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Extra wide Metal Carports – triple wide Carports and 40’ wide Carports


Some of our metal carports, including our single carports and double carports, though they are small in size, will do an excellent job of protecting your car or a couple of cars from the elements. They will also easily accommodate a few pieces of equipment and tools. But sometimes you might find that these metal carports are just not large enough to fit all of your storage. If you are looking to shelter more than two cars or want to store a number of heavy-duty machinery, then our extra wide metal carports are the ideal option for you. This category of extra wide carports includes our triple wide carports and our 40’ wide carports. These spacious metal structures offer more area and coverage for your vehicles. Additionally, for greater control over the design, we offer customization options with all of our metal carports.

The great thing about the extra wide metal carports is that they come with all the advantages of galvanized steel. The strength steel imparts to the structures is what enables these carports to withstand all the weather elements. They can even weather extreme weather, without showing any signs of damage. They are incredibly durable too and, with the right maintenance, are capable of lasting decades. Not to mention, the affordability of these metal carports. You will be hard pressed to find other products with a better price tag that give you this much coverage. If you are someone who is looking to go the sustainable route, then there is no better choice than our extra wide carports. The recyclability and durability of these structures are what make them such environmentally-friendly products.

Uses of Triple Wide Carports and 40’ Wide Carports

Our extra wide carports, including the triple wide carports and the 40’ wide carports, are not limited to a single or a few uses. There are unlimited possibilities for these metal carports and they can be used in numerous ways for various purposes. These steel carports are clear-spanning structures, which mean that they span their entire width without any intermediate supports. This lack of intermediate columns and walls gives the user an open, uninterrupted floor space, which can have any plan or layout the user desires.

The flexibility of these carports is such that whatever your storage requirements are, these wide structures can serve that purpose. Our customers have used these structures for almost everything, from parking their vehicles to sheltering their livestock. There are so many uses of our triple wide carports and 40’ wide carports, that it will be virtually impossible to list them all. Despite that, we have tried to list some of the most common uses of these extra wide structures below.

  • Sheltering numerous cars and vehicles (Triple wide carports can house 3 cars while 40’ wide carports can accommodate 4-5 carports)
  • Boats, RVs, motorhomes and trailer storage
  • Open equipment storage
  • Agricultural storage (shelter for livestock, feed shelters, produce and grain store, etc.)
  • Open-air workshops
  • Aircraft Hangars
  • Sheltered space for holding your social events and gatherings, etc.

Features and Customization Options for Extra Wide Carports

Features of Triple Wide Carports

Our triple wide metal carports come in a variety of sizes, design and with a number of additional features. The length of these metal carports starts at 21’ while the width ranges from 26’ to 30’. This width is spacious enough to comfortably accommodate three cars, SUVs or pickup trucks. The basic model for this type of carport comes with only the roof structure and the steel framework but you can choose to add extra features to increase the coverage of the carport. While we do offer the three roof style options, namely regular, boxed eave and vertical, for our triple wide carports, we always recommend our customers to go for the vertical roof style. This is because the vertical roof style is the strongest and the most durable roof style that we offer and is able to withstand any extreme of nature.

Features of 40’ Wide Carports

The length of our standard 40’ wide carports starts at a minimum of 21’. The same is the case for our triple wide carports. As for the width, the minimum for these carports is 32’ and the maximum is 40’. If the dimensions of the carports in our catalog do not satisfy your storage requirements, then you can even place an order with your custom dimensions. For fundamental protection against the weather elements, you can choose our basic, roof-only 40’ wide carports. However, if you want to add to the level of protection for your belongings, then you can choose the additional features.

Since these structures have to span such great widths, we only employ vertical roof style for our 40’ wide carports. The vertical roof style does not allow rain or snow to stand on the roof and hence is easier to maintain. This roof style also offers more resistance against the adverse weather elements, keeping your belongings safe in all conditions. We certify all of our 40’ wide carport models as per the specific wind and snow load ratings of your place.

Additional Features for Extra Wide Metal Carports

As we mentioned above, we offer some additional options and features with our extra wide metal carports. These options can help you customize these structures to fit your individual requirements. The additional features mainly relate to partially enclosing the metal carport so as to increase its effectiveness against the weather. The control over how much coverage your carport receives is entirely in your hands. The various options we offer as additional features for our triple wide carport and 40’ wide carport are:

– Gables (on the front and back ends of the carport)

– Partially or fully enclosed side walls

– Partially or fully enclosed end walls

– Frame-outs

The gables, side walls, and the end walls for triple wide carports can be purchased with horizontal or vertical metal panels. However, for 40’ wide carports all the additional features are only provided in the vertical style. Another additional feature that our customers seem to love is the utility shed. It can be attached to the end of these metal carports. This fully enclosed shed provides some extra space for the storage of your belongings, or even vehicles, that require the utmost security. The purchase of the utility carport, or the combo unit, also comes with its own set of additional features. These features include the addition of roll-up garage doors, walk-in doors, and the windows.

Buy Extra Wide Metal Carports from Carport1

If you need spacious shelters for your storage requirements then you will not find better options than our extra wide metal carports. When you make a purchase at Carport1, you can be certain that the product you are getting is of the highest quality. But it is not just the superior quality of our products, we also strive to provide a great customer experience. Our online service has been made to be as informative as possible. You can get all the information about a specific product on our website. If you have any queries or just need guidance in purchasing a metal building, then contact our customer care team. These people are at your service 24/7 and will be more than happy to help you in finding the very best product for your needs.

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