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Metal Barns as Equipment Storage Buildings


When you think about the purposes of a metal barn, you might think of sheltering livestock and horses or storing crops, produces as well as the feed of the animals. It is true that, traditionally, those had been the main reasons for building a barn. Wooden pole barns lack flexibility in terms of use. Hence, for a very long time, barns were limited to very few uses. But the advent of steel in the construction scene has changed that. Metal barns, of recent times, are much more versatile. Therefore, you can use them for a number of other applications, from use as warehouses to manufacturing plants to residential quarters, etc. However, the most popular use of steel barns, for agricultural as well as non-agricultural purposes, seems to be as equipment storage buildings.

Why Do You Need Equipment Storage Buildings?

Technological development has produced very complicated pieces of machinery. These machines have helped to make the lives of people more convenient. Whether it is in the agricultural industry, where heavy-duty machinery and appliances are becoming integral to farming. In our daily lives, machines have even taken over. But these pieces of machinery do not come cheap and require great investments. So, it becomes imperative to give them proper protection from all types of threats.

The weather elements can be the most damaging of the natural threats. Sustained exposure to harsh UV rays can cause overheating problems in the equipment. They can also ruin the look of the machine. Rain can cause corrosion in the equipment. Similarly, snow can damage the machines through sheer pressure. Hailstorms and strong winds are also very likely to break or dent the pieces of machinery. What equipment storage buildings do is that they provide all-around protection to your expensive equipment against these elements. Additionally, they also shelter your belongings from the prying eyes of criminals, like thieves and vandals.

Investing in equipment storage buildings is not only beneficial short-term but can also reap rewards in the long run. Protecting your equipment with equipment storage sheds means that they will suffer fewer breakdowns. As a result, the machines can be much more efficient, even with less maintenance. Protection for the equipment also helps to ensure the longevity and durability of these machines.

Why Are Metal Barns the Perfect Option for Equipment Storage Buildings?

Now that we have established how important equipment storage buildings are for the safety of equipment and machinery, let us look at why metal barns are so suitable for use as equipment storage buildings.

Metal Barns As Equipment Storage Buildings Can Provide Great Protection against the Elements

Metal barns are very effective in providing protection against the elements. We manufacture all of our metal buildings with high-quality galvanized steel. Hence, our barns will remain rust-free for years. In the meantime, they will also keep the interiors of the barn dry. Our steel barns are also structurally strong enough to withstand sustained pressure from adverse weather conditions. These barns will not fail under heavy snow loads and will shelter your belongings, even in brutal storms.

Metal Barns as Equipment Storage Buildings are Durable

Another reason metal barns make perfect equipment storage building is their durability. The structural strength of metal barns comes from steel. As mentioned above, metal barns can withstand the immense forces of the weather without giving in. They are also able to resist sustained daily use without showing any signs of damage or deterioration.

With a little bit of maintenance, these barns can last for decades and be as effective as new. The structural strength of metal barns is also what makes these structures so safe against attacks from thieves and vandals.

Flexibility of Metal Barns as Equipment Storage Buildings

Metal barns are incredibly flexible and versatile. This is mainly because of the clear-spanning interiors. The structural strength of steel allows the metal barns to spans great widths without intermediate walls or columns. That is why metal barns can accommodate machinery of any dimension or shape. These structures also allow for convenient and easy movement of heavy pieces of equipment inside the building.

Additionally, with metal barns, you get great control over the planning of the interior space. So, you can plan the equipment storage buildings as per your storage requirements. Meanwhile, the lean-tos of the metal barns can also give a division of space for the storage, if need be.

Customization Options for Metal Barns Used as Equipment Storage Buildings

Customizability of metal barns may also be one of the major advantages of using these metal structures as equipment storage buildings. We, at Carport1, offer customization for the various features of the metal barns. So, what our customers end up buying from us is exactly what they need. With these customization options, you can modify and change the features of the metal barns that do not fit your specifications.

Types and Roof Styles of Metal Barns That Can Be Used as Equipment Storage Buildings

  • Regular Horse Barns

These barns come with regular roof style having the rounded edge roofline and horizontal roof panels. All of our regular horse barns are among the more affordable options for our metal barns that can be used as equipment storage buildings.

  • Carolina Barns

Carolina barns come with an A-framed roof structure and can have both horizontal and vertical roof panels. These metal barns have three aisles, with a drop-off between the central aisle and the lean-tos. These metal barns are the perfect option for people who are looking for barns that will complement the aesthetics of a traditional house while also doing a great job of protecting their equipment.

  • Seneca Barns

These barns are also A-framed structures and are available with both horizontal and vertical roof panels. The main difference between Carolina barns and Seneca barns is that roof in Seneca barn is continuous. The drop-off between the central aisle and the lean-tos, in Seneca barns, is not visible from the exterior.

Metal Barns Sizes

  • Length: The standard length of our metal barn starts from a minimum of 21’ and grows in 5’ increments. They can be as long as you want.
  • Width: Width of the metal barn is dependent on the width of the central aisle as well as the lean-tos. The minimum width of the main aisle of our metal barns is 12’.
  • Height: The height of the central aisle of our metal barn mostly starts at 10’ and has a drop-off of 3’ between the main aisle and the lean-tos. This means that the lean-tos are always 3’ shorter than the central aisle.

The above-given dimensions are the sizes of metal barn models that we can make readily available to our customers. If you require a metal barn that has unique dimensions, then you can also place a custom order.

Metal Barns Colors

  • We offer 15 options, as a part of our color catalog, from which you can pick the color combination of your choice. You can achieve the desired color combination for your metal barn by picking the shades for the roof panels of the building, the wall panels, and the trims.

Additional Features for Metal Barns

  • You can increase the amount of coverage your metal barn receives by adding walls panels to, either or both, the lean-tos as well as the central aisle. A partial enclosure is created also by adding side panels or the gables. Alternately, you can choose to keep the metal barns completely open.
  • For enclosed metal barns, openings, like walk-in doors, windows, and roll-up garage doors, are also additional features that we offer. You also get to decide where and how many of these openings go into your metal barn.

Buy Equipment Storage Buildings from Carport1

If you are in need of an affordable and durable equipment storage buildings, then metal barns from Carport1 are the ideal options. The customizability that we offer with our metal barns means that every customer can now purchase a metal barn that addresses all of their unique storage requirements without compromising the functionality of the structure. Our dedicated team of professionals is always ready to provide you with the guidance you might need to find the right product. So, contact us via email or call us today for equipment storage building of highest quality.

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