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DIY carport kit: The pros and cons of DIY Metal Carport kit


A metal carport kit is a great way of protecting your vehicles and belongings from the adverse elemental conditions. The prefabricated metal carport kits are flexible enough to support other applications too; whether you need a shaded picnic spot or a sheltered open-air workshop, a metal carport can be the best alternative. The reason the metal carports are popular among homeowners is not only because of their affordability but also their durability. These prefabricated steel carport kits are easy to set up and take little time to assemble. This is what makes DIY carport kit the perfect DIY project.

Even though we recommend our customers to have their metal carport kits professionally installed, we also offer our DIY metal carport kit as an option if you want to assemble your metal carport yourself.

There are many reasons why people want to build their carport themselves. The cost, the satisfaction that comes with doing-it-yourself, etc. are huge factors in motivating people to take on such projects. If you have prior experience in other DIY projects and also have a few helping hands at your disposal, assembling a metal carport kit should not be much of a problem.

But if you are a newbie to the DIY scene, it is better to leave the job to the experts. When you purchase a DIY metal carport kit from Carport1, we deliver the building parts to your doorstep. We also give you the plans and drawing of the structure to help you get started. However, this option does not come with the installation guide. You will have to know what you need to do it yourself.

The list below gives some of the pros and cons of purchasing a DIY carport kit and assembling it on your own.

Pros of DIY metal carport kit

  • You can save a significant amount of money on your metal carport if you purchase a DIY carport kit. Most of the metal carport prices include delivery and installation charges. Having a DIY metal carport kit installed on your property means you can remove the cost of installation.
  • Another reason why our customers want to purchase a DIY carport kit is to have that sense of independence and satisfaction of having done or built something themselves.
  • The desire to develop a new skill is also one of the reasons why people want to take on any DIY project. With a DIY metal carport kit, you can enhance your skills in steel construction.

Cons of DIY metal carport kit

  • You will have to put in more effort into assembling your metal carport kit. There are no installation guidelines. So, if you do not know what to do, you are pretty much stumped. Additionally, setting up a DIY metal carport kit can take longer than having the professionals install it.
  • We will not be able to provide the workmanship warranty with your metal carport if you decide to assemble it yourself.
  • Most of the defects that a carport suffers from are due to faulty installations. If you are inexperienced in building carports then you might compromise the safety and durability of the metal carport. The maintenance of metal carports that are a result of the incorrect assembly of the carport kit can drive up the cost of your metal carport considerably.

Why Should You Invest in Professional Installation of Your Carport Kit?

As we have mentioned earlier, even though we provide a DIY option with our metal carport kits, we highly recommend that our customers have their carports professionally installed. Besides saving the time and effort that you will need to put into assembling a metal carport, a professional installation also helps to ensure that the metal carport has the structural strength to withstand adverse conditions and last for years and years. Professional installers have the knowledge of setting up the carport kit the right way. So, the carport does not develop any defects in the future. They can also deal with any problem that might arise during the installation as a result of unlevelled land, faulty parts, etc. much better than a do-it-yourselfer.

Even though professional installation is slightly more expensive than installing a carport by yourself, it might pay off in the long run. Since carport kits that are assembled by skilled workers suffer from fewer defects, they require less maintenance. This can reduce the overall maintenance cost of the metal carport and also increase its longevity. We offer a limited 30-day workmanship warranty with all of our metal building products which are professionally installed. Also, when the professionals do it, a basic carport is set up in a matter of few hours or a couple of days. The metal carport will be ready for use before you know it.

How to assemble a DIY carport kit?

Even though we do not provide an installation guide with our DIY carport kits, below is a general guideline of how you should assemble your metal carport.

  • Preparing the Site and Laying Foundation

Preparing the site and laying foundation are the very first steps of building a carport and are crucial in ensuring the proper installation of the carport kit. Preparation of site includes leveling the construction site and getting rid of any obstruction that can hinder the building process.

A strong and firm foundation for your metal carport is also crucial for the safety of the metal structure. The type of foundation over which you intend to build your carport will determine the type of anchor that should be used.

  • Familiarize Yourself with the Components and the Drawings

It is important to know about the various components that go into building a metal carport. You should be familiar with the drawings as well. The main components that make up a metal carport kit are the base rails, the legs, the bows and braces, the roof panels, the side panels, the trims, and the anchors. There might be other components in your metal carport kits if you have chosen to go with the additional features. The drawings that we provide with the carport kits will guide you and make the building process easier.

  • Assembling the DIY Metal Carport Kit

Finally, you can begin the actual assembly of the carport kit. Begin by laying out the base rails, parallel to each other and in a perfect rectangle. Secure those base rails to the ground with the anchors. Separately, assemble the upper portion of the metal carport by connecting the truss/ bows and braces to the legs. After that, you can fix the leg with the truss to the base rail. Of course, every product is different and the process to assemble the kit is also different. That is why it is much easier to just have the professionals install your carport.

After assembling the main steel frame of the steel carport, you can proceed to cover the carport, first with the roof panels and then with the side as well as the end panels. The final touch to finish a basic metal carport is to install the trims, which cover the seams and refine the look of the carport.

Buy DIY Metal Carport Kit from Carport1

Carport1 has hundreds of metal carport kits for sale that the customers can set up themselves. The DIY carport kits you can purchase are easy to set up and cost-efficient. We offer customization options with all of these metal carports. So, our customers can purchase the exact metal building that they want and require. Contact our customer care representatives today and order your custom metal carport kit.

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