of your garage as per your requirements. We also offer color options so that you get better control over the aesthetics of your metal garage. For enclosed metal buildings, openings act as the main source of light as well as air and are also the point of access to and from the building. That’s why our metal buildings come with various options for the openings including roll-up garage doors, walk-in doors, and windows.

The versatility of steel buildings also extends to these metal garages. Many of our customers purchase our metal garages to use it as a workshop building or for home offices. We have even heard our customers using them as gym rooms, art studios, media room, kid’s playhouse, and so on. If you are running out of storage space inside your metal garage, you can simply add a lean-to. The lean-tos for our garages come with their own set of customization options.

Metal Barns

If you are looking for a structure to take care our all of your agricultural storage needs, then our metal barn is your best bet.  These metal barns make the perfect refuge for your livestock since they can withstand the sustained harsh abuse that animals are known to inflict on their habitat. Not only that! Metal storage buildings are also the ideal option to shelter the storage of your animal feed, crops, hay, farm produce, etc.  Just because metal barns are primarily considered to be agricultural buildings, does not mean you have to use them for agricultural purposes only. You can convert a metal barn into beautiful residential quarters, office spaces or workshop building.

The beauty of our metal barns is that they too come in a variety of size, color and with many additional features. With the customization options that we offer with our metal barns for sale, you can tailor-make your metal barn to fit your specific needs. Since you get to control the amount of coverage your metal barn receives, you can have a metal barn that is either open, partially covered or even fully enclosed.  There are three main types of metal barns for sale at Carport1; Regular horse barn, Carolina Barn, and Seneca barn.

Metal RV Covers

Your expensive luxury vehicles require the utmost care and protection in order to keep them in working order for a long period of time. You would not want to leave them vulnerable to the damaging effects of adverse weather conditions. While storage units are effective for this purpose, they can end up costing you a lot in the long run. That is where our metal RV covers come into play. These structures are very economical to purchase and do as great of a job in protecting your investments. Plus, you can feel safe in the knowledge that you get to keep your RVs always within your sight.

Our metal RV covers are no different than our other metal buildings when it comes to their customizability. Since recreational vehicles come in so many sizes, it only makes sense that we give you options to choose the size of your RV cover. The color combination and roof style options with these structures allow you to determine the look of your RV shelter. The extra features for our RV covers, very similar to our carports, include the addition of gables and wall panels. With a little foresight at the time of purchase of the RV cover, you can easily convert the structure into an RV garage at any later date.

Custom Metal Buildings

Our custom metal buildings are specifically built as per the order of the customer. Mostly, these buildings include utility carports, metal workshop buildings, and commercial buildings. These metal buildings for sale vary from our normal garages in that they usually span greater dimensions. People seem to prefer our custom metal buildings to traditional constructions mainly because of the flexibility of these structures. Industrial warehouses, retail shops, recreational facilities, etc. mostly require large, clear-spanning interior spaces, which is exactly what these metal buildings have to offer.

Buy Metal Buildings for Sale at Carport1

At Carport1, we understand that every commercial business venture has different requirements that are very unique to that particular business. That is why we allow our customers greater freedom over the design and the layout of their commercial buildings. All the customization options that we offer, including choices for dimensions, look and additional features mean that our customers can design a metal building to suit their needs, all by themselves. When it comes to purchasing a commercial metal building, it is a better idea to invest in a certified unit. These units come with added structural strength and we engineer them to withstand the weather loads specific to your place.

Whatever your storage requirements are, the metal buildings for sale at Carport1 will make the ideal addition to your property to fulfill all those needs. Getting the metal storage buildings of your dreams has never been easier. If you need further information on any product, then feel free to contact anyone from our customer service team. They are at your disposal 24/7 and will be more than happy to help.

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