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Things affecting Metal Carport prices.


The questions we get asked most often by our customers concern our metal carport prices; how much they cost, which one is the cheapest, and so on. It is understandable that people want to buy the best product available on the market at the most competitive price. Pre-fabricated steel metal carports are available at incredibly low prices. This is because steel is a readily available and recyclable raw material. Additionally, metal carports are mass produced in the factories, meaning the manufacturers provide them at a lower price than carports made of other construction materials.

Carports are very versatile metal structures and can be used for a number of purposes to find some of them read this blog

In this blog post, we will try to give you a better idea of what makes up the cost of a metal carport so that you can decide which carport best fits your budget while also addressing your parking requirements. You will also be able to judge which aspect you can compromise for the cost and which features you can take advantages of. Below are some of the factors that affect metal carport prices.

Increase in Size Increases the Metal Carport Price

Steel, as a material, is bought and sold by weight. When it comes to size, a larger metal carport will use more steel for the construction than a smaller carport. This means it uses more steel for the construction in the form of steel tubes and metal sheet panels. Hence, a small-sized metal carport price is lower than its larger counterpart.

However, selecting a small metal carport just for the sake of its low price will not give you the best result if it is not spacious enough to accommodate your vehicles or your other valuables. An ill-sized metal carport will not provide your belongings with maximum protection against the elements and as a result, you will spend more money on maintaining your belongings in the long run. A metal carport that is just slightly larger than the parking or storage space you require gives the optimum protection and gives you the best value for your money.

Metal Carport Price Vary with Roof Styles

We offer three options for metal carport roof styles mainly: Regular, Boxed Eave, and Vertical metal carport. The metal carport prices vary with each roof styles because of the amount of material that is used. The regular roofed carport is the simplest and the most affordable option of the three. These roofs have a curved roofline whereby the bows of the roofs are bent into the shape instead of being welded to. Regular carports are cheap because they have very few elements that go into manufacturing the roof structure; the bows, braces and the metal panels.

Boxed Eave metal carport is slightly pricier than a Regular carport but is still more affordable than a vertical one. The A-framed roof structure is welded to the leg for extra strength. The addition of side eave trims as compared to the Regular carport is what increases these metal carport prices.

A vertical carport is the most expensive of the three but also provides the best protection for your belongings. If you live in locations which face extreme weather conditions on a regular basis then, vertical carports are the only option which can effectively protect your vehicles and other valuables from any damage. The increase in price comes from the addition of hat channels, which are used to provide support for the vertical panels, the addition of side eave trims and also ridge cap, which covers the seams at the apex of the roof where the vertical panels meet. Additionally, with vertical carports you do not have to invest your time and money in much maintenance and cleaning of the carport to keep them in fine condition since they are designed to let the debris, like water and snow to just slide off the roof.

Additional Features Influence Metal Carport Price

The same principle as the size of the metal carport applies to additional features as well because more additional parts mean more steel is used for the construction of the metal carport. Metal carport prices increase as the addition of extra features increase. Usually, the roof only metal carport which has just the metal framework and the roof structure will cost the least.

You can add features to your metal carport to increase the coverage of the carport while giving better protection for your belongings.

The additional features for metal carports include the addition of gable to the front and back end of the garage. You can also add side and end panels to your metal carport. These extra components not only give your valuables better protection but also give your carport better aesthetics by hiding the internal framework of the roof from view. The increased metal carport price is worth it in the long run since they protect your belongings from damage.

The Difference in Metal Carport Price between Certified and Non-Certified Carports

Certified metal carports are designed to withstand certain snow and wind loads so that the structure complies with the local and state building codes and laws. Most of our metal carports are non-certified by default but can be upgraded to have certification as per your order. Certified metal carport prices are higher than non-certified structures since they use more components to be better reinforced against extreme weather conditions. These extra features may include thicker steel tube framing, extra braces, and screws, additional anchors, etc. In most cases, certified structures may also need to be provided with documents and blueprints which increase the metal carport prices.

In comparison, non-certified metal carports are pretty simple and have basic components. If you live in areas which do not require certification for metal carport, then you can make do with a non- certified metal carport. Still, even in those places, we recommend metal carports with certification since they are stronger, more durable and provide better protection.

Metal carport prices depend on a number of factors. The most affordable option for a carport does not always equate to optimum protection for your vehicles and valuables. But that does not mean having the most expensive product is beneficial either. You have to be shrewd about the features and styles of carport you get. If you can do without a feature without compromising the safety of your belongings, then definitely go for it. We, at Carport1, take it as our responsibility to provide you the carports at the most competitive price in the market and inform you about your options. Ultimately though, the decision is yours.

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