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How to get the most out of your Metal Carports?


Metal carports are the perfect structures to provide protection for your vehicles and belongings. The durability that they offer at such an affordable price is unmatched by other construction material. These structures are available in various sizes and various styles. This means that finding one to suit your requirements is not that difficult. Owning metal carports is also beneficial because of their versatility. You can use all steel carports for a number of applications.

There is so much more you can do with carport than purchase a standard product to shelter your valuables. The customizability of a metal building, along with its flexibility in terms of use, makes it such a great addition to your property. Today we will discuss some of the ways you can get the most out of your metal carport.

How Can You Get the Most Out of Your Metal Carports?

  • Customize Your All Steel Carports

It does not make much sense to assume that each and every customer has the same requirements. Orders vary according to the space necessities of customers, their budget, the style they want, etc. Orders can also differ because of the geographical location and the weather of the places. If you are investing in a metal carport you should make sure that you are getting a product that will address your needs entirely.

How to Customize You Metal Carports?

The wide range of customization options that we offer with our metal carports allows you to control the dimension, the style, and additional features of the structure.

The dimension of the carport will depend on the size and number of vehicles you want to shelter. The intended use of all steel carports will also affect the size. You can choose the dimensions as per your need. Our smallest carports have a size of 12’W x 21’L x 6’H.

As for the style of your carport, you can achieve the desired aesthetics by choosing a suitable color combination. We offer 15 color choices.

The look of the carport is also affected by the type of roof style you choose to install. We have regular carports, boxed eave carports, and vertical carports for you to choose from. Addition of gables and side panels can add certain refinement to the look of your metal carport.

Carport1 also offers other upgrades and options that you can utilize to strengthen your metal car covers. For example, there is the 12-gauge tubular framing upgrade option. You can also choose to add the number of anchors, braces, bows, and so on.

  • Utility Carports for Extra Storage Space

Utility carports that we offer are the ideal mix of parking and storage spaces. If you want an extra area for storage of equipment and tools, you can buy these combo units. If you have already purchased a metal carport from us, then you can choose to attach a utility shed.

The enclosed nature of these utility sheds provides great protection to your belongings from the elements and from human threats. Meanwhile, the partially enclosed section of these structures shelters your vehicles. They offer easier access to your property and better convenience. Customization options for the storage section as well as the parking section are as varied and wide-ranged as customization options for our metal garages and carports.

  • Multi-functional Metal Carports

While metal carports can function very effectively to provide protection to your vehicles and other possessions, that is not their only use. Even if you are done with the carport as a car cover, you do not have to demolish it. That is because there are numerous other purposes of a metal carport.

For instance, metal carports make the perfect venue for holding family gatherings. If you have any other social event outdoors you can conduct it unaffected by the weather. They can function as a shaded shelter to hold picnics or for your kids to play under. You can use these structures simply as an outdoor workspace too.

  • Convert Your Metal Carports into Metal Garages

Metal carport differs from a metal garage in that the latter is a fully enclosed structure. However, a metal carport is either open or semi-enclosed. The increased coverage for the metal garages means that they offer a more all-around protection for your valuable against natural and human threats than all steel carports.

Converting a carport into a metal garage is a fairly simple task. You just add panels to the side and the end of the metal garage. Since garages are enclosed structures, you will also have to install some openings like garage doors, windows and walk-in doors for access into the metal garage. These openings also act as a source of light and ventilation inside the building. Adding windows and doors increases the effectiveness and durability of all steel carports.

The main consideration for converting your metal carport into a metal garage is to have a carport with enough leg height. Thus converted metal garages are also versatile in their usages. You can use them either as an office, a workshop, a recreational room, and so on.

  • Scrap Value of Metal Carports

Unlike other construction materials, you can actually make some money while getting rid of a metal carport. Steel is one of the most recycled materials in the construction industry. Most of the parts for a metal carport are made from recycled steel. If for whatever reasons, you have no use for your metal carport anymore, you can sell the metal carport to a scrap dealer. Even though it is true that the scrap value of the metal is not much and keeps fluctuating, any money you can get is better than no money.

Buy Metal Carports for Sale at Carport1

Metal carports are not just standard products that shelter your vehicles and belongings. Carport1 offers customization options that allow you to control each and every feature of the structure so that you purchase a metal carport that fits your exact needs for whatever purpose you intend to use the structure. On the whole, metal carports are investments that will yield you great returns in the long run.

We have every type of metal carports to address your demands. There are single car carports if you want something small for your home. We also offer extra-wide carports if you need cover for multiple vehicles. You can even place custom orders if you need. Contact us today and get the metal carport of your dreams.

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