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Steel Garage Buildings and Metal Garage buildings for sale


Garage buildings are enclosed shelters for vehicles and other equipment. They protect your valuables from the elements of nature and also from human threats like theft, robbery, and vandalism. Garages are either built as a part of the house design and are attached to the main building or can be a detached structure somewhere in the property. For people who do not have a built-in garage within their property but are looking to add one, it can be a daunting task to choose the right garage.  There are numerous options available in the market. Metal garage buildings for sale are the complete packages when it comes to safeguarding your belongings against all kind of dangers.

Why should you choose steel garage buildings? Well, they are sturdy, structurally stable and can last for a long period of time. The other benefit of owning a steel garage is the minimal maintenance it requires.

There are various other construction materials that manufacturers use to build a garage building. Below we have taken two of the more popular garage types and compared their features with the features of metal garage buildings.

Wood Garage vs. Vinyl Garage vs. Metal Garage

Strength and Durability of Garage Buildings

When it comes to structural strength, there is no match for a metal garage. Steel has one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios among the building materials. High-quality galvanized steel garages are not affected by weather conditions. They can be functional for decades with the least amount of maintenance.

A wood garage, even though it looks good, is very vulnerable to termite attacks. They are also prone to other defects like rotting and wrapping.

Vinyl garages can resist the elements similar to a metal garage but cannot withstand sustained heavy loads, like snow loads, wind loads, etc. Hence, a vinyl garage is suited only to places which have very mild weather conditions throughout the year without heavy downpours or snowfalls.

Maintenance of Garage Buildings

Metal garages are very low-maintenance and require very little upkeep to keep them functioning effectively. The only maintenance steel garage buildings require is a thorough cleaning and minor repairs every 6-12 months.

A vinyl garage is similar to a metal garage in this sense.

A wood garage, on the other hand, requires frequent repainting to weather-proof it and to keep it termite-resistant.

Sustainability of Garage Buildings

Steel is one of the most sustainable materials used for the construction of buildings. The sustainability of steel garage buildings comes from their longevity and recyclability. The manufacture and use of metal garage buildings is very environmentally friendly. Wood garages, even though their use does not negatively affect the environment, are not really sustainable. That is mainly because they are not durable and also their recyclability is questionable.

Vinyl garages are basically plastic garages and hence, are detrimental to the environment. They also do not last very long and can be easily damaged by heavy loading conditions.

Cost-effectiveness of Garage Buildings

Metal garage buildings are incredibly affordable and are the most cost-effective option among the three. Metal garage buildings are not only inexpensive at the time of purchase but also retain their cost-effectiveness in the long run by requiring very little maintenance cost.

Vinyl garages may have similar maintenance costs as metal garage buildings but will cost more initially than a similar metal garage.

Wooden garages are not only expensive upfront but will also require you to spend a lot of your hard-earned money on the maintenance.

Steel Garage Sizes and Features for Metal Garage Buildings for Sale

The metal garage buildings for sale on Carport1 are designed to fulfill the storage requirements of all of our customers. But we know and understand that all of our customers have different and unique needs and demands. Hence, we refrain from offering standard, cookie-cutter designs and dimensions for our metal garages. With Carport1, you can even place a custom order and build a steel garage with your very own specifications.

Steel garage sizes that we offer for our metal garage buildings for sale range start from 12’w x 21’l x 7’h. This dimension is perfect for a single metal car garage. You can modify the dimensions of our stock supply steel garage buildings to design your metal garage as per your requirements. As a general guideline, we offer our double car metal garage with widths ranging 20’ – 24’ and for triple wide metal garage that range is 26’-30’.

We provide three roof style options for our customers with our metal garage buildings for sale; the regular garage, boxed eave garage and the vertical garage.

We also offer many color options to give our customers more control over the aesthetics of their building.

Additional features and options that we give with our garages, like the addition and placing of windows or the lean-tos, can increase the efficacy of the metal garage buildings.

Metal Garage Prices for Steel Garage Buildings and Metal Garage Buildings for Sale

Since our metal garages do not come in standard designs, we cannot say this or that is the price of our metal garage buildings for sale. There are various factors that affect the metal garage prices; from the size of the steel garage buildings to certification.

Generally, the bigger the metal garages dimension, the higher the price tag of the steel garage buildings. The metal garage prices can also increase by the additional features that you intend to purchase. The types, the number of openings and also other features, like the lean-tos can increase the cost of a metal garage building.

The other factor that influences metal garage prices is also the roof style of your garage. Among the three styles that we offer, our regular metal garages are the most affordable. Boxed eave metal garages are a close second. Vertical metal garages for sale that we offer are the most expensive among the three offered roof styles.

Finally, if you require certification with your metal garage building then that can hike up the garage cost significantly. This is not only because we will provide drawing and documents with our certified garage units but also because in most cases certified building require extra or more costly structural elements, like higher-gauge panels, steel tubes or an extra number of bows and braces.

Metal Garage Buildings for Sale on Carport1

If you want to know the price of one of the products that we have cataloged, then you can get complete information about the specifications and the price of the building on our website. For the cost of the building with customized features and specifications, we offer instant quotes through our online services. You can also call us or contact our customer service representativesto find out the price or details of any of our metal garages on sale. Always remember Carport1 for high-quality metal garage buildings and steel garage buildings at the best prices.

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